The last time Arsenal won at Old Trafford (EPL), who scored the winner? (Great video)

I was saying earlier in the post about the Caraboa Cup Draw that Arsenal had not won at Anfield since 2012, but if we are talking about a bad place for Assenal to play in the League, it simply must be Old Trafford. In fact the last time we beat Man United at their home was back in the Ferguson era when the great Thierry Henry was our main striker, but as he was unavailable on the 17th September 2006 we were given little chance of coming away with the points.

But we had beaten United on penalties in the FA Cup final in the previous season, so we were not totally without hope, and Wenger still fielded a strong line-up even without Henry.

Here is the starting XI for the Gunners that day….

1 J. Lehmann
20 J. Djourou
27 E. Eboué
5 K. Touré
10 W. Gallas
19 Gilberto Silva
8 F. Ljungberg
7 T. Rosický
4 Fàbregas
13 A. Hleb
25 E. Adebayor

United, who were top of the League at the time, and went on to finish 21 points ahead of Arsenal in the final table, also had a great team out as usual, including Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes and with Louis Saha leading the line, And in fact Ole Gunnar Solksjaer came on in the second half to replace Rooney.

But we managed to shock everyone by holding United off for 85 minutes, and ten a brilliant piece of play from Cesc Fabregas ended up with him slipping a lovely short ball to Adebayor in the box and he made no mistake sliding the ball past Kuszczak to score the winner. Wenger quickly took off Adebayor and added Flamini to help keep Fergie’s team out for the last few minutes.

It was a great win, and here is an excellent short video to commemorate our brilliant win.



  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I really hope Emery and whatever players he chooses give their all on the pitch, because then we’ll be slipping away from them when we win.

    Also I read on the previous article someone questioning Wenger’s love for Arsenal and stating he stayed for money. First of all, any manager would be proud to manage United. I’m a football fan before I’m an Arsenal and the truth should always be spoken.
    Man Utd are probably the biggest English team on the planet, any manager would fancy the job. Wenger’s chapter with us is over, I see no reason to question why he might fancy the United job. His chapter is over with us, so does it mean he’s not allowed to try something totally different just because we’ll feel betrayed about it?
    Do we even have any right to feel betrayed with how musch disrespect we showed him? Respect is always earned, and if I’m being honest we lost his respect though it’s proper for us too because we wanted what was nest for our club. So right now if the man feels United’s job is good for him.
    Let him be. After all, him managing United doesn’t affect our 38 league games.
    BTW I think it’s also disrespectful vto say he stayed for money, as a human, you don’t stay and bottle up all the bullshït Arsenal fans throwed at him just because of money. It’s more than that.
    I’m just saying though, If he takes the United job, I’ll be happy for him, he’ll still be the greatest coach in our history until someone surpasses him

    1. Ddog says:

      Wenger at United ? I’m sorry, to me that’s insane. He will always be a legend at arsenal, but if he does that I think I would just have to laugh, it would be beyond betrayal, it would be just totally mad, parralell universe type Sh*t.

      1. Ausgooner says:

        Load of shit.
        The man has already said he would not manage another English club, but if he changes his mind then I say good for you prof. Several Arsenal legends played for other clubs after they were considered not up to the job, yet they are still legends.

      2. Eddie Hoyte says:

        So as Eternal fans we’re allowed to be selective, allowed to desire different coaches, but he’s not allowed the same opportunity?

        Take for instance someone who’s worked for Apple for most of Hus life, loses the job and Samsung comes with a job offer, he’s not allowed to accept it just because he was important to Apple?
        The double standard and level of hypocrisy the human posses is something else.
        BTW what should we care what job he takes? After all we wanted him gone, he’s gone and we’ve moved on

  2. Maks says:

    We will destroy ManUtd!
    I hope Emery brings an attacking team, without Mustafi, Xhaka and Sokratis.
    Go gunners!

  3. Bruno says:

    Unlike other fans, I am not to confident about going to Old Trafford, we always play like we are scared whenever we go there, and I am not expecting anything different on Monday either..
    We got lucky against villa , cc goal was pure luck and Auba’s free kick should have been disallowed. Fans are choosing to look at it as a brilliant second half performance but it wasn’t.
    We aren’t as good as we think we are performances against all the teams we have faced in the epl shows that..
    Another thing is that fans are placing too much pressure on the young man saka by overhyping him which will only back fire when he misses and important chance or costs us a game..
    Xhaka, ozil, Luiz are not the only reason we lose, it’s the team in general.
    We need to stop clouding our judgement with emotions

    1. Bobs says:

      Please can you tell me how CC goal was pure luck and Aston Villa goal was pure class.

      And Kindly tell me why Auba’s goal should be disallowed?

      And please tell me if you’re a troll or a fan

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