The key parts of the jigsaw that can make Arsenal Champions this season

The real missing key parts of the jigsaw that can make Arsenal real contenders next season By Muha AnkoAnko

Well we have all been mentioning the key players that Arsenal needs to sign before the season starts and am inclined to agree with most of the comments. But i was thinking of betting on Arsenal to win the title, using my winner coupon code of course, so I decided to analyse the key aspects of a winning team and line them up against what we have at the moment, to decide if Arsenal really do have a chance to be the Champions.?

The first and foremost is the players. Here I am talking about the players on the field, if we compare our players to the other 19 teams in the EPL, then we may find ourselves smiling, but, if we compare them with the top 6, we may start to worry a bit, especially when we look at the top 3. All in all, I think Tottenham, Chelsea and us, may have almost the same quality players, because especially Spurs, if you minus Lloris, Eriksen and Kane, they have average players all through with seasonal players around them.

Chelsea have Courtois, Kante, Cesc and Hazard that can be called WC also, the rest can be termed as average seasonal players in my opinion. Well to me these two teams beat us in defense and partly midfield. But none of them can match our firepower up front and creativity in midfield.

Well further up, we have United, City and Liverpool, who I consider favorites this season by the way. Well United have arguably the best Goalkeeper along with Liverpool, City can’t boast the same in my opinion. Their goalkeeper only fits their footballing philosophy, other than that he is average. In defense, Liverpool have van Dijk, as maybe WC, United have none in my opinion, while City have Stones who may not actually be WC.

In midfield, City have the most firepower in the EPL in Kevin De Bruyne, Silva D. While United have Pogba, and Liverpool may well speak of Keita and Fabinho but I am not so sure about them in the EPL.

Up front is where all changes, United apart from Sanchez (at his best) have average seasonal players, Liverpool have Salah, but for all we know he may be a one season wonder, City have Aguero and maybe Jesus.

While we can’t compete with these teams on paper, up front we may dare say we have one of the best, if not the best. At their best, Ozil, Cech and Koscienly can fit in the categories above. So we may not by all means, call ourselves fevorites, but we surely are somewhere.

The second part is the manager.
As we all know, managers may not be miracle workers, they surely play a huge role. Here I am talking about tactics and team morale. The top 6 have the best in the league, we may also add West Ham there as they have a league winner at the helm. Here is where I feel we may have the edge. I am not saying by any means that Emery is the best, but we can that him and Sarri are the new managers that brings new tactics in the league. Some may argue that City and Liverpool and Spurs may have the edge because of their players and manager camaraderie, but most other teams knows exactly what to expect from them and may now have a plan in place to stop them.

City actually may have the usual Champions syndrome for all we know. Now for us, we can all agree as mentioned up there, this time we have a manager that can plan for opposition and employ tactics that can get the best out of the players we have. That being said, our average players may be hidden with the quality players and tactics around us. That’s something we should all look forward to this season.

Third, is.. luck and circumstances.

For instance, the last 3 EPL champions, have only one (City) can be credited for having the best players and manager. The other 2 have relied so much on circumstances and luck. Looking at Leicester and Chelsea for that matter, they both had luck and the fact that they didn’t have European commitments. They can also be added to the category above of having an unpredictable/known managerial tactics.

This season though. We have of course European commitments but one can say Europa up until the last 8 we may not face really quality teams. But we also have the world cup effect here. United have already started complaining, City, Spurs and Chelsea still have players missing, only us and Liverpool can say have most our first 11 available. This is by no means a guarantee, but it will come in handy trust me. If luck in injuries and refereeing decisions favour us, who knows??

Fourth.. The financial support and transfers.

Well this may not be our favorite part, but we can all agree that the board, though second grade, have tried and we have seen changes. Some may argue that we have only brought in average players bar Torreira, but the fact remains we have bolstered our squad better than any other season that I can remember. We have not only strengthened our weaker spots, we have brought them in early and easy. We have not spent the most top dollar to add the usual unnecessary pressure on the new players, but we have brought in what we feel can bring. A bit of ecstasy and euphoria to not only the fans, but the players also. This is important – trust me. Because for example, Torreira, our best signing so far, does not come in with pressure that Keita, or even Fabinho comes with, considering their prices tags. The same can be said of Leno compared to Alisson.

We surely could do with a winger, but one thing I am sure of, is our fans feel much better than the Spuds fans who are yet to sign a player and United whose manager complains like Konstantin used to complain about Arsene every day😅😜😉.

Finally, the most important one to me. THE FANS

Well we can agree that Arsenal may not be able to compete with other clubs when it comes to almost every other thing, one thing we can be sure of is our fanbase. We are only second to United worldwide. Which should be an advantage but, as said above, it is a very important part of the jigsaw. Here I have to say that it is unfortunately the most disappointing part. Well we all claim to love the club, but our hatred and opinions towards some of our players are remarkably disgusting! It is one thing to criticize a player for a bad game, season, or form, and it is another thing to completely rule out the players abilities.

It is evident with the likes of Kevin De and Moh Salah that a player is only as good as the trust and support they get from their managers and fans. Ozil devides opinions here as much as anyone else, but this lad used to perform at his peak of his powers for his national team wracking 5 Germany player of the year awards in the process, up until he started getting infinite indefatigable criticism from his own fans. I can dare to say that we Arsenal fans have been the meanest to say the least about a player who chose to join us for unknown reasons from Real Madrid. He could’ve picked any team but chose Arsenal when we were losing our best players every season and did not offer the best when it comes to wages, and still all he got was criticism for every tackle he didn’t make, as if it’s the first role of a number 10. For all the fingers pointed at him, it took some of his self esteem and here we are complaining how some players used to bully our players physically yet we seem to be doing a good job at bullying them emotionally.

The question I am asking is, when will it ever be enough for us to fully support our team through thick and thin? Yes I am the first to agree that some of our players are average and not good enough. But one thing remains, they are our players. Until they are sold, they should remain our players and need our support at all times. If your son, brother or even your wife has a certain deficiency, do you bash them at every opportunity you get or you try support them as much as you can?

Come on Arsenal fans, we can make our players be the Lions on field or the cats depending on the support we give them. One of the reasons as to why Liverpool are indomitable at home is their support in their own ground. Liverpool have thrashed us and other top teams severally at anfield with average players and managers because of the support they get at home. Why do you think they perform very well in the mighty Champions league? Is it a coincidence? Think twice….

We have a new manager whose philosophy is to bring the best out of everyone, including the fans – as he is quoted saying. “Fans want their emotions to come to the surface and the only to way to make that happen is to give them a team that transmits emotion: intensity, attacking, scoring goals, competing, fighting. That awakens them. The fans want emotions.”

The Champions League generates more money and allows you to buy better players but what fans really want is to enjoy their team, to win things. If you have money but you don’t generate feeling and emotion, it’s worthless. You can be in the Champions League and generate money but if you get knocked out in the group it means nothing to the fans. Sure, you’ve made £20m, but what does that mean to them?”

Atmosphere is very important and once again he recently said in his first fans meeting: “If we have this ambience here, that we have tonight, it’s a small crowd, but if we can match that ambience in the stadium at the games then we can achieve a lot.”

Now it’s up to us Gunners to make Emirates a fortress, to make our players play their hearts out and make them lions on the field. And maybe, just maybe, we could finally have the last laugh.

Looking forward to to the season already regardless.


Updated: July 30, 2018 — 6:36 pm


  1. To many words for me.

    1. Agree, too lazy to read it

      Arsenal can only expect their fans to be excited again if they bring several marquee players, before this transfer window closes

      They surprised us with Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang last season. We have got Emery in this season, but we still need at least a marquee player to increase the excitement

    2. I apologise to the writer of the article but far too many words for me too. Unless it’s a Jack Reacher book I can’t read that long. But, it’s far too early to talk about winning the league.

    3. i liked it, a well thought out informative article with some valid points. good job anko!

      ps: the kop and the emirates are not the same, the fans are closer to the pitch like it was at highbury, also the prices differ and if you’ve ever been at the emirates and started a chant mocking a certain player, a steward will come down and tell you, ” sir you can’t chant who ate all the pie number 59″ true story we ended up with a 3-3 draw 🙂
      expect the fans to be loud this year, a sense of optimism around the club!

      1. sorry 39 don’t know why i had to correct that but hey 🙂

  2. Winning the league will be a miracle especially when you analyse our defensive personnel. Emery’s tactical and defensive organisation would help massively but i just can’t seem to trust mustafi, chambers, holding, kolasinac and bellerin defensively. I am trying to reason with fans saying emery would improve them individually but i don’t see it and i would be happy to be proved wrong. I would consider a top four finish and europa league title win as a good season judging by where we are right now and hopefully emery would make adjustments in that defence to win the league title the following year.

    1. A top four position will be enough for me, as long as the team show entertaining football consistently

      I believe Emery can make strategies that will help our defenders. They struggled last season because some of the attackers and the midfielders did not press the opponents hard enough

  3. On paper we aren’t badly off. .In Auba and The casette, we have two of the deadliest finishers in the world. We also boast one of the best defensive mids in Lucas Torreira and the young Pirlo, Guendouzi. Defensively, if Mustafi can rediscover his form he can form a good partnership with Mavropanos. Lastly, our keepers look good and competition will only make them better

  4. I bet when Leicester won the league their players won’t compare to any of the then top 6 yet they won. It’s not all about players but for the technical crew to maximise or know how to use their quality tools effectively.

    1. You just took this off my thought line.

  5. Dembele is coming!…Dembele is coming.. Dembele is coming!…..I’m really serious about this…no jokes!!! …..details of the deal to come!…for now it is kept secret

    1. Ok let me tell all the gooners why dembele or some very good winger might be joining us. Lets think logically piece by piece why denbele could happen.

      Firstly we need a quality winger very badly..

      Secondly there are many wingers that might be on the move by the end of the transfer window. i.e. Dybala/Costa, hazard, martial,lozano,perisic etc.

      And finally and more importantly…money is what drives any football club and if arsenal executives have any brains left they will have to buy a star player…if not a star player they have to make such a signing that would be talked about a lot across the football globe.

      Why?i hear you asking..

      Coz our shirt deal with puma is going to expire at the end of the season. So i believe a new deal either with puma or anyother manufacturer will be finalised by the final quarter of this season i.e. by Jan/feb.
      So we need a shock transfer whom the fans and the football world would go crazy over ,to attract the best kit manufacturers and to raise the value of the deal to somewhere close to addidas’s 75mil/season deal with manutd.

      Now that we have touched the kit deal topic…
      There is a popular belief that ronaldo/neymar/countinho transfers have covered themselves through shirt sales which is a complete myth. There is a lot of misunderstanding on how these shirt deals work.

      Any shirt manufacturer pays the club a certain amount of money per season for the rights to sell arsenal kits. And they also give the club 10-15 % of the profits from shirt sales. So there is no chance that a price of 220mil/135mil/140mil etc for neymar/dembele/countinho can be covered through shirt sales. Unless the manufacturer agrees to bare the cost of transfer themselves. Which is pure suicide for the manufacturer

      1. We already got signed for Adidas and I really don’t see arsenal paying 100Million for a player. Cause Barca isn’t gonna sell him for less than that since they bought him for 135million

      2. There’s a report now that Klopp, Dembele’s manager at Dortmund is in talks with the Barcelona wide man and offering him Champions league football. We can counter that by selling him London and next year with he’s help Champions League football. I mean if you’re getting £200 K a year where do you want to live London or Liverpool. We’ve got to impress on him what Liverpool’s really like, two night clubs and a bowling alley is not really a superstar’s cup of tea

        1. Sorry £200K a week

          1. Maybe Auba, Mkhi & Sokratis could swing it?? Bloody Klopp, they’ve got more than enough!!

  6. ARSENAL fans are the team worst enemy

  7. Arsenal major contributor this season will be Emery, with the new coach players will have to perform if they want to be a part of Arsenal this season. The core of players under Wenger will still be present, many fans here think that our players are terrible, but i will have to disagree we have good players who need to be held responsible for the results on the field, what was lacking in the team were fighters (Liechstiener, Sokratis and Torreira) and a coach with tactical ability, also positive energy.

    What has been present in the arsenal camp for a couple years now is negative energy, which has affected the entire team, coaching staff and players, losing games and not addressing the problems which cost the loss and our former manager resistance to change in the league, in taking measures to flow with the change instead of resisting.

    There is positivity in the team right now and the only negativity is Ramsey’s contract, so saying i think we have all the key parts needed to put in a challenge for top four and dependent on where we are at December ending (first, second or third), we can challenge for the title.


  9. the man city game would be the perfect place to judge our squad. we will know then if we are ever going to see top 4 in the near future.Too bad the window will be long closed then


  11. sorry about the capslock on the previous comment from me, i did not realise i had hit the capslock button. apologies to everybody.

  12. Nice read but you’re definitely downgrading some of our opponents while you try to upgrade us. Cech and konscielny were WC no doubt but that can be said of them rn. I believe defenders makes goalkeepers WC though so I wouldn’t dwell on that. Ozil has lost his magic but I’m still hoping he’d come good. Torrerra can only try so in all we have Auba as only WC player with very good players supporting him. Cesc is also living in the past and as we stand, I prefer our squad to chelsea’s. Lets just wait to see how our players work together in a few games then we can get excited.

  13. The people who are complaining about the length of the article are not intelligent enough to understand it or are addicted to complaining and will complain about anything.

    If it’s too long for you, then learn to skim read or scan read. Skim reading is just reading fast by reading a few lines of every paragraph to get the jist. Scan reading is reading fast to get specific information. Look out for key words, phrases, names.

    Use the opportunity to better yourself.
    Reading increases your knowledge and/or vocabulary. Don’t openly and happily show your ignorance.

    1. Well said! My own thoughts exactly , as I have said below , in my own post of encouragement to the Admin . How frustrated he must feel to receive criticism from some dullards who are too lazy and idle to read. They should be ashamed of themselves but would not have the wit to feel shame.

      1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  14. INNIT, your last comment gave me a real chuckle there mate !. you , of all people, on here , calling other folk ignorant , and, non intellegent. that is the very best laugh i have had all this monday . thanks a million dude, you should be on the stage. i believe there is one leaving shortly, do us a favour , and , be on it , lol.omg, i have read it all now , i love it , give us another innit , please .

  15. Pat. the Admin, I WAS APPALLED TO READ COMMENTS FROM SOME ON HERE WHO COULD NOT BE BOTHERED TO READ YOUR ARTICLE. Such a tiny attention span, some of todays snowflakes have; one even said he “was too lazy to read it”. What a damning admission of his slothfulness. I would be far too embarrassed to ever say this in public, BUT it would NEVER apply to me as I love detailed posts with reasons for comments. Perhaps, at the risk of sounding boastful , some on here should stick to playing with crayons and other childish occupations, as there adult intelliegence is not up to the job of reading. They should leave the debate to us adults who CAN and DO know how to read. I thought it a fine article, so well done.

    1. Not your article of course Pat, but from Anko Anko, who is educated , can correctly use punctuation and put his thoughts together in a coherent and sensible manner. I hope he contributes again ere long. He should not feel discouraged at the idiots who criticized his post for being “too long.” Some of these dullards will never have read a book in their life, poor sods. Too hard for them obviously!

      1. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

      2. AnkoAnko Al~wattan

        Thanks John, I appreciate your advice mate..

  16. 😒😒😒

  17. @jon fox,as much as I like reading your comments,that’s too much calling a fellow gooner idiot and all sort of names,have been a reader here for more than 3 years,I actually love reading from your post but that’s too much

  18. Under Wenger we were always two top players short of a title challenging team. Now I think we have a more rounded team, and I do think we are on the way up, but it’s clear, even from preseason, our defence will be an issue. Chambers is erratic and can’t pass well, Holding is too nervous and Sokratis is quite slow. Kosalniac is a good wing back, but a very poor left back. Natcho has become a both a good wing and full back and is even better in the middle than Holding or Chambers. Mavroponos will be number one but not for a year. It is clear we will ship goals. What is also clear is that we will score goals. Can Lucas Torreira or Granit Xhaka, or even Guendouzi protect our defence better. Maybe. I would like to see a real athlete like Yerry Mina in the middle of our defence.
    We lack a winger for sure. Since Walcott and the Ox we have no real winger. If Greedy Stan would finance a top winger we would surely finish in the top four and recoup our funds. Leon Bailey a fantastic wide man, would double in value and almost guarantee us a top-four finish. A lot of money but a lot of player.
    I am optimistic we will do better but we are just two players short of a real title challenge and we have two weeks for Kroenke to cough up. It’s all down to Kroenke. Does he want top four or a title challenge? It’s really down to the Billionaire owner now.

  19. Well said Sean.The weaknesses at centre back and at left back are readily apparent and the likes of Mustafi, Xhaka and Kolasinac are simply not good enough to take Arsenal into the top four.From what iv,e seen Socratis also falls into this category although I sincerely hope he proves me wrong.

    1. I still think Arsenal also needs a deep lying playmaking midfielder to replace Santi Cazorla.
      Also I believe Unai Emery is going to give existing players the opportunity to excel, rather than making radical changes, which he knows Kroenke won’t fund. He has endeavoured to address the spine of the team first and must be given patience, because change will be gradual.

  20. Kudos to AnkoAnko for a thought provoking article. Hope every Arsenal fan has atleast 1% of the spirit and attitude of yours.
    Fellow gooners, lets make it our responsibility/duty to turn Arsenal and Emirates into a fortress. No more negativity. No more complaining. No more IF’s. This is indeed a new era for the club and for us. Lets support each and every player in our squad equally.
    Hoping for a great season!

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