The future is bright for Arsenal – and the Spuds are rubbish..

Arsenal’s future is Glowing and Every Other fan knows It! by Neil Watson

Having just watched a tedious FA cup semi final we learnt two important facts. Man United have no flair – and Spurs can’t beat them!

I have been bombarded with a lot of Facebook nonsense in the past 24 hours, in particular from Liverpool supporting scousers, who are quick to inform all Arsenal fans that Le Prof’s departure spells the beginning of a period of great instability within the Emirate walls….. They’re worrying already and we haven’t even named Wenger’s successor!!!

All of them quoted the turmoil United found themselves in after Ferguson left, but they forget United had just won the premier league with an incredibly mediocre team. By contrast our team has elements of great quality but more importantly we are currently residing in 6th position. Our new coach has only to finish 5th and he has improved on Wenger – although as we all know our incoming manager will propel us back to top four status at the very least!!

The Scousers who urged Gooners to be prepared to manage our expectations, know that with a tweak here and there we will find ourselves right back at the top end in the Prem with the only real contenders being Citeh and Liverpool: Chelsea have a less defined but still unbalanced squad and Spurs, well they’re just the same as they’ve always been. Today’s cup semi-final tells you all you need to know about how far their team can go.

We are in an incredibly positive position now. If we manage to land one from the suggested group of Tuchel, Enrique, Low or Allegri, we are going to be a significant force come August 2018.

Expect major transfer activity in the summer. If it’s a German manager we’ll be looking to sign players we know little about but Tuchel or Low will have a great knowledge of, if we land Enrique we will see what players are coming in from Spain and Allegri similarly will attract Italy’s finest.

Let every other fan from the other Prem teams tell you that we could be entering a dark period while I predict the new Arsenal will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and come down upon them with great Vengeance!!!

It’s been a great week, culminating in the Spuds choking yet again.
Ooh to, ooh to be, ooh to be a.. GOONER!!

Neil Watson


  1. Sue says:

    ? bye bye spuds last chance of a trophy!!
    Amazed at West Brom coming back to draw!!
    It’s a funny old game….. I’m looking forward to tomorrow COYG

    1. Anko says:

      And we have Europa to look forward to. Let’s do it Arsenal for the love of Arsene

    2. Clive Belcher says:

      Love the Pulp fiction Quote, I will come down with great vengence. Looking forward to another Managers reign. Started with Jack Crayston. Them were the days. CB

  2. Anko says:

    Luis Enrique is the name in the media, so am feeling positive. As for Spurs their wait for a trophy major or minor goes on.

  3. fabi says:

    spurs plays amazing football but always end up winning nothing! just got to be Glad

  4. RSH says:

    classic spurs. Keep the comedy coming

  5. Nayr says:

    Spuds are bottlers as usual.
    they are such an angry lot today ??.

    Seriously though we should try and sign TOBY ALDERWEIRLD
    he has refused to sign a new deal with them and he is one of the best CBs in the premier league.
    a good passer of the ball,few mistakes,good in the air.

    I think toby would not say no to arsenal.

    1. You reckon he will leave Champions League for Europa League?

  6. JJPawn says:

    Well the Wenger haters have their way and they did not allow the great man a chance to re-build after guiding Arsenal to financial nirvana. Wenger could have bought himself championships like those at Chelsea or Man U, and even City, but that would have left a club like Arsenal financially in a hole. The graceful thing would have been to allow Wenger a similar cash pile afforded to City or United so there was a replacement back four and the best DMF available for a title run in between 2019 and 2020. Then given Wenger the time to retire in 2020.

    It is a disgrace that Wenger was harassed and attacked so called “fans”.

    Who comes next? Well, not anyone with big name, as they would be asking what is the transfer money available. Naturally. No big name coach would want to go against City and United without money that was comparable to what those teams have.

    So that mean the owners want youth! Ha! Is that a surprise? Stingy owners that anti-Wenger “fans” deserve. A young coach with a young team will be massacred in the EPL.

    Going the stingy way, the best would to use Burnley coach Sean Dyche, who would recruit a tough defense and bring a mentality and football of a difference sort to Arsenal. Dyche could like squeeze performance from the front of the current team by giving them more steel. However, no EPL crown. No FA Cups. Maybe, top five finishes.

    Can they get Diego Simeone? Simeone is capable of things and he has the respect of players. Might even get Griezmannto play at Arsenal along side Lacazette. With more money than he had at Althetico, he might challenge City and United.

    Simeone would use a 442 system. If he can bring in Griezmann, then Laca and Griezmann would be top. Auba on on wing and the other by Welbeck, maybe, Ramsay. Have Ozil with a more powerful DMF than we have now in the middle.

    Simeone would rebuild the defense totally by selling Bellerin and getting tougher players with speed. This has been the problem for Wenger through out his time. I think a re-built Arsenal could compete with United and City. But winning the EPL is out of the question until the money is comparable. Third is the best to hope for.

  7. Annie Mause says:

    So 5th has become the new 4th?

    After ten years of telling the world that you would win the title next season and then failing you’d have thought that the collective foul smelling flatulent cloud of delusion that has choked the Emirates for a decade might have dissipated with the Whinger”s resignation but no if anything it has turned into a thick smog of hysterical expectations that could so easily turn toxic.

    This summer is the worst summer to lose a manager. Why because its World Cup year so a new manager has less time to work with his squad. Furthermore, whilst every other club are currently planning their new signings Arsenal haven’t even got their manager for next season so either they buy players blind or they join the party late and guess what this is the shortest transfer window in EPL history. Not only that if results go against you this season and Wenger’s premature (he jumped before he was pushed) announcement does as much as anyone could do to ensure that, then Europa League qualification starts before some of the World Cup players will get back from their summer holidays.

    Combine that with the likely lack of Champions League football, the evident backroom power struggles that have seen Wenger throw in the towel and effectively sabotage the end of the season (such announcements are not made just before critical games that will dictate the clubs future), the dysfunction of a squad whose heart (Wilshere and Ramsay) is stalling on contract renewals and Arsenal are unlikely to get the quality of manager they aspire to and as Mancs and Scousers ihave warned you if you bring in a second rate manager (which is just about every other manager is second rate when talking about Pep, Mou, Poch and Klopp) you will get second rate performances and as events are transpiring that is what you will get. You may even be competing with Chelsea for a manager’s signature.

    Not onlly that but half the squad and many of the backroom staff from Steve Bould down will be worrying about their future already and a large influx of players will just make it worse.

    Turmoil is assured with Arsenal seemingly managing to combine the chaos that reigned at United when Moyes took over and the turmoil that took place when Van Gaal took over from Moyes into one single transition. 5th? 10th will be an achievement but hey it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of fantasists

    1. Sue says:

      ???? typical manc sh*t

    2. jon fox says:

      Good and optimistic article Neil. This last 38 hours since the announcement (including the Spuds getting mashed) has been a great one for us Gooners. I am optimistic but know the big turn round will take time. Wenger has left a club without any good enough defenders and they all need replacing, bar possibly Monreal, at least in the next year or so. Above all we need someone who can properly coach and understands the rightful balance between attack and defence. All great teams can defend and this lack of a defence has been our biggest weakness these last several years. I think City , United and Liverpool will be our main rivals in the foreseeable future. Thier new stadium costs will hamper Spurs , as it did with us and Chelsea look to be regressing, with the megalomaniac owner constantly sacking every manager they ever have, so no chance of building a dynasty. I expect to be fourth at worst next season but this will depend on how quickly the dreadful Mustafi and Bellerin, plus Elneny, Xhaka and at least our first choice keeper can be properly replaced. The lesson we and esp the club decision makers MUST all learn now, is thst no one must ever again be considered bigger then the club. Herbert Chapman, Henry, Bergkamp Viera and WENGER, plus every other player and manager we have ever had, are still employees and as such are far less imortant than the club itself. If the debacle of the last few years under Wengers regression has at least taught us THAT , then it has not been a total waste.

  8. AY75 says:

    GK: Oblak or Leno
    CB: Manolas and Alderwiereld
    DM: ?? any tough tackling player will do
    CM: Meyer
    We’ll be back in contention for major titles with these players for sure

  9. Annie Mause says:

    Oh and by the way what was the score at the Emirates against United? You couldn’t beat us either. Anyway see you at Old Trafford. We’ll have your squad and backroom staff’s P45’s waiting for them……

    1. Can you read? This is Justarsenal not Justarsenalandmanchesterunited. Get lost and find your own team’s forum.

    2. Sue says:

      You’re on the wrong site!

    3. Anko says:

      Annie Mause you are not an Arsenal fan, and by the way we beat you in 2015 on your ground, on our way to winning an FA cup. But you are not welcome to comment on issues concerning our club. This is a forum for Arsenal fans

    4. Tas says:

      HAHA Annie you got b””s yes you beat us but we made you look second rate that day and that’s when Other teams realised Man-U is not such a threat

    5. jon fox says:

      Remind us Gooners just how long it took your retarded club to form a womens team. Perhaps the general evolvement of human beings has only just this last few weeks reached the red half of Manchester. Wouldn’t you say!

    6. Sue says:

      Oh and by the way… MANCHESTER IS BLUE ?

  10. John m says:

    Pochettino is interested in the Arsenal job… he fancies moving to a winning club.

  11. pires says:

    Even Ancellotti states publicly that he wants to manage our club,it’s shows you how a massive club Arsenal is nowdays…Wenger made thé club a world brand merci chef

    1. jon fox says:

      I would put it thus: We were already a world brand but Wenger enhanced that brand and it’s world standing. PS iSN’T IT GOOD TO BE FRIENDS WITH EACH OTHER AGAIN!

  12. seatofthesoul says:

    I’m no Wenger fan but this article is ridiculous. A new a manager is no simple fix. CL spots are currently the most fiercely competed in the Premier league era.

    Spurs have a quality, young squad and have made some devent acquisitions, including Aurier and Davinson Sanchez most recently. Looking further into the future I think we will overtake them but it will take time.

    I was seriously wondering if this article and the subsequent comments were trolling me. We are in the worst position we have been in for a very long time. Think about how embedded Wenger is in Arsenal. It will take either an incredibly bold character or sweet sweet time to see real change in our club.

    Now I hope the appointment is the correct one, a young manager who’s hungry with new ideas. But I fear we will go for a pair of ‘steady hands’ to negate any potential fallout. Get ready to start hearing some brexit classics, “we are in a period of transition” and “it will get better worse before it gets better”.

    1. lcebox says:

      I agree about the spuds tho i dont like to admit it.
      They have a top team and anyone says they dont well i dont know what game you look at every week.
      What is wrong with our team is confidence and thats it we are good enough to be top 4 this year is squad terms.
      They couldve beat Utd 4-5 yesterday if things had gone there way a bit more.
      Any how a manager who the players will want to impress is what we need and i swear if dip-*&£* Rodgers comes here i will go mental cant stand the man after the Suarez incident.

  13. ruelando says:

    The arsenal that many fans know is due to the MAN ARSENE WENGER, due to the finances of the club in the early 2000s, he took on roles which gave him too much power and POWER CORRUPTS.

    The brand of football we wish for was due to Arsene Wenger and borrowing someone words Wenger brought us the glory and then he got our fury.

    Everything comes to an end eventually, right now we are staring at a long hard road with some ups and down, this is not simply replacing a coach, this is like replacing an entire club. There is some hope because the process had started a few years ago with new management structure coming into play.
    Picking someone to lead us into a new daunting era will not be an easy job, it requires a set of skills more than coaching. This situation requires a mental toughness to ride through the rough journey ahead, many of the coaches mention i do not see with the fortitude to withstand the pressures that will be placed on him.

    Whoever comes in will have to be here before the world cup, so it is even a more tricky situation, buys will have to be set up before and also sales, we are definitely not in a nice spot. I hear many speaking as if its a simple 123, but time is against us and other teams will also be seeking the best coaches available

    My choice First Choice

    Ancelotti he can build teams, a good tactician understands the english league

    Jardim has a good scouting system, build good competitive teams that can compete for titles

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