“The Kroenkes must provide” Arsenal’s owners urged to splash the cash

Stan Kroenke has been urged to splash the cash if they are serious about taking Arsenal to the next level.

The Gunners have reached a new low after failing to make the European places at the end of the season.

It is the first time that has happened to them in 25 seasons and changes will need to be made to their squad.

They made Mikel Arteta their manager in 2019 and the Spaniard has continued to receive their backing to remain at the helm.

The club’s owners want to return it to its glory days when they won the Premier League and reached the final of the Champions League.

There is, however, too much of a gap between them and the other top Premier League teams at the moment.

The likes of Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool have left the Gunners behind in becoming England’s biggest teams.

Sam Blitz for Mailonline highlighted some changes that Arsenal needs to make and one of them, he says, is giving Arteta the backing he needs.

He writes: “With Arsenal now out of Europe, the first big decision faced by the Kroenkes is the future of head coach Arteta. The early noises appear to be a vote of confidence in the young manager, despite a disappointing campaign. 

“The 39-year-old has now had 18 months in the Arsenal hotseat and while there are some minor positives – a better points tally compared to last year and a Europa League semi-final – the gap between the Gunners and the top four is still large. 

“To bridge the gap between Arsenal and England’s elite, the Kroenkes must provide Arteta and technical director Edu with funds to make multiple marquee signings. 

“Over the past couple of seasons, the Gunners have been able to make one significant investment in the transfer window. Nicolas Pepe moved for £72million in 2019 and is finally starting to show some promise in a Gunners shirt, while £45m midfielder Thomas Partey was last summer’s major buy.

“Making one major signing has not been enough for Arsenal to make their way back into the top four in recent years, so there must be a significant cash injection from Arsenal’s American owners to fund moves.  

“When Arsene Wenger left the club in 2018, Gunners chief executive Vinai Venkatesham announced the Gunners would act on a self-sustaining model, with off-the-field revenues funding the on-pitch investments. 

“But the lack of European football severely damages that business model, and the trust between the hierarchy and the Gunners faithful is strained due to the Kroenkes’ lack of activity within the club during their decade in the boardroom.

“A busy summer transfer window would restore that trust for the time being, especially after a tumultuous year.”

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  1. It”s not a case of how much money is available it’s how it is spent too often too many players who are just not good enough have been bought and given big wages. We need to be more cautious and spend wisely.

  2. Im not sure that its all about money, i worry we have a manager that cant get extra out of players or the team and maybe all the money in the world wont change much. The way we play is the most important thing and the way we have been playing is going to get us nowhere fast.

    1. Sorry, dont really agree. Pepe is clearly playing some of his best football of his Arsenal career. Laca was in better form this year. Saka and ESR were outstanding. If we have to believe some experts, Xhaka had improved massively (even though I really cant see that one). Only Auba really played below par.

      About not getting the best out of our team, I do agree with you yes

      1. We were 8th, he failed to get a tune out of players in many games, his tactics and style of play stiffled players. We performed way under par, he didn’t get extra out of the team, he under achieved.

  3. It’s not about taking the club to the next level; it should be about averting a crisis, preventing a freefall or halting a journey into the abyss.

    The Kronke’s stand to lose the most if we fail again to qualify for Europe again next season.

    At a minimum, there needs to be a budget of 200M, half of which should be upfront and available immediately; the other half coming from player sales.

    1. 200m….its better you Stick to Fifa21…

      even Man City dont spend that much in 1 window

      their highest transfer fee paid is below 70m

  4. btw the self-sustaining model was not a new incarnation that emerged on the heels of Wenger’s dismissal…in fact, it had been discussed at various points well before Kroenke ultimately took his position as sole owner, but most didn’t pay much heed to it, whether as a result of a general lack of understanding of it’s fundamental principles or their relative indifference to what they perceived as nothing more than a poor excuse for our 2 Billionaires, at that time, to not dip into their own exceptionally deep pickets…supposedly this wasn’t the case, as it was leaked that club management refused donations from one or both Billionaires, prior to 2014, so they could adhere to the model, instead of competing with the free spending Chelskis and City’s of the footballing world…likely why Gazidis always claimed we were flush with cash, yet Wenger always ridiculously stated that he simply couldn’t find players that met his “high” standards, which suggests this philosophy was more Wenger-centric than even Kroenke-specific

  5. There is a new bid coming from Daniel Ek according to Patrick Vieira, so if Kroenke wants to keep the club then he needs to come out with a statement of intent with big signings with a money injection to the squad.

    If not then negotiate with Daniel to sell the club and let the real Arsenal Legends take the club to another level as he has no interest in helping the club move forward and upwards.

  6. Lets stop with the wish he would sell stuff. The man just put 120 mill of his own money up to pay back the 120 we borrowed because of covid. There will be a need to make that money back before he sell his investment. So I wont hold my breath hoping for a sell. We wanted wenger out and look what we got. What we need money can’t buy and it can’t be learned. You just gottaa have it or dont. A Fighting spirit

      1. No Sue
        He actually paid from his own pocket and it was confirmed immediately after payment.

        That’s a sign of someone who is not interested in selling.

        1. I’m told Arsenal paid off their Covid Corporate Financing Facility loan (worth £120million) through a separate bank loan. It was not repaid by KSE.
          (James Benge)

          1. Thanks for the information Sue.
            You’re right about loaning from another bank to pay for the COVID loan.
            It was done so we can spend on transfer(that’s if we’re going to spend anyway).

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