The “French solution” would be bad news for Arsenal’s European hopes

The French league has been ended prematurely and the Ligue 1 title handed to PSG. The solution that the league’s body used in handing out the title wouldn’t be good for Arsenal if it is employed by the Premier League.

The Premier League is committed to finishing the campaign, and they have set June as the date for normal activities in the competition to resume

However, there are fears that there might be a second wave of infections of the coronavirus and that could force the league to be suspended yet again.

If that happens the Premier League might be forced to employ the same solution that the French Ligue used to determine the final standings reports the Star.

While the season wasn’t completed, it wasn’t also voided as Ligue 1 finished the rest of the season on a points-per-game basis.

The top three became PSG, Marseille and Rennes. While Nice, Reims and Lille will compete in the Europa League, their biggest casualty is Lyon who will not play in Europe next season.

If the same system is employed to end the Premier League season, it would be bad news for Arsenal as we would finish the campaign eighth on the league table and miss out of European football entirely.

The only pleasant news would be that we would finish ahead of Tottenham.

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  1. I’m surprised by this, yes I know PSG were ahead by 12 points and also had a game in hand over Marseille, but there were 11 games left to play… I know with their superstars, they’re always favourites for the league, but it just doesn’t seem fair to me… it would’ve been fairer to write it off and go again next season…
    If we go down the same route, as Martin points out, we’ll finish above the spuds, and as much as I’d love to see a St Totteringham day again, it’s not like we’ll have won those bragging rights fair and square is it??
    If ours isn’t played to its climax, it should be written off… be most unfair on Leeds, as they’ve been in the championship for 16 (?) years, and may not get a better chance again, but Liverpool, you’re telling me they won’t dominate for the next 5 ish years? Of course they will, they’ll be challenging again next season! Which breaks my heart haha!
    I’d like to see it sorted in the fairest possible way….

  2. Unlike Sue, I applaud the French for ending this farce now and having the sense not to let this hopeless quest to complete this season this summer continue. HAD they decided to leave their season open until such time as it was proven safe to continue, probably next year, I could accept that . But unlike the FRENCH, BELGIANS and Dutch, OUR Prem is still trying to get our league started again in a very few weeks and they are just not thinking straight. OR NOT EVEN THINKING AT ALL!
    By all means leave the table as it is and play again when safe, but give up this farce of an early restart, as it is NOT going to hppen and will not be allowed by government , rightly .

  3. Good on the French league awarding the teams as they stand.
    That would be how the PL should be decided if the league is not completed.
    Liverpool should be crowned champions and only jealous fans would say other wise and teams who have had a good season like Wolves and Sheffield Utd should be rewarded not punished. Promote Leeds and WBA. That is the only fair way.
    Arsenal does not deserve European football after having a dog of a season and again only a blind Arsenal fan would argue for European football.
    But Arsenal may not be disadvantaged because CL and EL probably won’t be played next season any way because countries will not want teams crossing borders till next year.
    The French have got it right.
    The PL must get it right also.

  4. The French league situation isn’t over by a long shot! I think Lyon were only one point off a European spot, with 10 games left, and now have no European football. There will be a legal challenge from them, and from Amiens who were only 4 points off safety with also 10 games left, yet have been relegated.

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