The four Arsenal players that were very unconvincing against Brighton

Arsenal’s 3-0 weekend loss to Brighton ended their title ambitions. All Arteta and his boys can do is end the season in style, beating Nottingham Forest and Wolves to ensure they ended 18 points better than their points tally last season. The hope will be that, come next season, the Gunners can go again, take charge of the title race again, and then go on to win it.

To finish what they started this season, some Arsenal players will have to step up or be shipped out. Against Brighton, some players were left exposed, but these four need to prove between now and the preseason that they can be counted on next season.

  • Jakub Kiwior

After shining alongside Gabriel Magalhaes in his first two starts, the winter signing was in for criticism against Brighton. Kiwior gifted Enciso Brighton’s opener. His positional awareness needed to be improved; he tripped and failed to get on his feet quickly, making him unable to track Brighton’s No. 20, who was running behind him. Enciso easily headed in a brilliant cross from Arsenal’s right wing.

Kiwior was at fault for Brighton’s opener; his failure to control a situation he should have dealt with shows that he may make errors if he is put under pressure. To win the PL, you ought to be perfect.

  • Kieran Tierney

Instead of convincing us that he had the left-back sorted. The Scottish international left us missing Zinchenko’s services. Tierney was also at fault for Enciso’s goal; he failed to close him down or clear the ball when he should have risen, seeing Kiwior not ready to deal with Enciso. If Zinchenko were fully fit, many would have asked why he didn’t start. Tierney needs to improve some aspects of his game to return to relevance, or he better look at his options.

  • Jorginho

The much praise the Italian has had in the last few weeks must have gotten into his head. He was missing in action against Brighton, and the Seagulls bossed the midfield. There was a need for more forward passes from midfield, but Jorginho’s lack of productive passes and an overreliance on backward passes didn’t help.

Watching the Italian, and then remembering how poor Partey has been in recent weeks, one starts to understand why Arteta wants at least two top midfielders.

Aaron Ramsdale

Many wonder why I single him out when it is almost certain he is Arsenal’s long-term goalkeeper. However, he is one player who endured a disappointing outing against Brighton. His performance was marred by several errors that provided the away side with scoring opportunities. Ramsdale’s rushed decision-making and failure to remain composed proved detrimental to Arsenal’s defensive stability. Arteta must continue to nurture the former Sheffield man.

Arteta should reflect on Arsenal’s performance over the weekend and consider alternative options to bolster his team ahead of next season.

Darren N

Video – Mikel Arteta explains what went wrong against Brighton “Individually we were below par”

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  1. TBF I do t believe anyone had a good game .
    Personally thought Jesus had a shocker which as been the case since he has come back bar a few games .

    1. With you all the way. Can’t change water into wine anymore and I bet he sinks when he tries to walk on water.

  2. actually Tierney was one of only players to get any credit
    Jesus proved yet again he is NOT a number 9
    Saka ineffective….again. bet he would have been dropped before if we didnt want to upset him before he signs his contract
    White is not a fb
    Jorghino continues to prove lightweight. Newc game was a one off
    Kiwior is a huge mistake
    Xhaka fading
    Partey completely faded
    No player did himself any favours v Brighton.
    As for Vieira Nketiah Nelson, wtf are they doing at our club.
    Just like last season, when the big pressure is on this bunch wilt. Two seasons in a row should show even the most committed that there is an issue

    1. Agree with everything you said, except about Nelson. He may not have got on the scoresheet but at least he ran at the Brighton defence. The rest seemed to be suffering from a delayed case of Wengeritis.

    2. I thought Tierney was not bad, he actually forced Brighton to switch Mitoma to the other side of the pitch. Afterwards, he absolutely roasted White, who never bothered to change his defensive approach against Mitoma.

      Everything was coming down his side, and he and Kiwior really struggled in the second half.

      Thought Jesus was running around and accomplishing very little in the match.

      Can’t single out anyone who had a good game, even Odegaard was subbed for a lousy performance.

      1. Yes Tierney was pretty solid and was one of the better players. I really don’t understand singling him out.

  3. – Ramsdale: He couldn’t do much, because his defenders were awful

    – Tierney: A good fullback, but I bet Zinchenko would’ve got us out of the tight spaces in the back with his superior ball control and passing abilities

    – White: Misjudged aerial balls in crucial moments and got skinned multiple times by Mitoma

    – Kiwior: The game could’ve ended up differently if he jumped with Enciso, who’s smaller than him. So disappointing

    – Jorginho: Was one of our best players in the first half of the game

    – Odegaard: Got bullied

    – Trossard: Lost in several duels in the first half of the game. Slower than Martinelli and worse in aerial duels

    – Jesus: Too small to compete with Brighton CBs for Ramsdale’s long balls

    1. Zinchenko may have helped us in tight spaces, but Zinny would have been roasted by Mitoma on the side.

      Mitoma skinned White after he switched sides. Zinny has been a target of opponents on our left because he is so weak defensively. Mitoma would skinned Zinny as many others have done recently.

      1. Maybe. The upcoming transfer window will be interesting, because Tierney could get replaced

  4. Darren, your views on Tierney being culpable for the Enciso goal are utter nonsense.Kwior was the clear culprit and needs to learn that football is a tough sport.Significantly the dangerous Mitoma started the match on the right wing but after 15 mins or thereby his astute Manager switched him to the left as Tierney was keeping him quiet.I only wish that our Manager would swap Saka and Martinelli if they are not making an impression on the game.Unfortunately he steadfastly refused to do so.In terms of individual performances we were second best in every position with White and Trossard being particularly disappointing.

    1. @Grandad,sorry this one is on the ref, Kiwior was stamped on and lost his boot but KT header was a very weak one.having said that,I do not blame KT.what do you expect when a player barely gets playing time?do we really expect him to show up and perform at his best? especially when you’re on the bench having played I said before, what do people think it does to a player’s confidence ?or to know that you’re not his number one choice?

      1. Siamois, re: Tierney. If I was not picked for awhile, as soon as I got back in the team I’d play out of my skin to prove the coach wrong. Players need to be determined and big-hearted if they want to keep their place in a team. It’s called character. I posted about Kiwior last night and said that every defender should be letting adrenaline kick in when they are hurt, and no matter, they have to protect their goal, not fall over and hope for a free kick. Instinct and a desire to stop the opposition should kick in. I was disappointed with Kiwior because I’m really hoping that he succeeds at Arsenal.

        1. I agree, I’m sure KT wanted to perform well but lack of match fitness does impact a the saying goes” the mind is willing but the body is weak”,add to that extra pressure knowing that any mistakes will be magnified.

  5. WTF were Ben White and Saka doing. Dan you’re right but FMD if White and Saka didn’t directly cause 2 goals.

  6. I recognise what happened to Kiwior Siamois, but as a professional centre back and defender he ought to be fully aware of the dangerous position we were in and ought not to have gone to ground like a young schoolboy.I seem to recall him doing something similar in one of our Europa Cup games away from home this season, when he failed to get off the ground at a corner from which the opposition scored?Perhaps someone with a better memory of the match can enlighten us.

    1. @Grandad.they had the same debate on Sky after the had Micah Richard saying it was a foul.on the other side Viera,Roy Keane saying he should have stayed on his feet and defend like his life depended on for Kiwior,I don’t know if it happened before in Lisbon.if so,he needs to be told to learn to stay in his feet until the whistle blows.

  7. Artetta does not appear to have understood that both Saka and Martinelli are being double marked on all of the more recent games. They have not been as effective as previous. The problem is the route thro the middle is not working either as both Xhaka and Party dont have the ability to provide the killer passes forward. Added to this you have Jesus who is running around like a headless chicken most of the time without achieving a hell of a lot !! Artetta really needs to be able to change his strategy mid-game or at least be able to react much quicker with substitutes when things are not going to plan !!

  8. Did you watch the game Darren? You never mentioned the worst player on the pitch, Ben White! Watch it again, he was the catylist for 2 of Brightons goals and basically had a terrible game. Jesus never got a mention, he was very poor and ineffective.

  9. We can blame players all we want but we were defeated tactically. De Zerbi was so confident and was looking forward to the game. He understands our game, which is very similar to his, and we played into his hands. He and Arteta are actually cut from the same clothe. It was as if he understood his weakness against the Everton set up but was sure our tactic will suit him very well. Funny.

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