The Henrikh Mkhitaryan situation is a distraction we do not need

If Henrikh Mkhitaryan had played a decent game for us over the last few months then all this kerfuffle over him playing in the Europa League final in Azerbaijan at the end of the month would be justified – but he has not, he is a huge liability that no longer adds any value to the team and now he is starting to become a distraction.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Alexandre Lacazette would be worth the effort but not Mkhitaryan and if it was up to me I would just tell him you are not playing and staying in England, end of the issue.

That may seem harsh and there is an argument that we need to take our entire first team squad but seriously, does he deserve to be in the first team or even on the substitute bench?

I want him sold, I no longer want to see him in an Arsenal shirt and while he is not the only player I feel that way about, he is the only one at the centre of a political storm.

Why should we let a player that is of no use to us become a distraction? The team has to come first, and I don’t care if it looks bad or if he gets hurt feelings. I only care about us winning the Europe League trophy, beating Chelsea and qualifying for the Champions League, not whether a useless player’s participation should be made an issue of.

No doubt some of you will slam me for this attitude but don’t blame me, blame Mkhitaryan, it has been his crap performances for us that has created my negative attitude towards him.


  1. I think this post is more relevant to this article and is the reason I’m repeating it. Just 6,000 tickets to both London clubs in a stadium that holds 70,000 is outrageous. Both clubs should boycott the game and if EUFA threaten us with sanctions then both clubs should send their youth teams. This just about sums up EUFA’s attitude towards English clubs. If it were two Spanish clubs the allocation would be around 40,000.

    1. I think they made the ticket allocation in light of the possibility that Baku wouldn’t be able to lodge 70,000 guests within the stadium’s vicinity, and the lack of flights between London and Baku (those not using the very expensive charters would have to change at Warsaw or Moscow or Istanbul).
      I know Baku hosted Eurovision at one point but I don’t think many flights had to be arranged for it.

    2. It’s a disgrace it’s even Baku! The World Cup is in Qatar! The way it’s going, I soon fully expect the League cup final to exported to the States! There’s never a thought given to the fans, that pump so much money into the clubs, and the industry.

        1. NAME ME A CORPORATE ENTITY ON OUR PLANET THAT IS NOT GREEDY! There isn’t one and greed goes with the territory. I am only surprised that some fans still seem surprised. Every business when it becomes vast and remotely controlled becomes customer hostile, whilst claiming the very opposite is true. “The listening bank”; “the bank that likes to say yes” and many other sheer lies!

          1. FIFA and UEFA are corrupt to their very core. All realists and observers can easily see that. The farce of awarding the WC to Russia and then Qatar is all about money changing hands surreptitiously. Palms are greased and votes cast accordingly. Twas ever thus! If UEFA cared in the tiniest degree for anything other than their own power and money, they would now arrange the Europa final at WEMBLEY. They do not because they couldn’t care less about the “little people,” aka fans!

            1. Jon, The best clip of the year was when the comedian infiltrated FIFA headquarters and slung all the fake money at Sepp Blatter. Showed them up for exactly what they are, greedy corrupt b**stards

              1. Personally, I think EUFA will relent and give both clubs extra tickets within a week or so. Surely they don’t want an empty stadium, Azerbaijanis won’t buy the tickets. So their stupid threat is sure to backfire on they’re corrupt organisation. Expect an announcement from Arsenal within the next few days.

                1. Wish I could share your optimism Kenny! What you suggest is the obvious and sensible thing to do. But UEFA and FIFA don’t do obvious and sensible. If only fans en bloc would understand the enormous power we fans all wield when we join together in action. We could join together to force Kroenke out , IF we only realised the joint power we all hold when working together.

  2. I agree, worse things have happened such as an entire team being denied visas to enter a country. Mkhi is only one player who won’t be going regardless of his fitness and tbh we won’t miss him. Let him start the Burnley game.
    That said, if United finish above us and City don’t win the FA Cup, we’ll have to win the Europa or cancel pre-season because we’d be entering the competition in mid July at second qualifying round.

  3. Neither him nor Ozil would get on the first team of Spurs, United, City, Chelsea or Liverpool.
    They were both very disappointing this season
    I’m fine with Mkhitaryan staying as a squad player
    But Ozil needs to go. We need to free up wages for better players

          1. That’s a young lady you are comparing with established players who suppose to be leading this team. Both even at that their stats isn’t much better than Iwobi’s

          2. iwobi isn’t the worst.
            ozil- 6goals 3 assists (9goal contributions) in all competitions
            iwobi- 5goal 7 assists (12 goal contributions) in all competitions

              1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING BY COMPARING THREE TURDS TO ONE ANOTHER! Each needs to be flushed away ASAP!

      1. Miky is far more productive than your liability Ozil..
        Mikytarn might have had a bad season, his 15 assist this season is not a small feat..

        Ozil playing anytime automatically makes us One man down
        He is a complete Liability

      2. Offers nothing
        15 assist and 8goals

        i know Milky has been terrible of late
        but is far more threatening in the attacking areas than that Snail called Ozil…

        if he(Ozil) has no space to pick out a pass, he is dead…
        He has no close control, no burst of pace no footwork to get himself out of tight areas and create spaces for his team

        1. It is true that Miki is far more creative than Ozil. I want them both gone, but would definitely pick Miki over Ozil if I had to choose between them.

          1. I feel the same way. I would choose Mkhi over Ozil if one had to stay but ideally would prefer both gone

            Neither are good enough for a Top 4 side. We need someone better to get there

  4. Yes. It’s true Henrick Mkhitaryan has largely been performing shit in games for Arsenal ever since he was signed from Man Utd in a swap deal for Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez that sees Mkhi’ came to Arsenal and Alexis Sanchez went to Man Utd. But had Arsene Wenger, the then Gunners boss that signed him knew Mkhitaryan will be playing shit at Arsenal after swapping Sanchez for him, I bet he wouldn’t have signed him on that swap deal but collect hard currency from Man Utd on him instead as he was hell bent to leave Arsenal. But how would wenger have known that Mkhi’ will be playing shit at Arsenal if he signed him? Notwithstanding, but reports have had it long before Arsenal sign Mkhitaryan that he has started playing shit at Man Utd. An ugly shit playing situation that led to Jose Mourinho, the then Red Devils boss been at a logger head with Mkhi’. But Arsene Wenger should have taken heed from the alleged shit playing by Mkhi’ for Man Utd and shouldn’t have signed him for Arsenal. This is the same signing mistake the current Gunners boss Emery has made when he had Lucas Suarez signed on loan deal from Barca for Arsenal last January window without not first properly check his latest on the field action background in playing at FC Barcelona his club where he was inactive for some spells due to his playing shit for the club. This kind of a signing mistake that Emery has made should never be repeated by him at Arsenal. More so, during the next summer transfer window when Arsenal will do some senior player signings as being expected they’ll do.

    1. You cannot compare the Sanchez deal to the Suarez one in the slightest. Suarez was only a 6 month loan, which means we only a lost a tiny amount of money on that deal. He was only ever really brought in as cover if the injuries got any worse.

      With Sanchez on the other hand, we lost our best player, in exchange for a United flop, after rejecting £60 million only 6 months beforehand. Sanchez also should not have even been allowed to get down to the final year of his contract, let alone the last 6 months of it! This just typified the spectacular mismanagement of players contracts under the previous regime.

    2. Notwithstanding your incorrect use of the word notwithstanding – seriously your logic? If Mourinho was the logic for every player playing badly then Kevin and Mo must be explained. If your logic holds, then explain how a very well playing player such as Sanchez did under Mourinho.

  5. Fans will have to remortgage their homes in order to attend the Europa League final ? (unless you’re Arsenal fan tv) you’ll be most likely watching it on tv haha… For those who are going to Baku it’ll be like something out of planes trains and automobiles ? I think if we’re serious in winning this competition we should drop Cech, he’s leaving anyway probably to take a job at Chelsea.

    1. You don’t “think if were serious about winning… we should drop Cech.” YOU KNOW , RATHER THAN “THINK”, AS WE ALL DO TOO. To keep a player happy who is to retire immediately the game is over , rather than play a better and more able keeper in Leno is bonkers! It was Wengers stupid trademark and should NOT be copied!

      1. Cech has Chanpions League experience and a Golden gloves winner. No way I’d want Leno in a final over experience

        Leno makes mistakes too. He isn’t a Top keeper either

        1. If Cech, heaven forbid, makes a mistake against Chelsea in the final, he won’t hear the end of it!

        2. So you would rather play our reserve choice keeper then! Stupidity supreme! FYI, all keepers make mistakes but the better ones make fewer, make better saves and crucially can use their feet, unlike Cech! By your “experience” argument we perhaps should reinstate Seaman!

  6. How come are you so disgusted of Micki(decent player,IMO) and say nothing about your God-Ozil?If is a player who needs to leave ASAP,that one is the useless Ozil.Cannot believe is so hard to get rid of this lazy man.He’s desperate to get that obscene contract money,knowing that no team,I mean no one team,wants to get his “ services”.I would say,if he doesn’t want to leave,terminate his contract.Find a way to get rid of him.Let him leave for free just to save his astronomical wages.Nobody is going to pay a shiiittt for him,anyway…

    1. The way football contracts work is, if you want to terminate a contract, you have to pay up the remainder of it’s full value. So it’s never really an option to cancel a contract. The only option we have is finding him a team to go out on loan and probably paying half of his wages to make it happen coz let’s face it, no team is paying him £350k a week even if we gave him to them for free.

      1. There is a chance that some team might take a punt on Mhki. His 180K salary is half of Ozil’s and under the right system I think he can be a productive player.
        I can’t see any team taking a punt on Ozil with his general performance and his salary. We are stuck with him until 2021.
        The biggest service Raul could do to this team and show that he is the right man for the job is to be able to get rid off Ozil, Mhki and Mustafi and get actual transfer fees for them.
        It seems an impossible job as I dont even see the Chinese sniffing.

    2. antonioro, you seem almost alone in failing to notice that Mkhi is every bit as bone idle as Ozil is too. Neither are any good, as both simply have no backbone and both should go this summer.

  7. Hey, nice reading your post, can we have some more nice positive articles since we are in a Europian finals? We may not be Champions League material right now, at least Emery is trying to make a difference. Can we keep this Mihki vs Ozil vs Iwobi debate to post 29th May?(Yes I want both gone and Iwobi on loan,that is my opinion tbh but save that discussion for another day), let us get back behind the coach and the players. Let the coach decide what is best for the club and we back him to win it for the 4th time! All the best for the Burnley game Emery! And come back stronger next year, challenging for the title.

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