The latest defenders to be linked with Arsenal

One of the problem areas for Arsenal is our defence and it is no surprise to see us being linked with players that occupy those positions.

The Daily Mail is claiming that we are interested in 28-year-old Argentine Walter Kannemann. The Gremio centre-back is reported to have a £17 Million release clause which has brought him to the attention of a number of clubs, including Arsenal.

The report in the Mail names a long list of interested parties, including Atletico Madrid, Independiente, Flamengo, and Boca Juniors as well as unnamed Premier League clubs.

Another defender that we have been linked with is Ajax left-back Nicolas Tagliafico.

Tagliafico has broken into the Argentinian squad and has been putting in some excellent displays for Ajax this season, which has attracted of a whole host of interested clubs.

The thing is with these two players is that both are highly sought after, that does not mean that we will be unable to sign either of them but our chances are restricted due to our financial situation.

It is also very critical that we make the Champions League next season, not many players will choose a non playing Champions League side over one that is playing in Europe’s elite competition.

In my opinion I would say that our chances of signing either player are less than 50% and if I had to choose one more suited to us it would be Tagliafico.

That said, it would not be a great disappointment if we landed neither.


  1. Nicolas Tagliafico is a good defender,and very highly rated here in the Netherlands,his transfer value is around £25 million,but am not sure they will want to sell for anything less than that,have seen him play he’s very technical and has good stamina,but it’s been rumored that Barcelona already agreed personal terms with him.

  2. I,m fed up of people talking about our financial restrictions when in fact no one knows how much we will have to spend this summer unless someone knows something I don,t?we don,t know how many players will be sold and how much we will get,how much we,ll get from the europea league,what if we finish 4th(tv revenues),and future earnings from champions league.. .

    1. “I,m fed up of people talking about our financial restrictions when in fact no one knows how much we will have to spend this summer” Right, except when they have spoken about our budget in the past 2 transfer windows both times they turned out to be 100% accurate, so this information is quite clearly coming from a credible source.

  3. My sentiments exactly! Ppl make it seem as if we cant compete at all, like we need to go after players with zero interest from other clubs.
    Do u guys remember how we snap up Torreira? Its not as if all our players have no other option prior to signing with us, in fact, its been long since we were outbid on our main targets, i cant remember the last time, lets snap out of the nonsense pls.
    Last summer transfers werent bad, winters has always been quite for most clubs, i believe we will get our targets come next transfer window, 1marque signing and maybe 2-3replacements are my expectations

    1. “its been long since we were outbid on our main targets” That’s because we don’t even bother trying to go for the same people that the likes of Man City, Man U, Liverpool and Chelsea go for. None of the top 5 teams were after Torreria, they were all put off by his size.

      So, no, we we can’t compete with the clubs who have a near infinite transfer budget, hence why we had literally no money to spend in the Winter and only 70m in the summer.

      I mean, you wouldn’t expect Everton to be going for the top talent in the sport, would you? And we have even less money available than they do!

      1. You are ignoring the individual, gametime can be a big pull, some players will move for their career over a wage check.

  4. Your man Kennemann, I read that his release clause is closer to 10m. Simeone worked with him early on his career and he still rates him, he’s nicknamed the Viking. I’m not sure if he’ll have many suitors, does he even have a passport, I read that he just recently made it at International level, at 28 years of age or something. The fullback, he will be highly sought, 26 years of age, but why hasn’t someone seen it in him earlier, could be that he’s a late bloomer. We’ll see, I’d like to see some more of him first because right now I’m just going on what others have said, it might be that Ajax paid him well and that is why he is there at 26.

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