The key difference between Mikel Arteta’s training style and that of Unai Emery revealed

Arsenal has returned to training ahead of the Premier League’s restart which will be next week.

The Gunners will be one of the first teams to play as teams return to action with their rescheduled game against Manchester City slated for next week Wednesday.

Premier League teams have returned to full training for some time now, with Arsenal becoming one of the first teams to get going.

Their return to full training has shown just how differently both Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta are in their approach to the game.

According to an analysis done by Football.London, Unai Emery had placed more focus on the physical side of the game and this explains why the Spaniard asked for the gym to be next to the first team’s training pitches.

He favoured his players being in top physical condition so that they can have the fitness levels to compete with top teams both defensively and attack-wise.

Arteta, on the other hand, places more focus on the tactical side of the game and that has been what the Gunners have been working on for much of their return to training.

The report claims that Mikel Arteta trusted his players to be in top shape because they have been provided with the equipment to keep them in good condition during the break, so he just moved on to tactical training when they returned to group training.

Arteta reportedly wants to build the situational awareness of his players such that when they are playing every player knows what to do next when they are in possession of the ball, and their teammates would also know what to expect from the player with the ball.

The Spaniard will no doubt hope that his players get to grips with his methods fast enough ahead of the restart of the Premier League season next week.

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  1. Let the squad inculcate both physical and tactical approach to the game.
    I hope Pepe has gained a few muscles cos Saka been really working out.
    All that’s remaining is to punish City at their own game in their cop

  2. This is just talk, tac tic has been wrong for most of our games.

    It is 2 tac tics, more defensive or attacking, meaning keep the ball or let them have it and counter attack.

    So far I saw a team who play most game in our own half, incapable of controlling the game and attack.

    A team who tacticaly lost, running around like chicken with no heads, in total panic when. opponents attacking..

    A weak defending team constantly under pressure, never looking like they can win but fighting with fear. No confidence.

    That is all Arteta role, if he picks wrong team, tac tic is wrong or can’t be implemented by these players.

    As soon as we see team he picks we can predict score and game. Either we will lose or Lucky draw, or we see a draw & lucky win. No control of the game.

    Can’t blame Arteta to not get it right, he was an assistant coach promoted to head coach of a top club without any head coach experience.

    Guardiola picked team and tac tic, Arteta prepared team for games which he does well.

    He needed to start with Southampton, or a club as Newcastle or Everton with owner support.

    It is easier to win with team with top players than average ones, they are making less mistakes even if coach does, to players can turn a game around.

    Can be a midtable championship team, a new coach can make mistakes and learn / grow devellop from it and own style and tac tics…

    Even with U23, coach gains experience and promoted to first team. The back room is key to devellopment of a player or coach.

    Zidane assisted Ancelotti, coached U23, made a lot of mistakes, learned a lot overall, then given first team and full support in bringing players!

  3. We are one of the most physically weakest looking sides in the EPL, heck even a 1st Division side like Brentford were physically more aggressive than us. Shame!

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