The hidden gems that Wenger has uncovered for Arsenal

We are now in a transition period at Arsenal having gone from financial underdogs to a financial superpower. I am going to try to bring Wenger’s views about Arsenal to an understanding among supporters. So let us try to unlock the hidden gems that Wenger has discovered and made available to him, that he puts so much trust in the squad.

The squad has a varying amount of players from different nations, with the various styles of play in positions they play. Well I aim to bring to life the hidden artefacts that will soon have an impact in the sights of supporters and analysers.

The Czech wall – Petr Cech.
Well what can I say about this guy? He has been a revelation since his arrival. He has a powerful touch, a commanding presence and a neat distribution. His experience proves invaluable providing to our young players and our backline. We are yet to see his actual limits, so let’s just wait for our Champions League campaign and our second part of the season. We might just see much more from him……

The French barrier – Laurent Koscielny.
He has become a rock at the back. He is amongst the best defenders in the world and has formed one of the best defensive partnerships in the world with the BFG. He is also one of the best readers of the game as proven with his interception stats. He is also a perfect tackler and we might just see the best from him when we go head to head with Barcelona and also in the second part of the campaign when we face Premier League heavyweights away from home.

The Spanish light speed wizard – Hector Bellerin
One of the best (if not the best) youngster at the club. His skill, defensive abilities, speed and creativeness makes him top class. The inventive Spaniard has amazing trickery and reflexes in his armoury. He is so creative, with the stats proving that, having once made the most clear-cut scoring opportunities of any defender in the League. His attacking instincts are the best we have had from a fullback since the Ashley Cole era. Much more difficult tests will come and should he overcome the hurdles and prove exceptional he will be another gem in the hand.

The French pitbull/detective – Francis Coquelin
He has just played for 18 months and has already gained plaudits from fans and pundits alike. Coquelin is statistically the best in Europe. He is the precise model of a defensive midfielder. Making the most defensive actions with a 100% success rate. He has already proven himself on a number of occasions and if he can keep up and overcome more tests he will earn the title world-class.

The Welsh powerhouse – Aaron Ramsey
Well well well, what does he not have? An all-rounded midfielder making him among the best in that positions. He managed to come out on top 2 years ago in terms of stats by just playing a mere 23 games in total. A player who has come of age from the little boy that came here he has already proven himself. He is still young so he has time to keep developing. He can easily become like legendary players like Xavi and Gerrard if he puts more maturity into his game.

England’s golden boy – Jack Wilshere
Considered by most to be of feeble lightweight material. He is bright player when not injured and England’s best player. He has the ability to make power runs and win midfield battles. He has great enthusiasm and is an athletic model. With a fair amount of trickery under his belt he has the makings of a legend. He is very brilliant in possession. Legends like Xavi have already praised him and he could follow in Iniesta’s footsteps if he likes. I just feel he has more to offer. Just please don’t overdo it Jacky boy

The little two footed magician – Santi Cazorla
A great creative masterclass. He has quick feet, great vision and and exceptional trickery. He also has great levels of footballing intelligence and sheer amount of inventiveness. He can almost surpass any midfielder in the world on his day.

The German artisan – Mesut Ozil
Well what’s not to like about him. He has an exceptional vision and an innovative masterclass. He is amongst the best creative forces the world has ever seen. He is just the best Number 10 you’ll ever see. Only time will tell if he can prove to be a legend in the premier league.

The legendary Chilean – Alexis Sanchez
Our best player. The fans favourite player and an absolute beast. He has it all. Great finishing, great dribbling prowess, a creative masterclass and an admirable worth ethic. Wenger says he is just as good as Suarez so let’s hope he is Hazard and Suarez combined – The two best premier league players of the past 2 years.

The electric Englishman – Theo Walcott
The numbers prove he has achieved more than any of our players. But he has had 10 years to do so. Lets hope he turns out to be a great striker as well as a classy winger. He’s hoping to have the Ronaldo impact at Arsenal in the future. We can only wait in hope.

These players are all exceptional. But I have a feeling we have not seen the best of them yet. They are hidden treasures that Wenger has discovered and brought to the club. Let’s just wish that they can only improve further in the future and bring unprecedented success to the club.


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  1. No Giroud?????#there Is A campagnAgainstGiroud.
    The most dangerous player in the air and the scorer of most headed goals in the Epl…na na na Giroud
    Indeed, you are right too many of them are yet to really maximise that potential…the team hasn’t achieved enough…it will be good if they can start by sending Barca out of the CL…Yes!its possible….coyg!!!

  2. I wonder if Walcott, Ox and wilshere wil achieve their potential especially Ox, he is not Arsenal material Imo…
    Give campbell the run of games he has gotten and campbell will prove himself..campbell’s game is far more matured than Oxs and walcotts’
    Time for a change..!!!!!

    1. campbell, bellerin and coq all came in when the previous player was injured. its not fair to say wenger discovered coq: he just blossomed at the right time. same for bellerin: if debuchy hadn’t been pushed into the boards, who knows what would have happened [why isn’t it a red card to push a player into the boards? they also tried pushing sanchez into a pit]. i guess what we can say is that wenger is patient. he lets them hang around and if they can turn the corner, then we get a good player. i’m really happy about campbell’s progress and i wish it goes on and on. to ox: don’t give up: if a few goals go in for you, then there will be a world of difference.

      1. Lol but Wenger DID discover these players, he brought Coq to the first team at the age of 19 and chose not to sell him when it wasn’t working out, he also planned on using Bellerin later in the season otherwise he would’ve kept him in the academy. Regarding Campbell, he didn’t start him because of the complaints he made last year (he wanted to be guaranteed 1st team), Wenger was teaching him a lesson on being respectful and disciplined. These players just took their chances when the opportunity presented itself which is what the British players should learn to do.

  3. Great article, maybe Monreal deserves a mention. If there is a right back playing better than he this season, well I have not witnessed him. If Bellerin gets a mention well then so does the best full back in the league if not Europe. I love how Bell is so dangerous going forward, but for me solidity is first and foremost when observing fullbacks ..and Mon has this in spades ..ever so reliable.

    1. The title of the article is “hidden gems wenger has discovered”. Monreal came to arsenal as an established player

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