The La Liga star set to COMPLETE Arsenal’s January transfers?

If this deal does go through in the next few days, and the growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours suggest that there is something to it at least, it will be the third bit of business done by Arsene Wenger and would surely be the final move from the Gunners this month.

It would also confirm the Frenchman’s ongoing commitment to the future of the club. Because although Jose Luis Gaya is making a name for himself as one of the most exciting young players in La Liga, the Valencia star is still just 19-years old and has only made 26 first team appearances for his Spanish club in all competitions.

But the left back is apparently already good enough to be considered one of the best players outside of the big three of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico and is already being considered by Carlo Ancelotti to replace the Portugal international Fabio Coentrao.

According to the Daily Express, Wenger is aware of the interest from Real Madrid and is so keen on young Gaya that he is ready to meet the release clause of £13.5 million to bring him to Arsenal. That may sound a lot for a teenage defender but when you consider that Man United paid more than twice that for Luke Shaw, it could turn out to be a bargain if the defender fulfils his potential.

But Arsenal do have two left backs fighting for a starting place already, so is Jose Luis Gaya really the transfer we need?

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  1. Gaya would be a greeeeeeeeeeeeat purchase….. But that would surely be the end of Nacho who has been solid this year. If it were a buy and loan back that could make sense and then maybe move from Nacho this summer.

    But, this reeks of pure speculation

      1. Sissoko bid wenger.
        10 mill for a france international with a bully mentality

        Ooh ahh moussa,oohh ahh moussa

      2. LB position is fine. Its a waste of time to buy a 3rd LB. It makes much more sense to just use the money to buy a CDM this summer.

      3. Are you implying that Gibbs or Monreal have been substandard???? That has been probably our most solid defensive line. I’d like to know who is better suited for you?

  2. Hope they go for it. Monreal is average. Gibbs is good in some areas but has weaknesses and spends too much time injured. LB hasn’t been a great position at Arsenal for a long time. If he is as good as the hype. Excellent.

    1. I think we could manage to cope with three left backs. Gibbs is the type of player we could play as a left wing when we need to be defensive as fook. Monreal has proven to be a decent back up CB, and Gibbs is injured quite alot as you say. Buying Gaya would make Nacho third choice for both LB and CB (Kosc/Mert injured -> Gabr -> Nacho). Unless he gets an internship at the CDM position, he would not get much playtime and it would be the end of his Arsenal career.

      We can manage without Gaya, but if we end up buying him, im not gonna complain 🙂

  3. We already got 2 LB’s, do we need another one? Did you guys watch Aaron Cresswell LB of WestHam?
    Anyway, I think Wenger is already done with this transfer window …
    Signing top DM and top ST is a must in the summer …

  4. Gibbs hasn’t given us a full season to be honest in years. hes always injured. hes a good fit for us and nacho is a decent lb as well but will always be second choice to gibbs. if the kid is that good bring him on board. depth in defense is what we have been asking for since the season started!

  5. I have not seen this guy play before but if Wenger and the team think his good for the team I would be happy with this purchase.

    I earlier expressed my desire of us signing a top/potential LB who could compete with injury prone Gibbs and ageing/ 50-50 Monreal the same way Bellarine is operating on the right.

    Bellarine, Gaya and Chambers at 19 plus 24 year old Paulista we could assemble/mentor a very good defense that could easily take over the current crop as they age.

    If his better than what we have (including in the reserves team) then bring him home Wenger.

  6. He’s definitely good, but already very expensive. I don’t believe this transfer rumor anyway. Would much rather see a player like Sissoko or Illaramendi coming in.

  7. Gaya is way to small. If you wont a proper LB then do it right and buy Ricardo Rodríguez, Arsene. lol. Guarantee of for success.

  8. Quality young player sounds like a Wenger buy. Not to mention our injury woes at left back always come to haunt us. This year Nacho has been solid BUT options are good. Gibbs still has potential to be exceptional if you ask me but too much time injured really hampers him. Having cover so we aren’t rushing one of our injury boys back quick would be lovely. Also note – Wenger likes using Monreal as CB cover. As it stands we’d have 3LBs, 3RBs, 3CBs with 2WB who can play CB and a CB who can play WB. This pretty much covers every position twice over so we can afford 5 injuries in our backline (of virtually any combination) and still cover every position. That might sound overkill but we’ve actually been in that situation at some points this year already…

  9. We need DM! Morgan Scnheideren or BENDER. And we loose so many strikers already, so purchase REUS!!!!!

    1. Reus isnt a striker, and why buy him in the winter when he has a 25mill release clause this summer? (either way he’s not coming to Arsenal) And the only strikers we lost were Campbell and Poldi, Sanogo who all got zero gametime anyways. wenger just temporarily cut the wage bill and gave those players some gametime.

  10. Looking at 2015/16, assuming we want to win the EPL we would have:
    Ospina + Chesney (or other) + Martinez
    Debuchy + Bellerin + Chambo
    Per + Kos + Gabriel + 1 more?
    Nacho + Kieran + Gaya
    Le Coq + Arteta + 1 more DM
    Santi + Mesut + Tomas + Rambo + Wilshere + Ox
    Alexis + Giroud + Welbeck + Akpom + Theo + Campbell/Sanogo

    which makes 28 !!
    So is Gaya necessary if Gabriel can play LB? Is Chambo ready to be CB back-up?
    We definitely need a back-up or lead DM, and we would ideally like an additional goal poacher.
    So who do we lose in midfield and upfront, or do we let usual injuries take their toll?
    I don’t think we’re far-off, especially if we get a couple of top buys in the summer, and build on the momentum and spirit and style we have now

    1. We need bullies. Flat track mean machines.
      At least two savages.
      Wenger has none.

      Sissoko would be a start.

      1. Yeah 28 but Belerin, Gaya, Akpom, Chambers are all under 21 so 24 player over 21.

        My list of sells for the summer transfer: Flamini, Diabi, Miyaichi, Podolski, Campbell, Jenkinson, Silva, Ajayi. On top of Afobe, Olsson we have just sold.

        Possible more sells could be Rosicky and Coquelin(if he does not extend contract).

        Sanogo another year on loan.

        To be truly competing next year. Schneiderlin, Lacazette, top LB and Rosicky Replacement if he goes.

    2. 1. Giroud + Welbeck are enough to be in the top 4th but not good enough to win the EPL or going anywhere in the CL.
      2. If you already put them in order “Per + Kos + Gabriel + 1 more?, Le Coq + Arteta + 1 more DM” then I would say Per is leak point (as starter) and Le Coq might turn to be top DM or just another Flamini.
      Wining anything valuable we need top ST and top DM…

      1. I think its time you find a new name. Giroud is proving himself a very good player when others around to play off of. I was always on his back about missing the chances which came his way but now realize that for the type of player he is he is actually a good one. The tall target men strikers are rarely as exciting as your little maestro or your penalty box assassins but have great strengths none the less, and when you tote in his defensive capabilities an impressive player is what you have on hand. France realize thus.

        Im not suggesting that Arsenal couldnt do with another top striker but i think thats due to Campbell/Poldi/Sanogo deficiencies rather than down to Giroud/Walcott/Sanchez shortcummings.

  11. He is a small guy. However as LB goes it is about pace and tackling not so much heading, so height is less of an issue here. I think Monreal has been very good this year for us. What worries me is how injury prone Gibbs is. He plays 3-4 games in a row and is injured again. Last season was the same.

    I do feel LB is a position that needs strengthening. Mings or Gaya could be the player we need as unfortunately our academy is not showing any promise in that position. How ill ultimately leave I don’t know Gibbs or Monreal.

  12. CB= Koscielny, Mertsacker, Paulista, (Chambers)
    RB= Debuchy, Chambers, Bellerin
    LB= Gibbs, Monreal, Gaya, (Paulista)

    We also have Hayden who is technically in our first team squad now (on Arsenal website)

    Looks good to me. It would be a Full house with Gaya.

    Even if we don’t get him, we have Paulista who can play LB.

    I think we all can agree that Paulista will make a significant improvement in numbers because we were short in defense. We needed another decent CB who could also play LB.

    1. CB= Koscielny, Paulista, Mertsacker, (Chambers)
      RB= Debuchy, Bellerin, Chambers
      LB= Gibbs, Monreal (Paulista, Bellerin)
      I guess it’s enough number wise, there’s a certain number of players on the bench, so if you want buy you need to offload first.

  13. I’m just happy that we are signing decent players

    They may not be the ones we want but my theory is if we sort out CB (Paulista), future DM (Bielik) and LB now, we can get the two missing components in the summer (Top striker and Top DM).

  14. the rest of these rumours after Gabriel signing are all false and made up, and its pretty obvious they are fake too. We got a CB, so I’m satisfied with this window. I honestly thought we would only get another Kallstrom, so my expectations have been exceeded.

  15. Having looked at Gabriel Paulista’s pictures over again, it is safe to conclude that Arsene Wenger has been desperate to get a player who can bite or looks like it. He missed Suarez who can actually bite but he got Gabriel who looks like he can. lol

  16. I highly doubt Gaya is available he will get a new contract soon and a higher release clause.
    He would also get the chance to play regularly at Valencia.

    Would wenger guarantee him first choice at 19? No

    This kid is a class act and is already one of the best lb in Spain.he is having a Luke shaw kind of season

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