The injury that could cost Arsenal the EPL title?

Anyone but the assist king! by DN

The January transfer window is open but it looks as if Arsenal will be treating it with the usual disdain. Oh how we laugh and scoff at these desperate clubs like Man City and Chelsea who feel they have been lax if they have not spent at least a small country’s national debt during a transfer window.

To be honest I can see Arsene Wenger’s point of view when he says that we have enough quality already, but the Frenchman is also putting a lot of faith in lady luck and the Arsenal medical team- and even though he has no reason to expect that our bad luck on the injury front will carry on, he also knows how much damage it can do.

At the moment we are flying high and are doing so despite the absence of some big players and that is fantastic, but how long can we keep it up and what would the loss of other players do to our title hopes? For me there is one man that will make or break our season and that is Mesut Ozil. He stays fit and we win, simples.

He has more than double the assists of any other player in the League right now, and creates at least twice as many more chances that have been squandered by Olivier Giroud and others, where would our lacksadaisical strikers get their chances from without him?

The loss of Petr Cech, Koscielny, Ramsey, Bellerin and others would give Arsenal a problem but not an insurmountable one. Ozil on the other hand…



  1. firstly thanks for the clickbait heart attack.
    secondly we were saying sanchez was winning us games when everyone including ozil was underperforming.

    so i have faith as long as we have one.
    or santi is back with le coq.


    1. hope wenger realizes that those 2 players you mentioned (ozil/sanchez)as being crucial to us are, not coincidentally, the ones that cost us the most. yes, its true, as manc/manu have shown, that spending a lot doesnt GUARANTEE success, but its also true that , given wenger’s judiciousness, if he were to spend big again, we’d probably get another very important player. given that giroud is 30 and caz 31, wenger should definitely take out the check book this summer [instead of playing it risky borderline]

  2. You know what would really prove were cursed ? Ozil getting 19 assists before the Barca game and getting injured until May

  3. ***OT***
    Big Ups to my man Benik Afobe for finally makin it to the Big time at Bournemouth FC. Show em what ya got now Son…

  4. As vital as Ozil is, losing Cech would be a bigger blow to our title hopes. Whether or not Ospina is prone to conceding more howlers, the bigger concern is Ospina’s ability to stay healthy. Look at all the games Macey’s had to be on the bench because Ospina’s been hurt.

  5. the consistency of all our players will define our season……. Not some injury!

    *immuned to click baits*

  6. Citeh is the only team
    who could beat Arsenal.
    But they look vulnerable.
    In the end the only team who really
    stand in our way is ourselves.
    Even injuries to Ozil and Cech won’t stop us.
    As long as we avoid slip ups like the game
    v Southampton we will easily win the EPL.

    1. City will be a much tougher challenge than they seem. They’ve been really shaky of late, but we still haven’t been able to pull away from them. I expect they’ll recover form soon – Aguero is scoring again. If we lose just one game and they don’t, they’ll be back top of the table. A 5 point cushion at the top is the minimum we need to feel in the least bit comfortable, and at the moment we don’t have that.

  7. If my memory serves me correctly, Özil’s fitness has correlated quite well with our overall team form since he signed in 2013. When he signed we were flying, top of the table for ages and certainly in the title race. He got injured against Bayern and we plummeted out of the top 4. When he came back we had a strong finish to secure champions league football.

    Last season we didn’t have the best of starts, but we were still undefeated heading into the game against Chelsea where he got injured too, and our form from then until he returned after the new year was shocking, frankly. Again, he returned and Arsenal went on a resurgence up the table, just letting second place slip away at the end.

    Was this solely down to Özil? I doubt it. Ramsey was the big loss back in 2013/14. Things started going downhill almost as soon as he got injured, and picked up again just as he got back. Last season, I’d say Coquelin’s emergence was the biggest boost we got heading into the new year. Nevertheless, this correlation still suggests Özil is a vital player for us.

  8. i know ozil&alexis are very important players for us but like wenger i don,t really like to constantly single out players for praise,it is unfair and disrespectful to other players,as good as they are they couldn,t win games on their own against xi,every time one gets injured we are supposed to fall apart but somehow we always manage, there is always another player that comes up and does it for us!!and just in case of further bad luck i trust our players to keep on surprising us&coming up with the goods COYG!!

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