The four Arsenal stars that can prove Henry wrong?

There was a bit of a furore in the summer surrounding what the former Arsenal and France striker Thierry Henry said about the current strike force at the club, and more specifically about the current Arsenal and FRance centre forward Olivier Giroud.

The big man was not happy at what he took to be a slur on his abilities after Henry said that the Gunners would not be able to win the Premier League with Giroud. Henry quickly moved to clear this up and declared that his words were taken a little bit out of context and what he really meant was that Arsenal needed more than just Giroud.

Our record goal scorer mentioned it again is the column he rights for The Sun and once again he spoke about how a team needs more than just one player to provide the fire power for a title challenge.

He said, “Any team that is looking to win the League needs at least four players scoring on a regular basis. You can’t win it if only one or two are chipping in.

“That’s why I said that Arsenal needed to sign another striker last season, because I couldn’t see anyone else to lift the burden off Olivier Giroud.”

So is Henry now saying that he was wrong and that Arsenal do have the players we need? Giroud is certainly doing his bit, with 15 goals in the bag already and you would definitely put Alexis Sanchez in there as the Chilean is just one away from double figures.

Assuming Henry is right, however, you would think we need two more Gunners to get more than 10 this season. At the minute we have Ozil and Walcott on five and Ramsey on four. Do you think two of those will go on to prove Henry’s summer statement wrong?

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  1. I know we won, but we started playing offensively after 25 minutes. We can’t do that vs Barcelona even at home, definately not away, like we did vs Bayern Munich. The more they see the ball the more comfortable they will get. We will need to give them as less time on the ball as possible, instead of sitting back like we did first 25 minutes against City.

    We should’ve been pressing Cty espeically since playing at home, and that is exaclt y what we will need to do vs Barcelona. In the end it didn’t matter today, but against Barca it will. We can’t get off to slow starts.

    1. Very true. Knowing that goals like the one from yaya today are no news to the barcelona players. Something no one cant deny.

    2. But pressing high demand twice as energy as defending deep demands, you can hardly do that for 90′ minutes against barca.
      And I think we will be threatening on counter while we are deep.

  2. Henry doesn’t need to be proven wrong because he has always been right and that some of the players have improved and our rivals are having a terrible season doesn’t mean we don’t still need more quality players.

    1. For any season, there has to be teams not performing well for someone to win the title. Last season Chelsea had the same advantage. But Wenger know we need players and he is out to buy them. Be sure of atleast 1 player coming in (DM) may be a striker also as Welbeck might not come good until April.

      1. I agree. There is always at least one big club being shyte every season.
        From 2008-2013 manure and el plasticos won the titles because of the Emirates debt that kept Arsenal squad in no position to challenge for the title.

  3. The last two times Arsenal won the league, they were 2nd in Christmas.

    Hoping come May, we’ll say the last three times Arsenal won the league, they were 2nd in Christmas.

    That’s definitely my Christmas wish!

  4. We should admit it. Henry, just like the majority of us, didn’t expect this performances come from Giroud. We doubted on him, that’s to be fair. One time when he got his stroke, I’ve said that he could be as clinical as Diego Costa, as they both have similar attributes. Doesn’t have speed factor, but has great link up play and positioning. Both strong in the air and ground, and have that blaster power on both feet. But then Giroud was fading away, and I doubted him since. So, do we need new striker at January? If we have a chance to land some one who can lift the team like Alexis or Ozil does, Arsene won’t close his eye. In other word, he should be exceptional or even world class. By the way, in my opinion, William Carvalho is available to fill the CDM, just in case that the Flame harm his old legs too much. Just kidding, the Sporting boy can make him a nice warm bench.
    At Ozil? Henry is wrong again. The OZ doesn’t need to score 10 goals while he can provide another 25 or more assist to his teammates. The way he runs, can you argue with that?

  5. The trruth is that since van Pursestrings left we havnt had one consistent scorer. But this is NOT a bad thing. We were so heavily reliant on rvp that when he left we struggled, since then we have developed into a well rounded team that is not dependent on one player anymore, we have players scoring from midfield and defence and with giroud and Walcott we have players that compliment one another and that can bring other players into the game. This is a much stronger position to be in then being dependent on one player for goals, a la Chelsea and Costa….

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