The home Arsenal fans need to get behind the team tonight

Does the fans energy really impact player performances? 

 When a parent is happy a child is too, when a teacher is happy a student is too, and when a manager is happy there are bonus pay checks all around, 😉 (okay maybe not) but when fans are happy then players are too – right?  

Being present at many Arsenal games over the years both home and away I have continuously stressed that away game atmospheres to this day are my favourite to attend. 

Why you may ask? Well, because I cannot recall an away game I have been to that there has been a moment of silence, where chanting, cheering, laughing, crying and sometimes swearing in the legal way of course, hasn’t been apparent. 

 From the minute I would step into the away grounds whether it be across England or overseas, I never sat down, and I would come out, more often than not, with a lost voice, whether we won or lost.  

 That for me is football, that for me is passion and that for me is what matchdays are all about. 

 But home games at the Emirates, rarely have that effect on me. The only games I can remember having the same effect was the two Spurs games we won 5-2 and the night we beat Barcelona 2-1. Now if you count the Wembley 2-1 FA Cup final win against Chelsea, well that was amazing too, but I am talking about home games here. 

 As home fans, we have the advantage, we have the 12th man, so why can we not and why do we not, use that from the minute we step into stadium to the minute we leave? 

 Players thrive on fan energy, and as we saw against Palace, the Emirates began in full voice and then once we went 1-0 up it died down and sounded as quiet as it does at times, which is also why the players could be said to have dropped in performance.  

 However, that can’t always ring too true as during lockdown players had to play with no fans at home and at times did not always perform well and win, so that really cannot be an excuse. 

 BUT that does not mean that it isn’t the case, and I call for all Arsenal fans if you are going to attend matches, please let’s try and make the Emirates atmosphere as energetic, loud, cheery and fun, as we do the away games from start to finish, no matter what is going on in the games. 

 Because then and only then may we actually see players perform from the first to the last whistle at the highest of intensity, and if we lose, then at least we can say the players and the fans played their part but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be!

What do you think Gooners? 


Shenel Osman 


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  1. Performance determines how much the fans get behind the team.

    We don’t mind drawing/losing nearly as much if we play well and actually look like we have a game plan.

  2. I attended the Palace v Leicester game at Selhurst Park, a fortnight ago and though Palace were 0-2 down, the crowd kept singing and supporting their team and they got a draw, which was less than they deserved.
    The fan support was tremendous and way beyond any comparison with our many entitled fans, who are quick to criticise. A lesson there I think!

  3. this issue is nothing new, as comments regarding the library-like environment have long proliferated…that said, the reasoning behind this, in a present tense, is likely more about the uninspiring performances than anything else, especially considering that fan behaviour, in general, has been a bit more frenzied since their return to stadiums/arenas

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