The Hits and the Misses from Arsenal loss to Olympiacos

Who played well and who didn’t play well against Olympiacos? by Lagos Gooner

Happy weekend Gooners all over the planet! Despite our defeat to Olympiacos on Thursday, I still believe in the team.

After watching highlights and reviews of the game, I picked out three players who did well and three players who flopped. This list is exclusively mine and it is not influenced by external factors. So, here we go.

The three jolly players are…

Shkodran Mustafi : Mustafi has been our most improved player for some games now. He has improved so much that Arteta now sees him as a very important player for the team and uses him in almost every game. He has brought back his good days! His world cup winning performances are what he is displaying at the moment. I found it hard not picking him as the number one on this list. I seriously pray he recovers from this injury he sustained in the game on Thursday, as I would want him to keep his place in the team and not give room for another defender to displace him. Competition for shirts is part of football, but when you have a good player holding down a position well, then competition may be suspended.

Pierre Aubameyang: This great striker of African descent keeps churning out wonderful displays on the field of play. He is strong, has the pace to trouble defence and knows how to score goals. I believe if he had started from the center striking position, we would have scored enough goals to see us through to the next round. The goal he missed towards the end of the game was just unfortunately caused by desperation. If he was calmer, he would have scored.

Bernd Leno: in the early stages of the game, he was on point. He made some good saves to keep us in the game. His mistake at the closing stage of the game was just unfortunate. However, despite his mistakes, he still keeps a spot in my list.

The three journey players are…

Alex Lacazette: I won’t want to talk much about this player. He missed scoring chances that would have earned us qualification. Too bad he is still struggling for form.

Granit Xhaka: His jittery back pass to Leno that led to the Olympiacos goal was just typical of him. He has been doing well in recent games no doubt, but for his costly mistake, he makes my list.

Nicolas Pepe: Apart from showing us his dribbling skills that were not effective, please what impact did he make in the team? He is good as an individual player, but as a team player he needs to learn. His free kick too was too poor. I believe he will still come good for Arsenal but for this game against the Greek team, he goofed!

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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