The lack of desire is killing Wenger’s legacy

Arsenal is dead with Wenger in charge and I am serious about it.‏ by KM

You know what? Arsene is relying on the fact United won’t manage to win their games, but in terms of forcing his own destiny he is just rolling the dices. This was a typical Arsene game, because you know what, Arsenal is not Arsene. Yes, you heard me right! Despite the fact there are lots of fans that probably don’t remember, Arsenal existed before the French disaster came to us.

Arsene simply has to be sacked if we are to move forward. If United win their games, they will move in front of us and as an Arsenal fan you learn to live with every pile of misery Arsene keeps puting on us every season. So onto the game, we were terrible. Sunderland created the best chances and wanted it more. They had a purpose.

If you look at it, Arsene and Big Sam are kind of in the same situation. They will do you a job, like keep you in the league, or in the top 4, but in terms of creating a team with vision and style they cannot do it. They are both old and way past their best, but the money of the Premier league is so good and with even those bad results, they still deliver.

Ozil plays like he is on vacation, Ramsey and Giroud care more about their hair style rather than their ability to work with the ball. It’s highly disrespectful to all of us. Some fans have awakened, but I feel like until there is a massive statement of intent, we are doomed. But by far the worst thing about Arsenal is the lack of desire.

In football you are never always on top, even if you are Barcelona! But the way we are performing is just pathetic! Sunderland dominated us for large portions of the second half and Cech was making save after save, while Arsene was just sitting there. No reaction, nothing. Simeone would tear his throat in such a situation. He’d fire up those players. Arsene would never do that and look, this is not about money, nor about the owner, not the board either, it’s just pure lack of character from the man in charge.

When the king fights by his army, he boosts the morale! Our king though just sits there hoping for a miracle and this is passing onto the players. Pep and Alegri were non-stop giving instructions when Bayern and Juventus met in the CL. Forget the title, the top 4, trophies and Champions league, Arsenal has lost it’s slick style. City have the same points, but miles better goal difference. They just destroy lesser opposition. We rarely win by more than 2 goals, because we find goals difficult to score. Suarez on his own has scored as much as Arsenal in the entire season!

We were some mere 15 more millions in terms of buying him and boy what a difference he would’ve made! Another thing I just cannot believe is still happening is the fact we started Giroud. 14 games without a goal?! Walcott also entered the field of play for some reason, but Joel Campbell didn’t of course!

If we clear out Walcott, Giroud, The Ox, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey and Wenger, we’d have an incredible amount of money to spend on wages and we can easily add quality that would improve a side that failed to beat Crystal Palace and Sunderland! We need the summer really bad. We need a massive overhaul much bigger than the 2-3 players we needed this summer.

We need more than just a striker, we need leaders. People that will challenge the rest of the squad to lift their performances when they are bad. But we won’t do it, because we will have Arsene in charge! The last 2 home games, need to fly the WengerOUT signs high. I would not be surprised to see less people than there were against WBA, but the truth is we need a large message that would be so big, it could be seen from the skies!

If we give Arsene the summer without a clear message now, we’re doomed. Liverpool look like a new team under Klopp and when he makes his own signings god knows what will happen. Same for Pep and Konte. But if Wenger goes through the summer, a lot of people will either calm their frustration or it will grow even bigger by the fact we will wreck the transfer window and we’ll pay for it. I am saying it now, if Wenger remains next season he’ll miss out on the top 4 for sure.

And this will be the final lesson he refused to learn. He had to retire when it was obvious he wasn’t good enough. And despite the fact fortune was on his side and all the other top teams are garbage, instead of grasping the opportunity, Wenger cemented his place as a specialist in failure. He is destroying the legacy he build with each game and missing out on the top 4 this season or next will be the final straw, be sure of that!

The home games against Norwich and Aston Villa are the place to make a statement! If we chose not to do it, we’ll the pay the consequences. But don’t come with excuses, because I have warned you.


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  1. TRUE:Ozil plays like he is on vacation, Ramsey and Giroud care more about their hair style…

    1. Are you retarded? Özil has created 135 chances this season, a premier league record.
      What did Thierry Henry say about giroud last year, and what was wengers reply?

      1. Ozil -without a single doubt- has been our most valuable player this season. I think @habtemesi means to describe how Ozil is playing at the moment… rather than a summation of his entire performances this season.

        That is very understandable seeing that he is clearly disillusioned by the turn our season has taken thus far. He was dreaming of the title this year… and now he is playing for 3rd or 4th place? That alone in itself is capable of sapping the excitement out of most ambitious players.

      2. “What did Thierry Henry say about giroud last year, and what was wengers reply?”

        It wasn’t only Wenger’s reply that disgusted me. Even some of the fans reacted to Henry’s comment like he was Anti-Wenger or Anti-Arsenal even. They and Arsene argued Henry was just doing his job as a pundit. Like he did not know much about football. Even Giroud had the to guts to criticize Thiery Henry for “calling him out like that”.

        They did not bother to think that Henry was speaking from the perspective and experience as Arsenal’s greatest striker in recent times.

        I’d love to hear what Arsene thinks about that Henry comment, this time.

        1. Wenger has an excuse for every situation. I would be surprised if he has not prepared his excuse for that already

      3. Ftr – sorry for ‘retarded’, I tend to use it with things i see as nonsense, nothing personal! ?

      4. “Giroud is at the same level as Aguero and Lewandowski ”
        ***Arsenal Wenger 2015****
        Hashtag deluded

  2. “And despite the fact fortune was on his side and all the other top teams are garbage, instead of grasping the opportunity,”

    This is exactly why most people are getting on Wengers back.

    Think about the advantage we had over the other traditional top 4 clubs this term i.e stable and capable squad led by the most experienced manager with 20 years experience in the league and absolute control over football matters in the club.

    Unlike Pellegrini, LVG and Mourinho, Wenger never had to worry about uncertainties over his job. And even those trio are out of their current jobs for the factual reason that they have messed up their season. What an advantage our manager had. What an opportunity we’ve lost!

  3. If big banners aren’t allowed inside Emirates, fly over with an even bigger, both at home and away! Props to manu supporters for such a brilliant idea

  4. Arsene Wenger: I love you man, but your time is up! We are hungry for success. Be a man and step down.
    Dieter Hecking or Diego Simeone to step in.

  5. Its not lack of desire.
    Wenger has prioritised other things which delay success.
    He wants to work magic miracles.
    He wants to be a genius or sonething.

    He wants success to come in a special way without necessarily looking at the basics.

    He has belief that he can achieve in style.
    No need to splash money
    Play unique football.
    Making more with less.

    It has never worked infact he is miving towards a downward spiral

  6. Well written piece @KM!

    It’s now or never I feel. If not enough noise is made between now and the rest of the season Wenger will escape into the shadows of the seasons end when the glare of our fans and the world aren’t upon him.

    Just hope everyone is getting the message by now!

    Took long enough.

  7. The way things are going particularly in the last few weeks,it looks like wenger is totaly fed up with he’s players and the players look fed up with him.Time for change

  8. After the Westbrom game Wenger said:
    “We can handle playing on Thursday and Sunday”…
    After the draw:”we got tired in the secondhalf cos we played on Thursday”…

    Now,we could have used have started;Welbeck,Campbell and even Walcott, that are fresher and Coq in midfield as they didn’t play Westbrom,but he started Giroud eventhough he hasn’t scored since Liverpool away…and many people still think he knows what he is doing..smh..

    1. @goonerboy – So true. he always manipulates and looks for excuses.

      And tell me why, when it was obvious to most of us (and Wenger apparently) that around the 55th minute that we were beginning to be over-run by Sunderland that he did not bring fresh legs on until the 70th minute neither did he make any tactical changes until then.

      If it was so obvious we would be more tired in the second half make some substitutions at half time and start the game with some fresh legs that did not play on Thursday. He rarely subs before the 70th minute and most of the time he seems to make poor choices in his substitutions.

    2. Ramsey in the midfield was another problem. He also disrupted a settled, high pressing midfield of coqueliin and El Nieny

  9. This whole season has put me off watching football. Not just our mediocrity, but the football world in its general desire to see Leicester win.

    Nothing against other teams dong well, but do we really need the ridiculous levels of support they receive which will push them on to the title? Really?

    Arsenal receive criticism and weary pundits analysis. Why? Because we are tired, predictable, overrated and full of style but lacking in true grit.

    But Leicester are receiving nothing but praise and plaudits…it raises the question of why? Perhaps because fans are sick of the so called top teams dominating and our habit of championing the underdog.

    It’s all a distraction from our decline under AW. Get the old master out and some fresh and hungry/talented new blood in the managers chair. PLEASE!

  10. There cannot be AOB nor AKB’s we are all ARSENAL fans,, not each one can find a reason why we have become what we are right now other than misdirection from our Manager that used to be great but he is now in decline and bringing our beloved Club down with him……let’s all like one follow Konstantin’s advise let’s make those in charge hear that we settle no more, dramatic changes are needed from the Manager down, we do not expect miracles we do foresee a time of change maybe not top 4 BUT we are ready as ZAPATA said to die on our feet rather than live in our knees…..we’ve been in our knees for too long now watching other teams take Glory while we yet face another season of frustration….

  11. “Ozil plays like he is on vacation, Ramsey and Giroud care more about their hair style rather than their ability to work with the ball.” – for once I actually agree with you, Konstantin. But I’m going to shadow some of the other comments, and say that Ozil is playing like that because there’s nothing really left for him to play for. The guy actually created 8 clear chances against Crystal Palace, and 3 against Sunderland, yet we failed to win both games. He’s used to play on title and world winning teams, and for him to scrape for 4th is probably nothing short of embarrassing. Ozil is not the problem, but Giroud, Ramsey, and a few others are. I always liked Ollie, but never thought he should be our main striker. When a guy you rely on scores just 2 goals in his last 20 games, you know there’s a problem. What kills me too if that Wenger always waits until 70th minute to make a substitution. You see that it’s just not working out for Giroud, and Ramsey, and they look like fish out of a water. Take them out at halftime. Put Welbeck in, Wilshere, maybe even Campbell, but instead we’re making the same mistakes over and over again. Pathetic is the right word you used, and this time I wholeheartedly agree.

  12. KM you are absolutely right and I really don’t know how exactly the people ( like what seems to be the majority now ) can do about it. I , like so many fans are not in London, am not a season ticket holder , have been watching for many years on paid subscription sites, and so cannot ” walk out “.
    However in reality it is hard to ask someone who has paid a lot of money for their ticket to walk out.
    It is actually so frustrating . What can we do ? To be honest it’s not easy but I think Fans can do more.
    I think through football press , including the ” mainstream media ” sports pages have given Wenger such an easy time. If he was a new manager ( possibly prior to the 2 FA CUPS recently ) without a name they would all be agreeing with each other that he should be sacked. It’s almost like the Ferguson and brown paper bag rumours….how come the Press are so blind to Wengers obvious failings ?
    We the fans , need to really start putting pressure in any way we can.
    If you have Facebook or any other social media , post real ( acceptable and reasonable ) comments asking for change. As I have said in a recent post , target the Sponsors.Also we need to hammer the mainstream media.
    Hit them ie Kroenke where it really hurts … so that he finally decides regardless of Wengers ” loyalty ” to the club to boot the c@#t out.

  13. I think the mother of all escapes is still on the cards for the Boss to escape having a complete bad season.

    Moreso if his Gunners team can win their last 3 games of this season and thus quarantee a 4th place finish in the table. And they just could still pip Spurs to that 2nd spot table finish. And then, the Boss will say, he has had a good season finish despite not winning any title.

    And thus, he has escaped, hasn’t he?

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