The JustArsenal Predictions World Cup Final – What a finish!

What a Final that was ……no not Argentina Vs France, I’m talking about the first ever JustArsenal Predictions League World Cup Final.

Neither finalist predicted a draw, so needed to be separated by who got most correct score lines in whole tournament …….7-7!

The next way to separate the two is most points during the group stages …… Sid 40- 37 Phenom

I’ll give it a couple of days if Phenom wants to contest it or ask for recount

Well done, Sid, I know what this means to you.

Send admin your details and I’ll send you out a prize after Xmas.

Thank you everyone for taking part.

I really enjoyed the format and will be doing the same for Euros.

Well. Done to our Champion Sid!!!



  1. Congratulations Sid
    Congratulations to you Dan for the idea and all the hard work you put in

    Back to the EPL now….

  2. Congratulations Sid.
    Dan it was fan doing this .nail biting missed chances, luck…. And an amazing tournament

  3. Thank you very much Dan as always for the time and hard work you put to make the world cup league a reality!! Great feeling to have won the league and it was an amazing match in the final with Phenom! Happy Xmas everyone! Lets hope our dear club will also not reduce its momentum.

  4. Great job Dan, but I think I predicted Argentina win though they won on penalties, while Sid went for France. So what happened?

    Congrats Sid 🙏

    1. Explained in every round mate that penalties would not count , that if you thought it would go to pens , pick a draw
      Look back on previous rounds /.comments

  5. Big thank you to Dan for taking the time and effort to run the competition, it was great fun. I’m sure everyone who took part enjoyed it. Congratulations to Sid

  6. Losing both the semi finals and the final and yet still won the cup…. Well concrete it could have been any one by the above logic I guess you had a great grade at group stage and that proved to be vital in the end… I just feel a little bit remorse for Phenom who went for Argentina and yet lost meanwhile just like every other great game it was settled by smallest of margins all the same congratulations

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