The full story on Tuchel coming to be Arsenal manager..

There have been many comments about the possibility of the old Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel taking over from Arsene Wenger when he finally leaves Arsenal, so today I am going to give you the whole of the original story published in the German Kicker. Some of the translation is a bit dodgy so I have tried to clean it up a little….

Bayern refusal: Tuchel changes to Arsenal
Tuchel was being tipped as the successor to Jupp Heynckes, but after kicker information it is leaning Thomas Tuchel towards London. He is to inherit from Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.

Thomas Tuchel left Dortmund in May 2017 as a cup winner. Since then, the 44-year-old has plunged slightly from the football stage and took a lot of time looking for his next task. Again and again he had been tipped as successor to Jupp Heynckes at Bayern.

However, last Friday Tuchel told FCB officials that he did not want to be the new coach of the German Bundesliga champions. He had decided on a club abroad and already signed there. A trace led also to Paris, with the responsible persons of PSG talking to Tuchel, it was said by insiders.

But Tuchel’s new employer is based in the Premier League and is called – said the kicker from England – Arsenal. There, the German football teacher will follow Arsene Wenger (68), who has been working as a team manager for the Gunners since 1996, and also meet Sven Mislintat (45).

Mislintat works for the Londoners since December 1, 2017 as Chef Scout, he had left his previous club Borussia Dortmund, because there had been trouble with the former head coach Tuchel. Mislintat has assured the Arsenal management that he will always submit to club interests and will always do his work loyally.

In London, this marks the end of an extraordinary era: under the direction of now 68-year-old Wenger, Arsenal won the FA Cup seven times, three times English championship – 2004 with goalkeeper Jens Lehmann unbeaten! But the days of the Frenchman have been counted for some time, waiting for a major title has outshone the once golden era.

Also in the current season, the Gunners are lagging behind the concert of the greats, to which they once belonged. The Champion will be Pep Guardiola with Manchester City, the League Cup final also went astray against Man City and Arsenal’s FA Cup run was ended early by second division Nottingham Forest. To cap it all, Arsenal had to settle for the Europa League after almost two decades in the Champions League. At least there, the title is still possible, which would give the Gunners Champions League qualification. The chances of reaching it via the league is already hopeless in view of 13 points behind fourth place .

Wenger’s contract is dated until July 2019. Nevertheless, after almost 22 years, this summer it will be prematurely over.

Karlheinz Wild / mkr

So there it is in full. They seem pretty certain that they are reporting the facts and it is a very long story if it is only a rumour. So what do you think of that?


  1. jon fox says:

    Who knows, I certainly don’t! But I AM sure Wenger will be out this summer. My personal choice, in a dream world would be – well in a REAL dream world, Guardiola, – but as a possibillity, perhaps, Allegri, Simeone and Ancellotti.

  2. Nige in NZ says:

    I was extremely skeptical about this at first, because of his past history with Mislintat. But the bookies have now got Tuchel at 95% chance to join s and they don’t get it wrong too often.

    1. jon fox says:

      Not quite accurate on 95%. Bookies have Tuchel at various odds to be next manager and offer between 6/4 down to 10/11 which equates to between 40% and approx 52% chance. I have no idea if it will be Tuchel but if it is , any previous row with Mislintat will be easily smoothed over with power of being manager and money, both for wages and to spend. THAT is how life works in the real world!

      1. RichSAAlao says:

        Whatever the odd is or are, it is very certain that the next manager will be German or culturally German.
        The ground preparation had been done way ahead, looking back and recently.

  3. Arseneout says:

    he is amazing hope he comes, he us my favourite manager, young passionate and tactical and above all like beautiful footbal

  4. Nothing changed says:

    I am at a point where nearly “any” new manager would likely re-energize my passion for the club.

    I find it so difficult to care about which players we keep which players we should buy if we will be able to qualify for CL football etc because I am truly convinced only a new manager would create a real chance of change at the club. With Wenger at the club next year there will be no hope IMO for a meaningful change in character and results of our squad and games. We will play a few games which will show how good we can be, we will play many games below par and we will stink up the place a few too many games and there will be no swagger and mentality of a contender for major trophies.

    I just can not deal with another year of characterless teams putting up spineless performances that are then being blamed on a myriad of factors unrelated to the players or manager (referee, schedule, pitch, bad luck etc)

    I would take Tuchel fully accepting that like Klopp and Pep and other foreign managers he would likely need time to get to grips with the PL but I rather finish 12th with Tuchel than 6th with Wenger because with Tuchel I would believe we are building and on the way up and with Wenger that is not the case IMO.

    With Tuchel I would care and be interested in which players he would keep and which players he would bring in and with Wenger I could not care less.

    Personally, I think in the short run we could do with a passionate manager who would demand 100% effort of his squad each game and who’s players show they will go through fire for him and each other. If you don’t have the best squad you need to be the best and hardest woring team. Look at Leicester and look at Atletico.

    I have said it many times; I don’t mind losing if we give 100% and learn from our mistakes, capitulate and make the same mistakes over and over again and I stop believing you really care.

    1. jon fox says:

      How did you read my mind, word for word! Spooky ! And wisely brilliant words. It is the assurance of another certain failure of a season if Wenger stays -which, thankfully, he won’t- that stopped me attending matches early last season after going since 1958. I now look forward with the keenness of a young child at Christmas to starting attending again next season. If they sacked him today, as they should do, I would be at the Stoke game. Love the club; hate the cancer, Wenger, that is ruining it.

    2. RSH says:

      I’m also not too concerned about who stays or goes. All I want is the board to provide adequate funds for the new manager so he can start creating the team he wants. Us fans also need to be patient as well. Wenger leaving will be a massive change and success will not come right away. It’s important we start heading in a positive direction though instead of just being a top 6 team that makes up a number.

  5. AJ GUN says:

    Tuchel will be welcomed all day,he ticks almost all boxes for us passionate, tactical,attractive football most of all we need amanager who is actively involved with game shouting and demanding from by line.we need a manager who will instill character and spine who reads the game and make changes not waiting till the 70th min like we used to.players will have to prove them selves give 100% and not be judged by a name tag either you perform or NOT.I’d like to see all our players given achance to prove them selves equally have afeeling about one lucas perez given a chance he’ll flourish dont understand why he has been isolated.but what do we know?? make it official first …COYG peace

  6. RSH says:

    Kicker is very reliable, but I still have my doubts as to whether it’s true. It’s the same with transfer news, and you just have to wait until it is 99% happening. Right now I think there is still a chance this doesn’t go through. I’m sure Arsenal are talking to Tuchel but it’s hard to believe this is something that is done. As for if Tuchel is a good replacement, I’d say yes. He is highly rated by Guardiola, Bayern wanted him, and he plays great attacking football that is mostly possession-based, so it’s not far off from what Arsenal are used to, but this guy is much more of a tactician as well. Allegri is still my first choice, but I’d be very happy if we got Tuchel.

    1. RichSAAlao says:

      These stories are not mostly made up. They are results of the club’s contact in search for possible singning. Mostly leaked intentionally to media for managing public perception and for soft-landing.

  7. Hayzed says:

    Elneny has signed a new long term contract.

    1. GB says:

      Good news, I think he has improved this season.

  8. PIRES says:

    My preferance would be Jardim ……Tuchel is not a good friend of mislisnat

  9. Ddog says:

    great if it’s true, my German friends really rate him

    1. GB says:

      I like him as well but today’s news is that the story is totally untrue and he is going to BM after all.

  10. Jan says:

    well…if this is true , then he refused Bayern because he is affraid of the failure which will not be tolerated in Munich…but at the AFC…he could settle here for the next 10 or 15 years…so its a smart moove.

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