‘The internet keeps receipts’ – Piers Morgan makes public apology to Arteta

Piers Morgan has issued an apology to Mikel Arteta live on this morning’s Good Morning Britain, after he slammed the manager’s team selection.

The Gunners were in action against Leicester yesterday, and put in an impressive performance to win 3-1, overcoming an early goal also.

Morgan wasn’t impressed when seeing the initial starting XI, with all of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bukayo Saka and Thomas Partey left on the bench.

The reality is our gruelling 90 minutes against Benfica four hours away in Greece was a fair reason for Saka to be rested, especially when you consider that the manager admitted that he was suffering with fatigue, while Partey is still working back to full fitness after his latest injury.

Morgan wasn’t interested in any reasoning however, and claimed that Arteta had ‘given up’ on the top four, and made the ‘wrong call’ on his selection.

“I want to say good morning to Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta,” Morgan said, live on ITV (via the Mirror).

“People are wondering why fans like me never get to be made managers of football teams. This is what I tweeted before kick-off yesterday: “‘Saka, Partey and Aubameyang all on the bench?

“Against Leicester?

“Wrong call, Arteta.

“This is a 6pt game – we should be putting out our best team from the start, or have we given up on Top4?’

“Well, we won 3-1 with that team. So I would like to humbly and grovellingly [sic] apologise. You were completely right with your team selection, you rest our best players, quite rightly, for the Europa and next league game.

“I take my hat off to you.

“That’s why you should really stay off Twitter, fans. Because the internet keeps receipts.”

Regardless of the result, Arteta clearly had a reason to make decisions on his line-up with regards to protecting his squad, but the result was no doubt important.


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  1. Don’t take anything Morgan says at face value, he only says things to get a reaction from his listeners/viewers whether he believes it or not.

  2. Piers is a d**k head troll thinks he knows everything in reality he is a useless tool not a real arsenal fan just a fan of himself and his useless ranting and propaganda.

    1. darren, love Piers Morgan or hate him for his public or media persona, but please get your facts straight. Piers Morgan is a life long Arsenal fan and had a shareholding in the Club to the value of tens of thousands of pounds, until forced to sell to KS&E in the compulsory buy out.
      Also he deserves to be credited with admitting that he made a mistake.

  3. Well done Piers, I did the same thing and in following your footsteps, I apologise to our esteemed coach, he is a good, humble young man with his heart in the right place, its time we give him a break!!!!!!

  4. What’s wrong with us ? The guy apologized yet still gets the hammer. Most of us weren’t comfortable with the lineup even if we never mentioned it. What’s wrong in apologising that we can’t accept ? Or is it because it’s Piers Morgan ? Move on fellas.

    1. Because one apology does not undo the sheer volume of verbal bashing he has done to arsenal over the years.

      1. DTM, the bashing has been because he is a lifelong Arsenal fan, had put his money where his mouth is and is concerned about where the Club is heading.
        He has apologised, what more do you want him to do: follow another club?

  5. What a prat – even when talking football he tries to make it all about himself. Along with Merson, I am embarassed that they are Arsenal supporters.

      1. Which I always find interesting, since he never played for Chelsea, yet was obviously good enough during the period 1985 to 1997 at Arsenal (including a 6 game loan spell in 1987 at Brentford), 1997-98 at Middlesbrough helping them gain promotion and 1998 – 2002 at Aston Villa, where he helped them reach the FA Cup Final in 2000, which they lost to “his club” Chelsea.

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