The form of Man City’s last 3 opponents don’t give Arsenal fans much hope

Arsenal can only win the league if Manchester City drops points. However, if the North Londoners want to have a shot at winning the league, they’ll need to defeat Manchester United and Everton.

However, can they rely on Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur, or West Ham to deny City points?

Fulham’s recent form has been less than impressive, with only two wins in their last nine matches. It’s worth noting that these victories came against the struggling Spurs and West Ham.

As for Spurs, they are experiencing a rough patch in their recent matches. Following their 4-2 defeat against Liverpool on Sunday, they have now suffered their fourth consecutive loss.

West Ham, on the other hand, has only managed to secure one victory in their past nine games, and it has been a challenging 16 games since they last kept a clean sheet.

The Gooners may rightfully have some doubts about relying on these three sides to pose a threat to Manchester City’s title charge. However, they can still hold onto the hope that one of them will find the strength and determination to keep the Cityzens at bay.

It’s disappointing that Arsenal doesn’t have a say in the Premier League title race.

However, they have certainly shown great resilience. Last season, everything seemed to crumble when it truly counted, resulting in a disappointing loss of the title race by a mere 5 points. This time around, they have demonstrated their ability to navigate the title race.

It’s unfortunate that it seems highly unlikely for City to lose unless something extraordinary happens, like a miracle or an early red card, giving their opponent a significant advantage. However, our Gunners only need to win their remaining games to maintain the pressure.

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  1. Spurs need a win if they want to stay in Europe considering 3 teams that are chasing them. Also Westham always have a great last game, and usually are giant killers in their last game if history is to go by. When we win our remaining games and Man city draw one of their last 3 games, then Arsenal win on goal difference. Have faith.

  2. My post was once again censored as the admin simply did not agree with it.

    He is of course ALL POWERFUL and dont we know it!!

    Whatever happened to free speech and will it ever be allowed to return again to JA?

    1. It will continue until you stop leaving toxic comments. You can carry on but at some point I will decide to stop wasting my time.

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