The Form Guide says surely Arsenal must bounce back against Everton

Okay well if we start discussing form ahead of Arsenal’s visit to Goodison Park on Monday night, then, on the negative side we know that Arsenal have lost 2 of their last 3 games and both defeats were away from home. So we are looking at a third possible away defeat in a row.

But, on the positive side, we have only lost 2 of our last 13 games in all competitions and our two defeats were at Anfield and Old Trafford, which are both incredibly daunting venues for any team in the world, never mind for a team of youngsters that have very little experience of playing in massive stadiums like that.

I must admit that Goodison Park can also be very intimidating as well, but nowhere in the league of the other two, but when we start discussing Everton’s recent form, it is nearly the exact opposite of Arsenal’s!

The Toffees have not won any of their last 8 games, and there only win in their last 11 games was at home to relegation-candidates Norwich. The only positives I can see in their form, is that the only two points they gained were in draws against Man United and Tottenham.

Even at home they have an awful record, with one point from their last 4, conceding 10 goals in the process.

The only negative is in the head-to-head form, which tells us that we have only beaten the Toffees once in our last 5 meetings, and havent’t won at Goodison since early 2018…

But unless Rafa Benitez has suddenly got his team back onside, I am only expecting an easy win for Arsenal and Everton sacking Rafa after the game!

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  1. Everton at the moment are not a top 6 club and are struggling with identity. A win should be very much on the cards.

    1. If we win a football match there isnt too much to complain about, even if mistakes are made BUT if you lose, questions have to asked. Why does he want to play an ineffective Odergaard? Why does he give players different chance levels? Why was Nketiah (who is refusing to sign a new contract)brought on when we need a goal when we have Pepe on the bench twiddling his thumbs? Why is Auba starting when he isnt effective? Why play Elnenny (who has been ineffectual for years and leaving) when we have AMN on the bench who performed excellent his las t game? Why has Lacca lost his place when his introduction before, obviously improved our flat form from Palac e and Brighton? Why is Tierney not involved in a single minute of our last few games? Why does he keep moving ESR out wide to accommodate a useless Odergaard, that already has been proved, he isnt as good as ESR? Why do we keep playing balls from a goal kick to the goalkeeper, who gives it back, gets it back again, then boots it up field under pressure for Auba and Odergaard to stand there and let it come back for more of the same?

      1. You made some good points there.. I often wonder why too regarding some of the things you pointed out.. mistakes or not we should be winning games if we want to be where we should be come May.. the opposition doesn’t matter only the points.

        1. I cant figure out many of Artetas decisions, that is a massive problem with him for me. He isnt consistent and that shows!

  2. This should be a real test for both teams.
    Everton’s form is dire but they are at home and after their shellacking by City rivals Liverpool will be dirty and utterly desperate to atone.
    Arsenal pushed a stellar but out of form United.
    This is a 50-50 call a real arm wrestle.
    This is the type of game which will define where we are at right now.
    I’d take a draw.

    1. I think it’s harder to call – it could definitely be as you say, but Everton could also be very low on confidence, whereas I think we’re still OK in that department, and more so feeling that need to atone. So in my mind it could either be a 50-50 slog as you describe, or it will be one which we could win comfortably, so long as we remain focused during the match (we do have a habit of giving teams a chance unnecessarily)

  3. First it was Man u game that should define where we are, we lost that one, now Everton is the next yardstick to know where we are, probably we’ll lose that one too, Then the next focus will be Westham to still be sure of were we are and lastly Southampton… and on and on and on.. till every team becomes a yardstick to measure whether we are improving or not

    it’s crazy how we keep making excuses for this team and Manager when it’s obvious that there’s no such thing as improvement in this squad.

    If Arsenal are Improving I wonder what would be said to the likes of Westham who have beaten almost all the big teams

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