The latest injury news means Arsenal can be confident of beating Liverpool

Why Arsenal Can Be Confident of Beating Liverpool! by AT

Going into Sunday’s clash against Liverpool, Arsenal have won four out of the last five games in all competitions and certainly look to be gathering vital momentum as the campaign nears the halfway point. Despite the humbling experience in the reverse fixture last season, the Gunners should be quietly confident of leaving Merseyside with all three points, not only because of the recent upsurge in form but also because of Liverpool continuing to misfire.

The Reds’ star frontman Daniel Sturridge continues to be sidelined by injury whilst Mario Balotelli has been has been suspended as a result of a ‘controversial’ tweet. Speaking in terms of the defence, big-money summer signing Dejan Lovren is expected to be out as a result of a groin injury he suffered in midweek, while Glen Johnson is confirmed to be out as a result of the same injury. The key player for Brendan Rodgers will definitely be Raheem Sterling and if the Arsenal backline can keep him quiet, Liverpool don’t have much else to offer offensively.

Speaking of the Arsenal backline, we can finally expect to see a non-makeshift defence, with Mathieu Debuchy having made his return and Callum Chambers returning from suspension. Further up the pitch, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is likely to be passed fit to start the game and Theo Walcott is set to make the bench for the big clash. Coming to form, Arsenal have the edge in that respect as well and will be confident of beating a Liverpool side that has made a far worse start to the campaign, as you can see by their 11th place standing in the Premier League table.

Quite honestly, there is no doubt in my mind that our attack can cut open the Reds’ defence and score. If we manage to keep our defensive discipline and keep a close eye on Sterling, there is no reason why we cannot avenge last season’s humiliating defeat. However, the boys should be quietly confident and not overly so. With Arsene Wenger’s side having the edge in so many aspects, I expect the team to beat Liverpool at Anfield and quite possibly break into the top four as well.

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  1. And remind me how well we cut the makeshift ManU defence apart a few weeks ago? If Wenger and the players are thinking like the author we will be in for a long afternoon.

    1. Did you not watch the game? cause it sure sounds like you didn’t, we cut them open like butter we were creating chance after chance pinning them back in their own 18 yard box. Finishing chances and creating them are two different things

  2. Really hope Özil is back soon too. Him, Walcott and Alexis need to be on the same pitch together. It’s sad that he’s played so few games with either of them, and never both together.

    1. I wanna see alexis,ozil, walcott, and giroud on the field together so bad. To me those 4 in our attack makes us formidable and so balanced. You have pace on the wings, the trickery and dribbling of sanchez, the vision and technical ability of ozil, walcott who can finish, cross and assist, and giroud who provides physicality, hold up play, and can tap in crosses.

      And also we can easily play our possession game with those 4 but then have a quick outlet pass in walcott (which we haven’t had with him out).

      1. I agree, I think it would be a great attack force. I think it’s a shame that so many gooners have made their minds up about Özil this season. He’s only played two games in his No. 10 role – we won both games (3-0 and 4-1) and he got assists in both. Yes he wasn’t great in most games, but he was played out wide for some reason. He has to be central to influence the game. I think if we had Özil, Walcott, Alexis and Giroud as our front four, we’d rival any attack in the league, and yes that includes Man City and Chelsea. We just need to work on the defensive side to our game..

  3. We need to raise our standards and level of trust in our Team, we should beat Liverfool without counting on how many Players they have injured nor how many setbacks they had lately, we should be confident that we could beat them even if Suarez was still playing for them….Hope WENGER redeems himself and get us out of this state of mind when we get to every game looking at our adversaries weaknesses instead of our Team Strength….GO GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You hit in on the head @AT, I’m not worried about our offense its the defensive side that concerns me with no kosc. I think we will score goals for sure even with no walcott or ozil.

    But what i disagree with is you sound glad that johnson and lovren aren’t playing, I would’ve LOVED for them to play lovren and johson are garbage.

  5. why are we being so cocky and noisy going into this liverpool game?…….. All cuz their squad looks shitty, out of form and/or injured (i knw we are too)…. Lets just cool our heads….huh!

  6. Sort of want Lovren to play against us. He’s been one of Liverpool’s worse players and Rodgers keeps playing him. Anyways, BBC Sport is saying Sanogo is going to go on loan this January, most likely to an EPL club. About time since hes not going to get any better by just staying here.

  7. Yes only need Sterling to be injured and we are on a home run…friggin pathetic article relying on opposition misfortunes to win a game!

    Out of running for the EPL…for most fans the thrill is gone!

  8. lesson here is to hammer Liverpool so hard and convincingly without conceding a single goal such that next time we meet, they base their chances of winning on our weak links as they overlook their own strength. that is Chelsea’s key weapon against the rest of the Epl sides and M.Untd’s weapon against arsenal

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