The Kroenkes need to prove they back Arteta in the summer window

If Arsenal owners trust Arteta, they must back him in the upcoming transfer window


According to the ever-reliable journalist Fabrizio Romano, Mikel Arteta is still considered the right man for the Arsenal job, despite the side languishing in a lowly tenth position.

David Ornstein has already said that the Arsenal board are behind their manager and believe that with a few transfer windows, he will prove to be the right man for the club.

The Gunners poor form this season should not naively be blamed on Mikel Arteta. The young coach inherited a lot of problems which stem back to the Arsene Wenger era.

The Arsenal owners, Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE), have played some part in the club’s downward trajectory in the past few seasons. It has looked like the American owners have provided the team with one short addition every summer.

After the end of the 2019/20 campaign, it was clear that Arsenal needed a new left center-back, a defensive and attacking midfielder, a winger and a back-up goalkeeper.

All the demands were met except that of a central attacking midfielder. Then in the January transfer window of 2021, the demands of the previous window were met without adding a back-up left-back to the squad, after letting Sead Kolasinac join his former club Schalke.

If the owners want the club to prosper, they need to draw a clear road map of where they want to head with the club. Arsenal’s recruitment has somewhat improved in the previous two windows, but they must carry on that trajectory if they have the ambition to fight for the top competitions.

The summer should bring the sunlight back to the Emirates Stadium this season. The owners must back the manager to revamp the whole squad because it is no secret that the squad needs refreshening.

Edu and the board did a good job of laying the groundwork for the summer by moving on several fringe players. However, they will only be truly tested once the transfer window opens on June 1st.

The Arsenal faithful still have divided opinions about their rookie technical director. But one can have firm judgements only after the upcoming transfer window concludes in August.

The 2021 summer might be the most important one for Arsenal in many years. This window can make or break Arteta’s future as an Arsenal manager.

Reports have already emerged that the North London outfit will try to sign a new back-up goalkeeper and a left-back, a right back and a defensive midfielder to partner alongside Thomas Partey. But their main priority lies in the attacking midfield position.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 21: New Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta (R) sits alongside Arsenal Technical Director Edu during the Premier League match between Everton FC and Arsenal FC at Goodison Park on December 21, 2019 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Offside via Getty Images)

Their first preference is to retain Martin Odegaard. But if that becomes unfeasible, they already have reported alternatives lined up, such as Norwich City’s Emi Buendia, Real Betis’ Nabil Fekir and many more.

But if the Gunners want to attract the top players, they need to win their first major European trophy in the form of Europa League.

If they don’t, the future of Arsenal Football Club looks even more bleak.

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      1. @gotanidea, win or lose the EL, he shouldn’t be backed. Allegri is available. He can be our Conte.

        1. If we win EL, Arteta deserves a big trandfer budget. Because it’s been more than fifteen years since we won a major trophy and we haven’t won a European competition for a very long time

        2. Sometimes the frustrations you have in your life are caused by yourself.

          To actually think Allegri is feasible for the Arsenal manager job is the route of your frustrations.

          You need to come to an acceptance that Arsenal aren’t a club that can get such managers.

          Once you realise you need to stop being angry at life for not being what you want it to be, you’ll be much happier.

          Get it out your head that Arsenal are operating like a big club buddy

          1. You’re right jon, Allegri wanted a bigger salary than Wenger was on and a guaranteed transfer budget, I believe of the order of £200 million. Also, Allegri appears to not want to work away from Italy.

        3. You dont even know , as a proper fan does, that two years ago Allegri turned us down flat when sounded out and would not accept the job under Kroenke. Learn your Arsenal and only THEN you can call yourself a real fan

          1. You’re right jon, Allegri wanted a bigger salary than Wenger was on and a guaranteed transfer budget, I believe of the order of £200 million. Also, Allegri appears to not want to work away from Italy.

    1. Lol yes. They backed him investing 220k/week on willian(plus probably a signing bonus 🤦🏻)

  1. Arteta has signed lots of players but there’s nothing to show for it. Besides that, he inherited a team that signed players for £100million the previous season. Now people are shift the blame from Arteta to Kronke. He also recalled Elnerny, Smith-Rowe, and Nketiah from their loan spells. Honestly, Arteta is failing

    1. Nketiah was recalled due to not getting much game time at Leeds and was given a lot of first team minutes.

      Elneny wasn’t recalled, his loan spell finished. Without him, we’d have no DM backup this season.

      ESR also wasn’t recalled and has played a very important role in the first team.

      Hard to see what your criticism is here.

  2. Yes, our transfer budget next season will depend on whether we get a CL or EL ticket

    If we don’t get a CL or EL ticket, we could see Kroenke’s confidence in Arteta in the summer. If Kroenke is unwilling to spend a lot of money in the next transfer window, Arteta’s time might be limited till December

    Unfortunately Kroenke has spent more than he earns from Arsenal, for replacing Wenger, sacking Emery and buying high-profile players. If the supporters can’t come to the Emirates next season, Kroenke might have to sell Arsenal in 2022

  3. I believe he(Arteta) has been backed so far especially if you compare our activities to most top teams too.
    Our let down have been inability to generate enough and get money for most of our players
    I don’t think even klopp received more backing than Arteta but he was able to manage the squad he had and generated enough money from sales to make the big money moves
    Accept the fact that we are not Chelsea or city so that you will not end up having false hope
    We look more like a Bayern or liverpool but with unintelligent individuals and bad management
    And more over we are not a poor man’s team
    Every world class player we have had over the past few years now looks average
    We have few players who came over with big reputation but are now struggling
    We have few exciting young players to add to the mix….
    Looking at the team overall we may not be needing the biggest of names but players who are hard working and talented that fits our system to compliment the team and give a better balance but what is the system?

  4. Folarin Balogun has signed his new contract with Arsenal until June 2025, done and completed.

    He received more than 15 proposals to sign as a free agent – Bayer Leverkusen made the biggest one. Edu Gaspar and Arteta convinced Balogun to stay and sign a new contract. ⚪️🔴 #AFC

    Fabrizio Romano on Twitter.

    At least now I can go on about without having to read how we’re letting the next lewandowski go when y’all hardly seen him play

      1. Sure as hell it will, he’s gon be the next Martinelli on every article soon. Why is Balogun not starting? What does he have to do to start? Arteta hates Balogun and other statements.. lmao

        1. Eddie stop moaning about other people, they live rent free in your head 24/7!

          Let’s be happy he signed and get him a couple minutes in cup competitions.

          Oh…FYI….people were 100% justified to ask where Martinelli was every game. Clearly improves the team when he’s on the pitch or do you disagree?

          1. Bruv you think I don’t rate Martinelli??
            Oh I do a lot, after Saka, none of our wonderkids comes close to Martinelli. There’s a reason I preferred him not being rushed back and had no issues with the management taking time to play him.
            You see I was excited when he got back from Injury and he played against Chelsea, but after he was kicked about in that game, gave us a scare in the city game and injured himself in a warm-up, I chose to rather take it slow with him.
            You see if I were given the option to choose between Martinelli playing this season and picking up knocks with so many scare while delivering in some games(Because he wasn’t deadly either when he played till the last game). If I were given the option to choose that one or choose having him rested while getting a fully fit and deadly Martinelli next season, I know what option I’m going with.

            Also I have no problem with Balogun signing, difference is I’ve actually watched him play for the U23 and for me he ain’t no different from Nketiah while he was there.
            Hell Nketiah was a more complete player for the U23, the kid was a menace, it’s why Ive not jumped on the Balogun hype like people who hardly watch our U23 games and yet hyped him up like he’s Lewandowski.
            No doubt I’d love to see him succeed, he’s a Gunner..
            I’d like to see our kids succeed, but at least stop with the unnecessary hype when it comes to some of our kids

    1. Arsenal was an investment for SS.
      Buy for 700mill in 2009 sell in 2019 for 2 billion. That was the plan.
      Arsenal talked up the sustainable model yet in fact spent mega on transfers and grotesque long term salaries with no performance clauses. Many of these expensive ‘super signings” became super expensive deadwood and we continue to repeat the same mistakes every summer.
      Yet despite languishing in 9th CL remains a possibility via the EL.
      The FA cup win papered over the cracks so can a EL win do the same.

    2. MA in his latest interview when asked about his plans for Balogun”well nothing has been signed yet so there is no point talking about it we will announce it as soon as it is official”

  5. Don’t understand the hate Kroenke’s has got in the past few years. Money HAS been spent. Money should NEVER be spent like City, United or Chelsea in the past.

    If I had £80m to spend as an Arsenal owner, I wouldn’t spend it on Harry fookin Maguire or Kepa the goalkeeper who can’t even catch a flu. Nor would I spend it on Pepe!

    I had no problems us signing Pepe, but never in a million years for the obscene amount we spent. And trust me, it wasn’t Kronke who told Arsenal executives “Hey let’s spend 70m on that guy from French league”. And he wasn’t going to say “I know better than you, we shouldn’t sign Pepe for that amount”.

    Kroenke has given the money, and it has been spent – UNWISELY.

    Pepe, Mustafi, Özil contract, Xhaka, not selling Sanchez, obtaining Mkhitaryan and letting him go free..

    Money has been spent, and we’ve made loss of MILLIONS on free agents, grossly overpaid contracts and transfer fees on players without proper resale value.

    Only problem of Kroenke is him not sacking the people who are responsible for these actions.

    1. Unwisely, is the operative word. It’s not Kroenke’s fault that he hired the wrong people to manage his UK business affairs

      1. Kroenke should have recruited 2 or 3 more Non-executive directors experienced in football matters. Him and Josh do not have the know-how and time to provide the close scrutiny needed at this club. Like the Sanchez and Ramsey mismanagement. Shocking financial decisions being made at the very top level.

      2. Not sure Sue
        The examine I give is , if you slip on a wet floor at Asdas and you sue them because the young member of staff didn’t put the wet floor sign up, you don’t sue the member of staff ,you sue Asda
        If a CEO is sat on a beach at the time , it’s irrelevant

        1. Dan
          Your comparison is wrong.
          Because suing a company don’t mean suing the CEO.
          The company pays you off without removing a dime from the CEO’s pocket.

          Do you think if such thing happens in Arsenal, Kronke will come down to England to face the law, Arsenal as a club will have to settles it and that is exactly what should happen at Arsenal.

          You can’t blame Kronke for investing his money in a company.
          He chooses what he want to invest his money on.
          He love his investment in America more than the one in England, but it doesn’t change the fact, he still invest in any business he wants.

          Yes he made a mistake in employing the wrong management but he believe the people he employ know about the job than he do.

          You can’t blame him for not sacking and trusting the greatest coach in Arsenal history for Buying
          Xhaka for 35M instead of Kante for 30M
          Mustafi for 35M instead of Van dirk for 15M then.
          Pete Cech for 8M instead of our own Sczency
          Ozil for 42M cos we already have Cazorla instead of Suarez which we needed more
          Pepe for 72M instead of 25M
          Many transfers like that.

          Neither can you blame him for given contract to Ozil or Auba.

          And people claim he loves making money than losing money, then I ask myself, if this is true…

          Why didn’t Kroenke command the board to sell Wilshere, Ramsey, Sanchez, Ozil, Mykhi etc, do you know how he will make from all this players?
          And if what you say about him pocketing money, I’m sure he will love to pocket money from all this players instead of losing it.

          Arsenal are still signing players and giving out CL wages even when we don’t perform well in Europa

          You can blame Kroenke on employing the wrong personnel but you can’t tell me he never spend money and you can’t blame him on how they spend the money.

          And before you say, the money spent his not from his pocket, you should know if he never sanction the money to be spent, nobody we dare touch the money.

          1. Disagree mate
            If you own any business and it fails , it’s on you .
            Wherever you choose to sit at home or be a hands on owner ,you can’t blame others if your business fails

          2. Bobs, So wrong on almost all counts! Why do you not know and realise that any owner of ANY business is ultimately responsible for the business failing! And PARTICULARLY SO, when he appoints and leaves in charge for years serial incompetents like Gazidis.

            IF HE WERE PRESENT AND INTERSTED HE WOULD BE HANDS ON AND WOULD, and should know that Gazidis damaged us tremendously. But he was out of touch and does not even like, let alone love, the sport his legally owned club plays. You are so wrong in your “thinking”!

      3. SueP, unfortunately in any business you rise or fall on the quality of staff you employ to manage the business on your behalf. After driving out David Dein and refusing Usmanov with his 40% shareholding a seat on the Board, Kroenke and KS&E are not performing too competently in selection and retention.

        1. Jon
          You’re right but that is not what I’m saying, Kroenke can’t be everywhere where his business his. He choose to stay in US to monitor the one in US, but employ those he feel capable of doing it in England.
          It happens to many businessmen(Tony Khan is also an example) but what others do is fire whoever is not competent which in Kroenke’s case he did that too late with Gazidizi and others.

          But my point is, you can’t blame him for not spending(cos he does), you can only blame him for not employing the right personnel.

          1. AND Bobs, NOT removing this hopelessand damaging “personnel”, FAR sooner, which, were he in touch and not absent, both physically and emotionally, he would and should have done. You missed my real and main point!

    2. 100% correct

      We’ve spent more than enough money and actually had a pretty decent squad at the moment IMO.

      It’s the manager’s job to get them playing right!

    3. According to an old article in the Athletic the decision to buy Pépé was made by Arsenal executives during a barbecue at Kroenke’s ranch after they had “heard”a rumour of a high incoming bid from Napoli.

  6. Until Kroenke is banished from Arsenal History we will suffer. The inner dynamic that motivates Liverpool and Chelsea is broken at Arsenal. If we leave Arteta as ‘leader’, even though he has no wisdom or experience, and he has a poor judgement of players and an inability to bond, we are heading towards mediocrity. He has a disturbing inability to motivate and just cannot bond with his players. It just sadly but factually true that he is the wrong man, however much he talks himself up. Plenty ‘Talk the Talk vs Walk the Walk’. With Kroenke as owner, Arteta as Manager, Vinai Venkatesham as Chief Executive, and the present brown nosing board, we are like that Disney character….we are Donald Ducked. The ONLY answer is to seduce a real top manager/coach like Brendan Rogers and build up a football style that suits us. We have some good players, but a TOP manager would have Aubameyang, Pepe, and others performing at a different level. We are a farcical deluded club at the moment.

      1. 😂 thanks @Sue! I was so disappointed with the results I decided to take some time off. Am back now with a brand new set of heavy-duty shock absorbers capable of withstanding Arteta performances.

        1. That makes sense, QD, been a tough time of late. Shock absorbers hey – can I please have some? 🤣🤣

  7. I agree with gotanidea that we are still in EL so we should wait until we get eliminated or win it

    BUT I believe if we win it we should keep him for at least 6 months and if we don’t he should be let go (with thanks for winning FA Cup which was fantastic)

    1. And what can we do if he doesn’t care?

      There is nothing anyone can do about it.
      May I remind you that, even if a billionaire came with big offer, he will only sell if he wishes to sell.

      So my focus is off Kroenke, my focus is on the management buying and given the players contract.
      What I want is for Kroenke to get the management right one day.
      Once those management start giving out normal wages and buying the right players, I know you all will forget about Kroenke.

  8. Bob’s, hopefully with Lewis on the Board and Garlick as Director of Football, the management of the Club will improve, below the ownership.
    My current question is if the Board and senior management are steadfast in their support of Arteta, why was it not so in the case of Wenger and Emery?
    Why have they let the Club fall so far, in such a short time, so that a major overhaul is now required?

  9. I think the answer to that Ozzie, is the fact that a number of our highly paid executive Managers are no longer with the Club.Unfortunately the Owner did not recognise how incompetent they were until severe damage had been done.

    1. Grandad, It was not “unfortunate” but scandalous, that an owner does not care and so left the damaging previous staff, esp Gazidis, here so long, untouched to wreak so much harm Not bad luck, which is what your word “unfortunate” means, but a scandal from an owner whose ownership of a club he does not care for is a disgrace!

      I prefer to use accurate language and not sugar coat the wrecking of the club we all love by a rogue owner, from whose neglect all the other ills flowed.

      1. Like I have said before jon, what can be done or what external influences may arise, to make KS&E cash in on their Arsenal asset? In such a scenario, who is waiting in the wings with a spare £2 billion to purchase Arsenal FC?
        I have had a whip round with people I know and come up short. How are you all going?
        St Francis of Assisi comes to mind regarding “serenity”, “courage” and “wisdom”.

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