The Liverpool blueprint that Arsenal can follow to achieve success

Liverpool has become the model of consistency in the past three years.

After going 30 years without a league crown, Liverpool is set to win the Premier League this season and they could even end the season unbeaten.

The Reds are the current world and European champions but their recent success didn’t happen overnight.

Jurgen Klopp’s men have systematically planned their success and they have consistently implemented their strategies which have resulted in their recent glory. Here are some things Arsenal can learn from the Reds.

Stay Consistent in support of your manager

It took Jurgen Klopp about four years to win his first trophy for Liverpool but the Reds never at any point made it look like he was going to get sacked.

Instead, they consistently backed him and gradually helped him get rid of players he didn’t want and get his own players in, this culminated in the success they are enjoying today.

Arsenal should give Mikel Arteta a good number of years and back the Spaniard to implement his vision.

Splash the cash on important areas

Liverpool had been very close to being the complete team but they lacked a good goalie and a defender.

The Reds went into the market and splashed over £100 million on Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker.

The duo has helped them to become the success they are. Arsenal needs to get the cheque book out and make big signings in key areas, in time to come, these signings would bring the desired success.

Think longterm

Liverpool’s owners and fans are notoriously patient. Despite the failure to bring in trophies in his first few years, Klopp was never afraid of the sack because the club clung on to their long term plan.

Arsenal has to draw one up and hold it close to themselves. Stay with it, invest in it, and give it time to come to fruition.

With a long term plan in place, Arteta will build his team under less pressure and the success they eventually achieved would easily be replicated for a long time.

Replace players with better ones

Liverpool lost a player of Philippe Coutinho’s quality and they invested the money on a top defender.

The Reds also lost Emre Can and they replaced him with Fabinho who is better and even more expensive.

In the coming months, some Arsenal players will leave, the Gunners would be smart if they replace them with top quality players.

I believe in the future of Arsenal but success never happens overnight and I hope that the Gunners will come up with a solid plan that can mirror the one at Liverpool.


  1. Innit says:

    Really happy for Liverpool fc.
    It’s great to see them finally win the PL
    Liverpool is my 2nd favourite team after Arsenal

    Klopp is a fantastic manager
    A Champions league and Premier League title back to back

  2. GB says:

    I know you’ve explained before about changes to this site but 14 articles already today? Sorry, but too many for me.
    This place has been a bit like a drug at times to me and now you’re pushing it harder.
    Sorry for the analogy but I’m going into rehab now to reduce my addiction.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      You do know you can pick and choose which articles to read or not read.

  3. georgie b says:

    @Innit….my second favorite team is Norwich, go figure! It’s not likely I’ll leave the states anytime soon but Norwich sounds like such a great city to visit.

  4. Splash what cash exactly? Are Arsenal fans going to get together and come up with 100 million? Arsenal fans can be a wretched lot, there are a lot of extremely negative, unsupportive fans out there and patience is definitely not their virtue. Given the choice between supporting the club when there is a good chance of winning silverware (Remember 2013/14) or attacking the club and making their voices heard, we all know they prefer to be heard and seen on social media. Sadly this type of garbage fair-weather fan, led by personalities on AFTV like Troops–who takes great delight in personally attacking our own players, are people we are stuck with. The media love these controversial characters who create plentiful click-bait drama for their cheap tabloid headlines, so their voices are amplified far above those of people who actually support the players and club. Real supporters will have to try twice as hard to be heard and lend support to players. We’ll likely have to attack and shame people like Troopz mercilessly in order to prevent total collapse. #ArtetaIn #AFTVOut

  5. Durand says:

    What exactly is a “real” supporter? One who blindly follows and dares not question or criticize? Should we have supported UE despite his failures to motivate and improve us?

    One person’s supporter is another person’s lemming. I much prefer vigorous debate among our differences in an effort to seek improvement, rather than a blind mob following lock step behind a pied piper.

    I live in the States but can’t attend matches. I watch every match available on tv, buy merchandise, and read and digest all I can find on our club. Am I considered a “real” supporter even I disagree and even criticize some of their decision making?

    Let’s stop psychoanalyzing one another, and be happy we share a love for the badge; isn’t that enough?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      👍 Well said, Durand!

  6. Gunnerphilic says:

    One of the best recipes for success for Arsenal I’ve ever read. All the most important bases and issues covered. No bullsh*ting. Good stuff Admin. Good stuff.

    @Stephan, you took the words out of my mouth. Like you read my comment about what Sean Dyche said in the article on Just Arsenal. Your comment above sounds really good. 100%.

    You are either a fan of this club and are ready to give 100% support, moral or immoral, logical or illogical.

    At this time, we need to psycho analyse (borrowing shamelessly from @Durand above) and make our voices heard everywhere. The groundswell of negativity against Arsenal, over the years, is overwhelming. It’s as if we are the worst club on Earth,and I know we are not.

    When your ‘objectivity’ is hurting the club, giving cheap support to the detractors and enemies of the club you claim to love, then you need to decide whose side you’re really on. Except if you don’t see how you’re hurting the club by pointing out its faults and washing the dirty linen in public.

    Good talk Admin. You made it worth my time and effort reading this.

  7. Jd says:

    That was good analysis but u know how the people at arsenal thinks, they would always replace top talent with less talent, I don’t think arsenal in this new era really want to win or be an elite club anymore, u will need investment to be up there, u can only assess this traits with the owners ambition, the kronkers would Rather arsenal are a middle table team that would flirt with relegation but remains in the PL just to cream of the ever depleting funds and eventually would be forced to sell

  8. lilytan says:

    This blueprint is an open secret. But implementing it is another different story. Klopp clearly improved liverpool year by year despite not winning any trophy at first. The supporters saw this and thats why they were patient. Cant say the same with UE. Other clubs splash cash as well to bring players in but didnt have the same success as liverpool. Liverpool did their homework when buying players and klopp patiently groomed them to suit his style of play. Some of them like fabinho took some time to adapt. It is not easy at all.

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