The home crowd can lift Arsenal to stop a rampant Man United

We are in for a fascinating match on Friday night as the Gunners take on a rampant Man United, who have won every game since Ole Gunnar Solksjaer took over at the helm. But Arsenal have turned the Emirates into a fortress in the League since our opening day defeat and the home crowd seems to be having a big effect on the team’s performances so we should also be very confident.

Emery is looking forward to the big game between the two teams that have won more FA Cups than any other team. This is what he said when asked him what he thought about Man United: “Good afternoon. It’s a different team. It’s the same players but they’re playing with a big performance now. I was watching their last matches and and each player has a lot of confidence, with big performances, and now they are very dangerous.

“For us, it’s good because it’s a very big test for us in this competition. Manchester United and us have played 20 finals in the FA Cup, and we’ve won 13 and they’ve won 12. For this competition, it’s the best match to play. We are looking forward to playing this match on Friday because it’s at our stadium, the Emirates, in front of our supporters. We feel very well in front of them and we want to create a new atmosphere over 90 minutes on Friday, together with our supporters.”

The home support certainly worked brilliantly against Chelsea on Saturday, and it would be a real boost if we can follow that up by knocking United out of the FA Cup as well.

Come on You Gooners!



  1. Alan B'Stard M P says:

    just play the same way as against Chelsea

    1. Gavana says:

      Or as against Spurs ( Carabao Cup) !

      1. gotanidea says:

        The main players had better not waste their energy and risk their legs for this FA Cup match, because the next three EPL games are more important

        Just assign the young and fringe players, mixed with two first team CBs in the back, should be enough to defeat Man United

        1. Patrick_G says:

          I agree, the next couple of premier league games is more important.

          I think until end of March we need to put everything into the league and Europa.

          I will rotate Auba and Laca, not play both the same time in this Man United game.

          1. gotanidea says:

            Yup, this is a good chance to give the other players game time, so they can also help in the more important games later

  2. Sue says:

    As long as we put out a strong side, there’s no reason why we can’t do it! COYG
    And I hope Chelsea turn it around & win later (can’t believe I just said that ?)

    1. Patrick_G says:

      I would rather see Chelsea in the EFL cup final than those Pigeons next door.

      1. Sue says:

        Yes!! City will thrash them anyway

  3. S says:

    Man utd threw the FA Cup tie 4 years ago. They’ll do the same tomorrow if they can’t be bothered to win it.

  4. Symon says:

    Talking about our home crowd, they need to step it up a bit. They always wait for the team to do something and then follow in. The Monaco game stills comes back to me when I think of the Arsenal home crowd, so silent in the first 15 mins.

  5. Declan says:

    We need to win every game including this big game against our arch enemies. A win in this competition against a strong MU will be the springboard to winning our next league games. The cup is ours!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Declan, I agree this game against Man U is important, because a win by Arsenal will put an end to their winning run and hopefully dent their confidence for future games. Arsenal need them to start dropping points to put the pressure on them.

    2. Ingleby says:

      Agree with this. Play to win – always!

  6. jon fox says:

    I do NOT agree with some posts on here that say the Prem games are now more important than the FA Cup , FOR THESE REASONS: We have zero chance of winning the Prem and we are in the Prem, we must assume, and despite our owner actively HARMING US daily, to try winning it. Just competing but coming nowhere only aids HIM and his wealth and does nothing for us fans at all. IF we had a realistic chance for top four , I would concede that top four matters, But we do not, IMO. At best, with all our injuries and the fatique factor as the season lengthens it is a very long shot. I DO believe we are near certainties to finish no lower than 6th( we have a huge points cushion ) and have thought this since start of this season. Being one of a minority of Gooners who are ALWAYS REALISTS helps me avoid hype and total disappointment built up through false hope of being better than we actually are.

    I am among a relative few in constantly telling others what a total waste of money Ozil is with his obscene wage and his total lack of effort , in virtually every game he ever plays. Leicester was the SOLE exception this season. It is compounded by the fact that his huge inate talent is way beyond question. But he is spineless and therefore largely ineffective and as is my honest way, I flatly refuse to make excuses for this lazy man. Other Gooners agree with me but many are less forthright in spelling out this truth fully and in public. However I believe in telling it as it is , straight as a dye. IF we had more honesty when Gazidis and Wenger were here AND from snake Kroenke for his entire tenure, we would not be in the mess we are in now. GAZIDIS SOLD US A PACK OF LIES AND NOTHING BUT LIES and I rejoice that he is finally gone.
    The other reason I believe it is prudent to concentrate mostly on cups rather than the Prem ,is because of the fatigue factor with all our injuries and the near certainty that we can finish no lower than 6th, ensuring a Europa place next season. I say we should rest our key remaining players so that they are at their freshest when the cup comps arrive and play some fringe players instead in the Prem, which will do them more good in the long run and bring them on quicker.
    I mean, are we in football to actually WIN things or not? Most have been constantly saying during the latter Wenger years that they were fed up merely coming fourth but with no actual serious title challenge and exiting the CL in last 16. I agree!

    Time to rethink our short term priorities. In the longer term OF COURSE the Prem is more important but we are where we are right now – not where we we would all love to be instead – and should plan accordingly.

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