The International break is still very worrying for Arsenal

With Arsenal having an injury list as long as it has ever been, we were all jumping for joy that they would get an extra couple of weeks to recover while the internationals were on, but I’m not so sure it is all going to be good, and nor is Arsene Wenger.

Today we had three players return to the squad in David Ospina, Laurent Koscielny and Mikel Arteta, but Santi Cazorla suffered a mystery illness before being taken off. Wenger couldn’t really explain what was wrong. “He is not sick, he was just dizzy and could not move, you could see that on the pitch. I did not really know what he had, so at half-time I took him off, I hope it is nothing bad, but it does not look like it, because he says he is alright now.” Le Prof said.

Also Wenger previously said that Ramsey, The Ox, Walcott and Bellerin could be back after the break, but he did not sound quite so confident today. “We have 10 players out. I hope during the international break we do not lose more, but we should get some back like Ramsey, like Chamberlain for maybe just after the break.” So no mention of Walcott and Bellerin, who are arguably the two most urgently needed.

As for worrying about losing more, the players we shall have to worry most about are Laurent Koscielny, who has been called up despite just returning today, Olivier Giroud, who is a certain starter for France as Benzema has been omitted from the squad, and even more worryingly Alexis Sanchez, who has two more World Cup Qualifiers to play in South America. He hasn’t looked himself for the last couple of weeks anyway, and Wenger is definitely worried about burnout. He continued: “Players like Sanchez, who have played many games, they go out and play two games again.”

Sanchez is the one player that looks like he needs a rest more than anyone, and the risk of him playing twice more with possible jet lag is a frightening thought. Maybe the experiment with Gibbs on the left wing today was done with this in the Boss’ mind?

And I really hope that Wenger gives us a bit more information on the return of Walcott and Bellerin very soon….

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  1. Congrats to the Spuds: You have to know that you meant to be a Thursday night football team when you satisfied with a draw at a NLD against an injury struck Arsenal team…Spuds will never compete for the league any time in the next decade…(just hate time wasting tactics).

    1. Best Spurs team in years couldn’t beat an exhausted injury ravaged arsenal side. ozil created 7 chances while there WHOLE team created 9.


  2. “Favourable fixtures” I’ve seen this phrase a lot but to me there’s no such thing as ‘Favourable fixtures’ in the EPL,this is the hardest league in the world where Crystal Palace can beat Liverpool at Anfield,West Ham can beat Arsenal or Man City at The Emirates or Etihad we must respect every team we face!

  3. Let’s just be real for once.It is well known that we have an injury curse at Arsenal, I mean every season we suffer so much coz of injuries. Have we all forgotten the season when we had so many injuries and wenger signed Kim kallstrom who was injured????

    Someone please answer me.How is it that the team with the most injury prone players in the world is the only team that decides not to sign any outfield players????

  4. OT:
    My wishes:
    – Wenger to stop playing Mert ahead of Gab … this is a must
    – Wenger being ruthless and stop being stubbornness “big wish”
    – Wenger to change his transfer policy “big wish as well”
    – Not count on very injury prone players (Wilshere, Walcott, Ox, Welbeck), take them only as a bounce because they would never stay fit … It is a dilemma because they are all quality home grown players, so I cannot say “get rid of them all”
    – Give our smart attacking players (Sanchez, Cazorla, Ozil) what they need, a striker … that is a must
    – Strengthen the flank with another quality because all the sights now on Sanchez
    – Get rid of useless team players (Campbell, Flamini, yes they are useless) and replace them with better players (promote or buy good ones)
    – Loan Chamber … 16M is too much to ruin

    1. Cech
      Bellerin Kos Gab Monreal
      Coq/new DM/Ramsey Cazrola/Ramsey
      New LW/RW Ozil/Ramsey Sanchez
      New striker
      Aubameyang, Vardy, Kane(impossible), Cavani, etc ..
      Mane, Griezmann(unlikely), R.Mahrez, Hazard (just kidding) etc ..

  5. Let us in our prayers commit our Gunners who are going for the international games from this week to the hands of God to proctect each and every one them from having any injury on & off the field of play, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen! I was very sad as we failed to go on top of the table yesterday. Because, that was a clear opportunity of, God don’t pass me by, is not a song one kneels down to sing but get up and run after the Lord to shout, ‘Son of man have mercy on me’. Remi Garde has done what he can do for his former boss, the Boss yesterday by forcing Pellegrini to dropped 2 valuable points for the Gunners to pick them up. But they surprisingly refused to do that. If it wasn’t for the Boss tactical genius who brought on Gibbs to inject live into the toothless offensive Gunners line, Arsenal would have suffered a surprised defeat at home to their North London arch rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. Only Campbell was a new comer to the original Gunners starting XI. But still they failed to deliver the 3 points.

  6. I’m worried aboot Koscielny the most
    He just came back from injury and now immediately going for international duty

  7. If alexis plays both games during the break then I hope wenger rests him no matter what. Give Adelaide a run on the LW

  8. If wenger is so worried about burnout with alexis, why doesn’t he rest him? Why should we expect countries to rest players? Until fifa changes the international calendar, there will always be this problem. But it’s not a new problem, wenger goes on like it’s something new, but its been happening for years.

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