The inevitable but unwanted update on Conte’s potential Arsenal deal

It was recently reported that Arsenal had agreed a pre-contract deal with Antonio Conte as manager, but Fabrizio Romano has rubbished such claims.

You have to admit, while the links with Conte were nice to read, I’m sure 99% of you knew that it was wishful thinking to believe that we had struck a deal with the Italian, regardless of what was stated by TodoFichajes.

While Conte led Inter Milan to their first scudetto in over a decade last season before a falling out with the hierarchy that led to his departure, he has since been linked with a number of roles, including being offered the Tottenham job this summer before they hired Nuno Espirito Santo.

With the decorated manager still without a new role, Arsenal have been linked with his arrival, while current boss Mikel Arteta comes under increased pressure thanks to their dire start to the current campaign, and further defeat to Norwich next weekend would see that increase tenfold.

Fabrizio Romano has moved to insist that we have no such deal with Antonio Conte however, contrary to reports.

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  1. Wishful thinking or not an immediate move for Conte would pull fans and players together again propelling the club forward. Can’t say the same with Arteta around.

  2. I may not have been very supportive of MA lately,but I would hope that 8f he were to get the sack,he’d be given some kind of warning/notice,that both results &performances needed to dramatically improve,I was critical of the spuds when they sacked Poch and had Maureen in place within days,which meant that talks must have started weeks before,behind Poch back,not right especially after the work he’d done.

  3. We need to give Mikel our support and love as he guides us. If you remember Sir Alex, his turbulant times with 11th place finish, drubbings at Anfield,the fans kept the faith and he returned the favor with 38 majors and a EPL legend. We all know Mikel has what it takes to be a great by winning the FA in six months, dismantling the clique, etc. – hallmarks of a great manager, his time and our time for glory will come.

    1. Dont compare Arteta to Fergie, thats daft, he was a league and European cup winner before he went to utd. He had a past to back him up.

    2. The great Wenger didn’t spend as much as Arteta in a single window, neither did Emery. The board sacking him only a few matches into the season after giving him a club record budget will show a clear lack of common sense (and I mean VERY COMMON SENSE) from the board. That simply means that we’re stuck with MA for the foreseeable future which is starting too really look like a long horror movie.Arteta will not succeed at Arsenal cos of his extra large ego. He’s casting out good players cos they’re not his signings. Is Ramsdale actually an upgrade on Leno? How come Lacazette, Nketiah and Leno are leaving for absolutely nothing and the club doesn’t seem to care?

  4. It was a rank stupid rumour to start with, I don’t believe Arsenal are looking at replacements for Arteta at this juncture.

    1. Arteta to stay. Why allow him to buy and to put out to graze and then sack. Daft and illogical. Fans don’t be like some managers/coaches that want ready made. If so, don’t go to the supermarket, go to the farms. In order to become experienced you Must start somewhere.

  5. Of course, it was a rumour, we still need MA to lead us through championship next season to league one after two other seasons.

  6. 99% disbelieve this ridiculous rumour we are told.

    I’d suggest its actually 100% among real thinkers and that about half of all fantasists have actively persuaded themselves to believe it’s true.

    Twas even thus with simple folk( as the saying goes!).

    Sadly a goodly number of fans, everywhere, prefer to always believe fantasy stories as they have not the character or backbone to accept the often bleak reality!

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