The league table since Arteta and Ancelotti arrived gives Arsenal food for thought

Everton have enjoyed an impressive bounce under former Arsenal target Carlo Ancelotti.

Arsenal faced a big dilemma when it came to replacing Unai Emery earlier this season – go with the bigger name in the hope of immediate success, or put their faith in a rookie who could be the next big thing in a carefully crafted long-term project.

In the end, the Gunners went with the latter, poaching their former captain Mikel Arteta from Pep Guardiola’s coaching staff at Manchester City on the 20th of December. A day later, Carlo Ancelotti was announced as a big-name hire for Everton.

This followed a report from the Sun that linked Arsenal as admirers of the experienced Italian tactician, though they suggested Everton were ahead in the running, with our club hierarchy’s minds perhaps already made up by that point.

Has this backfired? Well, see this interesting graphic below, posted by reddit user SuperAllegriV3…

This is the Premier League table since both managers took their current jobs, which, as mentioned above, came at pretty much exactly the same time.

There are Everton, up in second place behind only Liverpool with four wins, two draws and just one defeat in seven games.

Arteta’s Arsenal, meanwhile, languish in 13th with just the solitary win, four draws, and one defeat.

It’s only been a few games, so we’ll see how things look later in the season, but it could perhaps serve as a little warning to Arsenal that their big gamble isn’t paying off.

While it’s admirable to try to build something around a new up-and-coming coach brimming with ideas and having learned from the best, sometimes it might also be sensible to go with the three-time Champions League winner if he’s available.


  1. Arteta will improve greatly he is playing his part well. The players he trust should up their game or be dropped.

    No dig on Ozil but I have to say, Mustafi and Xhaka has improved under Arteta so he should do like wise or be dropped.

  2. Seriously, i would have preferred we going for experience rather than prospect. Let us still give Arteta ample time to work his magic, but my instinct tells me this Arsenal job may later be a job too big for him

  3. Arteta was the cheapest way to replace Emery while also bringing fans back in hope land back, filling up stadium.

    A good old Kroenke trick, until stadium empty as for Frankfurt; Arteta won’t be scared. It’s not about Arsenal, coach nor us fans, but the money generated by Kroenke!

    Spurs are also above us, we were also linked to Mourinho!!!

    But he is 15M, Ancelloti 10M, bot +bonuses. Arteta is 5M! We know it can’t be any bonus, unless there’s one for surviving relegation fight we in!

    But no one even aware of that fact, I hear Arteta & people talk about top4 race still achievable!!!

    It has been very tuff for Man U to get their ship flowing and still not stable. You don’t replace such a figure as Sir Alex so easily; he is still there, asking for Koulibaly next year. Pelegrini on target.

    Until Arsenal fans do not stay home but in stadium; Kroenke will suck it all up and sell when we are falling appart; we are and been drastically for 18 months! He is already looking into selling; before value collapses!

  4. We are where we at and going with an assistant coach promoted to coach with no experience as first coach.

    He is there to prepare players for coach and games, good at it but didn’t and can’t pick a team & tac tic for that!

  5. We are where we at and going with an assistant coach promoted to coach with no experience as first coach.

    He is there to prepare players for coach and games, good at it but didn’t and can’t pick a team & tac tic for that!

    So, what next, he is getting fired and we still keep him in staff Freddy?

    No, we should bring Wenger back ages ago and have him team up with Wenger! Run and scream around pitch, be with players and let Boss sit and save us from this complete fall out!

    1. Please, Mogunna, make some sense. Wenger? He’s the one that started the slide in the first place. Money had nothing to do with why Arteta was appointed. Do you have any real evidence that it did have? Ancelotti inherited a reasonable mid-table type squad at Everton. He has much easier job than Mikel has with the completely demotivated bunch he found at the Emirates. Give him some slack. The comparison in the table is statistically completely useless and meaningless.

      1. Mogunna – the statute of time has now run out on Wenger – he is old news now and the Wenger you are thinking of was gone about a decade ago.

        I think that we should bring back George Graham or ________ (insert name of other old and retired Arsenal coach).

        Lets focus on present and future. There is no future for Wenger, nor should there be…

  6. Before emery was sacked or even in the last 2 years of arsene wenger,we were crying for someone to help our defence.It was the end that kept us haunting from challenging the titles.

    But since MA took over the defence has super improved,the so called mediocre players,stupid error prone players,past their best players(i didnt call them any of those) have done a great job.The shots and goals we concede has dropped significantly.

    So please give him time to sort the attack as well,he is trying to get the balance and it will come.

    Trust the process
    There is more to football than numbers


    1. Well said, Shakir, I agree fully. Some people want and insist on instant results. I’m seeing progress, and am prepared to wait for more.

  7. Arteta has to ditch the under performing show ponies, that are supposed to be our saviour and concentrate on youth that he can mould first. Until he grows some and actually drops players not doing their jobs he will struggle with the fans and acceptance of the results. I could accept where we are now with Arteta if he had dropped experienced players for underperforming but so far he hasn’t and while the youth are giving him everything, some of the older players are not stepping up. I do expect less reliance on the underperformers in the run to the end of the season and a change to energetic willing youth, even if they make mistakes. Artetas plus is we have looked more together, the minus is his ability to change in games, his reliance on “names” not performance and the fact we have not got the results we should and could of. It was and is a gamble to bring in a rookie, when immediate results and change was needed. So far he has not brought the “change” about but we need as a club results and fast. The squad as far as i am concerned is under performing.

  8. I do not agree with this statistics as the environment the two coaches are working is not the same. Everton do not have a toxic Emirate environment created by formal Arsenal coach. Also, before Anceloti came on board, the last interim Everton coach already got the team improved and they were playing well with less injury.
    Arteta met an injury laden team. And Arsenal are playing a lot better technically than Anceloti team. The wins will soon come.

  9. am not worried at all. let the manager do his job. he is going to improve the team. no doubt about it but if by any chance you think it is going to be done within a month, find another team to support.

  10. If this is the level of analizing progress from fans, we should stop analizing. This is so amatourish use of numbers its only feeding the agry, frustrated and not constructiv part of Arsenal fans.

    Arsenal have a cultural problem. Ancelotti would be at the same or worse place if he took over Arsenal.

    Much better use of this blogg would be to pull together. Be positive. Support. Because the cultural problem we have will need a long time to resolve. And I for one support Arteta 100%! We are lucky to have one of the most talented young managers entering the arena in a long time!

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