The four improvements I think Arsenal should make this summer

Clearly, our new manager, Mikel Arteta has improved Arsenal without any new transfers. Even the new guys brought in haven’t really had a major say in things at the moment.

Seeing the way things have gone this season, MA wouldn’t be judged a failure even if misses out on the Champions League (as we largely expect to).

Despite the undeniable improvements, how else can the coach improve the quality of the personnel so far? I shall give my opinion shortly.

I’m never a fan of buying 8 players ahead of every season, but the following positions may need some improvements next season if Arsenal are to challenge for UCL places next season.

1. Bellerin: he’s growth appears to have Stunted somewhat. His contribution to the attack isn’t superb, and defensively he’s suspect. As for possible replacements, none really comes to mind since the best guys are likely unaffordable. Perhaps Hakim Achraff from Dortmund could be a better guy.

2. David Luiz: he was brought in as a stop-gap and should be seen as such. We need to bring in someone younger with similar passing, but maybe quicker and better defensively. Saliba?

3. Ozil: he’s a top class player, but we need a quicker player who can contribute more to defensive phases of the game. Someone who would be more aggressive to score goals, perhaps good at set pieces too.

Lastly, I think Lacazette should be allowed to leave without bringing in any replacements. The club surely has enough young players to assist Aubameyang. This could be dangerous especially if Auba picks up an injury. But those young guys can’t perform worse than Laca, can they?

What are your thoughts, pals?



  1. Been looking at arsenal half time/full time and it is a mess.

    W/W 2!!! worse in epl no relax matches, no wonder our fans are edgy
    W/D 5 again worse
    W/L 1 so 13pts dropped from half time win
    D/W 4 So good at coming back
    L/W 2
    L/D 5 19pts!!! recovered from bad start
    L/L 4
    D/D 3
    D/L 1

    verdict is we suck at holding a lead 13 pts lost is huge for a big 6 team. But we are really good at coming back hence the 19pts recovered.

  2. Well Bellerin Had an ACL injury last season so maybe that explains why he hasn’t been at his best. I still believe Bellerin has the potential to be a world class fullback. And to be fair he does not get much help from Pepe when he is defending. I think a full pre-season for Bellerin will be good for him and hopefully we will see the Bellerin from the 2015/2016 season where he was brilliant in attack..getting close to 10 assists in the season. With regards to Ozil and Lacazette we probably need replacements. I love Ozil but he is past his best and let’s be honest, Lacazette has had a shocking season. We can’t have a striker that scores with 1 in 5 chances he gets. He needs to be more clinical in front of goal!

  3. ‘lacazette should be allowed to leave without any replacement,’ so you mean we should be playing the likes of kentiah?

  4. I think we have to keep Láca!! And Saliba will be here next season and whatever else comes in during the summer.

  5. 1.First lets see how he comes up in the future matches and cedric still has not played.
    2.Pablo mari will have to prove a point but luiz’s ball playing ability as a CB is world class quality.
    3.At the moment he is doing his job very well even MA was pleased with him.And joe willock or ESR might be his replacement.
    4.Laca is an elite striker.Hes just going a rough patch but if it continues he mighf be gone in the summer.Nketiah is currently improving at a massive rate.

  6. Laca is going nowhere,he will rediscover his form,he was injured in pre season and played injured many times, what people who have never played football at a decent level don’t understand is what senior players like him bring to the team,he is a hard working team player and like Nketiah recently said he has a great influence on him, advising, supporting him without a problem even though they’re vying for the same spot,he is loved by his teammates and you could see how happy for him they were when he finally scored,every team needs experienced players and laca is a loyal player while playing for Lyon he could have left earlier on many occasions but didn’t, that’s the kind of players we want!

    1. I agree.
      Laca has proven over multiple seasons that he’s an excellent striker. You don’t lose that unless it depends on your speed and in Laca’s case it doesn’t.

      I think we should sell one of the two. So if Auba stays, Laca should be sold. (or vice versa)

      1. Martinelli can blossom sooner in that case (and hopefully Nketiah)
      2. I feel Laca would do better with a proper winger on the left instead of Auba. It’s like Benzema who was much worse when Cristiano was playing to his left and was a winger/striker like Auba is for now.

    2. I’m sorry but I don’t want a striker that scores with 1 in 5 chances he gets. Sell Lacazette in the summer!

      1. According to you, whenever any player has a rough patch… We should go out and sell him.. Then get a robot that doesn’t make mistakes?
        C’mon mahn!

  7. about these kids, it has just reminded me a certain article posted by Adm pat on 13-10-2016,, 21:31 PM with some famous words like, ‘you will never win anything with kids’,. indeed will never win anything with the likes of Kantiah, wilock as our starters.

    1. That’s the English national team problem,they have very good players but young ones, Southgate give caps /call ups to young players like they were hot cakes!as a french I wouldn’t dream of Deschamps doing the same,sure we have very young players but they’ve been playing for some of the world teams for a while and have experience of Cl football,playing for titles but in the national team they are surrender experienced (winners) players especially in some important positions like GK,who would you prefer Lloris or Pickford and then you have the Giroud, Griezmann, Kante, Varane.,..

  8. Some of the comments here are just amazing, smh. Who decided that you can’t have Auba and Laca in the same team, and all the rest. Does man city or Barca sit back and decide to get rid of their attackers … Even though they have more attackers than ourselves

  9. Some time ago the talk on this forum was all about getting rid of the ‘plank’ Giroud and replacing him with a mobile striker like Laca. Would anyone like to comment on which of the two you’d prefer to back up Auba now, given what happened in the Europa league final and on Saturday at Chelsea?

  10. To be fair I think laca deserve another chance and speaking of what to improve on or positions to improve.
    1. A right back is seriously needed
    2. Two defensive midfielders ,my choice is Thomas partey and boubakare samoure of lille
    3. A center back is of topmost priority ,I will get lewis dunk of Brighton.
    4. We need some who is much stronger and could to a defensive job than ozil. That’s just four players

    Players to leave arsenal before next season kicks off.
    Mustafi,sokratis,holding, bellerin,xhaka,ozil,maitlandniles, sell off elneny,mikitarian bringback mavropanos he just need confidence ,as for holding and bellerin the can’t get to their best and holding lacks grit to player in the premier league .

  11. What arsenal need to do over the summer

    1. A rightback is needed
    2. Two defensive midfielders
    3. An offensive midfielder
    4. Sell off the fringe players like holding,sell mustafi,sokratis and holding ,bellerin,ozil,xhaka ,maitlandniles, mikitarian,elnenythese players will get a 100 mil+ /150mil
    Holding 20mil+
    Bellerin 20mil+
    Mustafi 15mil+
    Xhaka 25mil+
    Sokratis 5mil+
    Ozil 20mil+
    Maitlandniles 20mil+
    1. Get a decent right back for 20mil or give osei tutu a chance .
    2. Defensive midfielders Thomas party 45mil,baubakare samoure 35mil
    3. An offensive midfielder 30mil
    4. A center back lewis dunk 40/50 mil+

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