The latest development on fans return isn’t a good one

The return of fans to stadiums could be delayed for up to six months after the government’s latest stance on the movement and congregation of people in the country.

The Premier League has released a statement which in effect cast doubt over the return of fans to the stadiums next month.

The EPL had planned to see the fans return to the stadiums from the 1st of October, but the latest spike in coronavirus cases across the country has forced the government to put new strict measures in place.

Boris Johnson released a statement on Tuesday and made it clear that October 1 will no longer be a good time for fans to be welcomed back into the stadiums.

The Prime Minister said as quoted by The Mirror: “We have to acknowledge that the spread of the virus is now affecting our ability to reopen business conferences, exhibitions and large sporting events.

“So we will not be able to do this from October 1 and I recognise the implications for our sports clubs which are the life and soul of our communities, and my right honourable friends the Chancellor and the Culture Secretary are working urgently on what we can do now to support them.”

The Premier League is, however, still hopeful and confident that they can safely host the fans back in the stadiums.

They released a statement which reads: “The Premier League notes the government’s announcement today and while the health of the nation must remain everyone’s priority, we are disappointed that the safe return of supporters to matches has been postponed,” declared the statement.

“The Premier League is certain that, through League-wide guidelines and a code of conduct developed with scientific experts and agreed by the government’s Sports Ground Safety Authority, fans in stadiums will be as safe or even safer than at any other public activity currently permitted. This is already evident in other European leagues.

“Football is not the same without attending fans and the football economy is unsustainable without them. Last season, Premier League clubs suffered £700m in losses and at present, our national game is losing more than £100m per month.

“This is starting to have a devastating impact on clubs and their communities.

“We are confident that Premier League clubs, using innovative ways to get supporters safely back into grounds, will enable revenues to return to all levels of the game, as well as maintain solidarity arrangements, current tax contributions and financial support for local and national economies.

“We will continue to work with government to bring supporters safely back into grounds as soon as possible.”

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        1. How often are the players tested, Dan? Be interesting to see if we have any positive results after Saturday then….

        2. Arsenal say the news from West Ham tonight won’t change anything in terms of how they are operating. The bubble in place around the squad is designed to protect as best as it can from this type of situation. So everything carries on as normal for now.

          1. Think it’s one test before each match or every 7 days ,but not 100 % on that .
            Either way we played them 3 days ago so not sure how if any it would effect any of our players .

  1. Arsenal has benefited hugely from the covid shut down and empty stadiums. Arteta was gifted 3 months extra to prepare the team. The team had 3 months to recover which nullified the advantage teams like Sheffield United had who did not play European games. The season just died and with no crowds every game has become like a like a practise session which greatly helped the FA cup and Comm shield results. No crowds greatly suits the normally fragile Arsenal player mentality. Teams like Wolves and Sheffield United suffered terribly with out their crowd support but Arsenals home support is so weak our team is not affected. No crowds is a huge advantage for Arsenal so I now expect 2nd place at least for Arsenal.

    1. I do not agree and believe you have much overblown a very small advantage we had in that respect. As to second place, I have to laugh, really I do, as a total realist.

  2. What is abundantly clear is that Covid is going nowhere anytime soon Not til a widely used vaccine is found and that will be at the very least next Spring, if even then, before it can be in full operation.

    This season will be played – if it is at all , which must be in some doubt, as players are now being more and more found positive when tested – in empty stadiums and we need to accept that.

    Things will get worse before they get better and that is surely obvious to those who look soberly and fully at the situation as it is now.

    Financially, even the Prem, must to some extent, be at risk of folding , UNLESS and UNTIL government step in to assist, which I doubt they will do in any real sense.

    Clubs at Prem level can survive for a long time without fans, BUT that will have a steady detrimental effect on commercial contracts and shirt selling etc. TV money will not last for ever without fans and so the Prem is in a fight for its very survival, IF this pandemic is not conquered by next spring/ summer.

    God help the lower leagues, who largely exist on gate money and frankly, I fear for all the lower league clubs survival. A chilling but I BELIEVE A REALISTIC ANALYSIS.

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