The fixture list does not favour Arsenal making the Top Four

Don’t fool yourself, we still need a minor miracle for the top 4. by Konstantin Mitov

Arsenal won a game! Hurray! The number of empty seats though are something to address. There were at least 10 thousand empty seats. They may say the attendance 59 thousand tickets are sold, but a lot of people didn’t bother to see us beat West Ham.

Honestly I can’t seriously draw too much off that game, because West Ham is probably the only team on a form similar or even worse to ours. Still in the second half, especially after we scored, we showed some power, but West Ham just rolled over. It reminded me of how we collapsed against Bayern when they scored in the second halves of our games with them.

You can almost compare how far behind we are, by looking how far West Ham are behind us. Still, Liverpool drew and City lost. Sadly Spurs won, but we ain’t catching them this year, unless they miraculously collapse. I want the top 4. Don’t make the mistake that I’d like to see us become what Liverpool were for years and what United are now.

Speaking of United, it’s nice to see them back to their favourite 6th place, because after all the humiliation, this was the last joke I could take really. Back to serious matters though, getting 4th means Wenger will have to pull a rabbit out of a magic hat with actual magic.

We have Palace and Boro fighting for their lives next and looking how Palace won at the Bridge and knowing Allardyce hates Wenger (can’t blame him there) I won’t be too surprised if our slim hopes die there. We are in a situation where not winning a game is not an option and it might still not be enough to get 4th.

I am disappointed with the number of fans who were like “Wenger’s gotta go no matter what”, and after a win against a terrible team, they’re like well “we’ll have to accept it if he stays”. This kind of mentality is not serious. Stick to an opinion, if you want him in or out. I personally think that if we are to move forward we need a new vision and Arsene won’t put it.

For me it’s in the hands of the players. And part of the problem is their contracts are not sorted out. We have like 8 players who don’t know what their future will be and I’m not sure they care too much since the club hasn’t approached them. If we had everybody tied down, we wouldn’t have had Sanchez eyeing a Chelsea move.

Some players looked good yesterday, but against West Ham again, it’s hard to give them a proper challenge. Monday is a massive game. Our record there is good, but this will be different when they are trying to survive. The reason that I believe we will fail even if we beat Palace is that our fixture list is terrible till the end.

We still have to go away to Southampton, who Arsene hasn’t beaten in the league away since their comeback to the top division, and Stoke away, where Arsene hasn’t won since 2010. We have Spurs away and our record there is terrible again since 2010, and Man Utd with a certain manager Wenger’s never beaten in an official game, combined with his awful record against Man Utd doesn’t help.

Add our recent form and it gives even less of a case. Look at Chelsea and how they beat Man City. If we had beaten them last week, we’d have them by the neck. This is the difference. If there is one team in London Arsene, it’s not Arsenal right now, it most certainly is Chelsea and if not them (and I hate to say it), Spurs are next.

We have 9 games til the end of the season and for me at least 7 wins will be needed to finish 4th. I don’t see us on such a form. The top 4 will give us a chance to sign players of Champions league quality and it’s important that we get it, but I feel like we’ll get what we deserve for sticking with a manager who’s not good enough.

The speculation needs to end. I know he’ll sign, and that kills the excitement in me to watch the games. Sadly the only thing I think will change is the top 4, which we will miss this year. And even if we get it, I still think Wenger should just go. The future lies with somebody else, at least a brighter one.



  1. Midkemma says:

    Vlad called it right didn’t he?
    K would make a negative post about the victory instead of SUPPORTING the team.

    WHU may be going through a bad patch but we still had to turn up and take advantage of that, something the players wasn’t doing recently and they did, that should be commended not made to sound poor.

    Our players celebrated the goals and looked happier than against City, like they might have had news to settle them…

    Xhaka was massive in that game, the partnership with ElNeny looked better this time than last time it was tried and if they can build on the WHU performance, it looked like the Xhaka that we wanted when we 1st heard we signed him.

    Welbeck has proven again why we should only have loaned him like Wenger wanted.

    Ozil looked a different player with Xhaka and ElNeny dominating the CM and shows we need more quality in that area.

    Overall it was a good game and the players deserve credit for performing like they should have been, they played well and I know because I watched the game, did K?

    PMSL! NO!
    K doesn’t support Arsenal, he only moans about them, he doesn’t watch the games so how can anyone take what he says about a game serious?

    Beyond a joke.

    1. khangunners says:

      Give him a break man. Everyone is fed up with wenger. We just want him to go. If not next year i see myself not watching a single game at all. We played well but does one good result mean we ignore all the bad results? Even if we win all the remaining games wenger must go arsenal needs to move not stagnate.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      And How does one win change the silly things going on at Arsenal?
      A new manager could get such a result and you still would attribute it to the “wenger effect”
      Wenger is wenger (an unchanging entity)….forget the results

    3. john0711 says:

      you and Vlad dont support Arsenal you support Wenger, and you will both disapear again when Arsenal lose

    4. arsenalfan1 says:

      You seem to mistake supporting Arsene the dope with supporting Arsenal FC. To support such a manager at this stage instead of supporting the club is “beyond a joke”.

  2. Twig says:

    “I don’t see us on such a form.”

    Actually, our form is beginning to show some form. The win yesterday carried on from the comeback draw against City.

    1. Twig says:

      *to show some improvement

      Face palms

  3. Krish says:

    Konstantin is the worst article writer on here and generally of all the people i know. I expect a bit eloquence from writers but he is just a broken record who will never be able to write something with content, i get the wenger out – feeling but to see this guy’s articles is beyond devastating

  4. arsenal_canada says:

    I’m with you most of the time Konstantin, but let’s just appreciate our win against west ham. I thought it was a solid display from everyone, INCLUDING the fans. For the first time in a while, I could actually hear them. I’m wenger out but I think it’s time to unite as a fan base and support the team, regardless of our differences in opinion.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Well, Till we crash-Land again…. U won’t hear from a few names commenting up there
    Westham win did well in resurrecting their dry bones! Hahahaha

  6. Vlad says:

    Atta boy, Konstantin. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint. We can always count on you to find negatives even in one of our most dominating performances of the season. Sure, it was against West Ham, but you can’t take anyone for granted in this league. You’d know that if you actually watched any of the games. But you don’t. You ridicule the manager. You ridicule the players. You ridicule the whole club. As I said before, you’re not an Arsenal fan. Because no true fan behaves like you do. You like a cockroach that wouldn’t go away. You like a rat that keeps hiding in the dark, and waits for an opportunity to strike on a helpless creature. You’re like a vulture that’s feeding on road kill. There’s no pleasing you. And there never will be.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      I’d be worried about “fans” who are happy with us at 5th place in the Premiership and having been whacked senseless 2-10 by Bayern in the CL. What form of degradation does Arsenal FC have to endure in order for “fans” like Vlad and MidKemma to be unhappy.

  7. Vlad says:

    One more thing I’d like to address: Where exactly did you see 10,000 empty seats, Konstantin? As if you’re not annoying enough, now you’ve lost whatever credibility you had left. Beyond ridiculous.

  8. Thelinguist says:

    This guy won’t just dissapoint..always negative

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