The future of Matteo Guendouzi thrown into doubt yet again

Matteo Guendouzi’s Hertha Berlin future has been thrown into doubt after the German side fired manager Bruno Labbadia, TalkSPORT reports.

The midfielder joined them on loan for the rest of the season after he was frozen out at Arsenal by Mikel Arteta. He has rediscovered his form in Germany and has 2 goals from 13 appearances so far.

He was one of Labbadia’s trusted men, but after the team collected just 17 points from 18 games, they have decided to part ways with the manager.

Hertha chairman Carsten Schmidt said: “Week in, week out, Bruno and his coaching staff have invested a lot of hard work into the team’s development and we would like to thank him greatly for that.

“Ultimately, however, the return of 17 points from 18 games leaves us in a very precarious situation.

“After much deliberation, we feel that a change of head coach can give the team fresh impetus. We will clarify his successor as head coach in the coming days.”

The Frenchman has been one of the best players at the German side this season, however, a change of manager usually affects players standing in their team.

The club is planning to name a replacement in the next few days, Guendouzi will be praying the new manager gives him the opportunity to impress as well.

Talks earlier in the month claimed that Arsenal might recall him. However, Arteta has instead looked towards signing another midfielder on loan for the rest of the season.

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  1. Joe. S says:

    Bring him back. If Eleney has been given a second lifeline after failure in Turkey, then why shouldn’t Gandouzi deserve another shot.

    1. Kstix says:

      Elneny did not fail in Turkey, he did really well and showed sparks of what he did earlier this season, even if he’s now a flop again which bothers on consistency. Don’t be ignorant Joe

    2. jon fox says:

      Because Guendouzi is a trouble maker but Elneny is not. Both are poor players and neither should ever wear our shirt again. IMO Guendouzi never will again and Elneny not after this season.

  2. La Pope says:

    Makes too much sense to keep him. Still oozes talent and spark then some of the midfield and just needs some composure and discipline in his game.

  3. adajim says:

    He needs to learn to be humble ,hope this adventure teach him, there are mountains above mountains

  4. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    I don’t think Guendo will ever supply enough positives to overcome the considerable negatives he brings to the equation…he dwells on the ball too long, his body language is off-putting and acts like too much of a pr*** for a kid trying to make his way in the footballing world…I’ve watched most of his Hertha games this season and he’s had some moments but there’s nothing to suggest he’s modified his play on the field or his problematic behaviour…until our team actually creates a winning culture, we’re just too fragile to have this type of individual in the building…which is a sad commentary on both him and us

  5. Fuzzwah says:

    Let us not forget that he is still young and green. He is prone to erratic behaviour and ill discipline. His quality is good so selling him maybe another regret on our behalf. Keep him on loan and give him every opportunity to mature and become an asset to Our Arsenal

    1. Kstix says:

      Erratic behaviour and discipline that we’ve not seen in any of our youngsters, at least not since I’ve been an Arsenal fan.

  6. Fuzzwah says:

    Kstix, don’t forget Pennant who was jailed, and Wilshire with his off field antics… o that’s right, they’re English…

    1. jon fox says:

      FUZZWAH They are also a long time gone and way in the past . They have no relevance whatever to todays younger players. Though I note your nationalist comment about them both being English and can only wonder thy you have THAT chip on your shoulder.

  7. Whamio says:

    When did Elneny flop?
    What game that he played that you can say without a doubt that he was the worst player? That never happened!
    Man is consistent but unfortunately he has no strengths, he is just a solid player. Guendouzi is inconsistent, he will have one great game then 3-4 bad games which is common for youngsters! Douzi is a walking timebomb right now, Loan was a very sensible option…once he becomes consistent, there is a player in there somewhere then we should play him regularly..otherwise Hertha Berlin..enjoy the crazy fro of Douzi until the end of the season at least!

    1. Ken says:

      In reply to Whamio
      Do you watch Arsenal when Elneny play.?
      Maybe you’ll undestand what everybody is trying to say.
      lol again.

  8. Abdul iliyasu salifu says:

    I will rather take guendouze who is rude but has passion and willingness to fight than play willian and pepe who careless.

    He would have save Arteta when partey got injured.

  9. Grandad says:

    The loan agreement with Berlin will not be subject to any termination clause triggered by the sacking of their Manager, so the article is much ado about nothing.

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