Is the Liverpool victory just a little too late for Arsenal?

Liverpool victory not as nice as it should be! by Shenel Osman

As uplifting as it was to beat the Champions Liverpool on Wednesday evening, I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness as well. Because if I am honest it has all come a little too late!

There is no denying that we have had our share of issues over the past few years, who hasn’t. And yes our boys produced a dominant display in the “near” win against Spurs and a very defensive performance in the win against Liverpool. At times you can see the real potential they have under Arteta, but near wins and inconsistent performances don’t get us the results and won’t get us to the top of the table.

But the question that has been burning inside of me is where were these performances before Wednesday? The players are still the same, the only difference is the manager, but if the players have that talent and ability then why should it matter who the manager is? Players haven’t had the same manager throughout their lives, but their playing style and ability has pretty much remained the same, if not improved as they have got older.

Although it has come too late it does make me proud to say our boys have beaten Liverpool, and it makes me laugh to see the way every pundit and Liverpool player were shocked to realise that they lost to Arsenal, a mid-table team. Well I guess it can’t compare to losing to relegation battlers Watford and losing the possible Invincible title they were chasing.

Going forward though I hope that we can continue the dominant displays we have been showing lately with positive results and now push on to finish the season on a high wherever possible. I would also like to see the team taking snippets from the games against Spurs, Norwich, Wolves and the Liverpool victory, put them together, and go forward to next season to become a real competitor in the league and cups, because that is the least that we deserve. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Why does it matter who the manager is? Because he motivates the players, because he coaches the players, because he dictates how he wants the game played and the tactics. Yes players should be self motivated, especially with the amount they get paid but suggesting whoever the manager is doesn’t matter is wrong and we are steadily improving because of Arteta not despite him.

  2. Please realise that the Liverpool players have been on ‘holiday’ since winning the league. It’s been 2 years of near faultless football so it was to be expected. See if you can beat us next season when it matters. And when we hopefully don’t gift you two goals))

    1. Hahahahahaha excuses, excuses…all ‘great’ teams find a way to win, whether they’ve clinched the title or not – just ask the Invincibles…
      Well if we don’t next season, I’m sure City or Watford will 😂😂😂😂
      Watching Alisson perform like Karius and VVD like Lovren was beautiful…. thanks for that 😉

      1. Are u seriously making fun of Liverpool?? I’m pretty sure the table currently reads Liverpool 93, Arsenal 53. What is that…40 points???
        Even the Invincibles would be behind us with the 90 points they finished with…ha ha ha!!

        1. Yes I am 😂😂 well at least we (Invincibles) did it all by ourselves… we didn’t have to rely on VAR or the officials to help us out…
          There’ll be another badge on your shirt next season, right? – VAR matters! Hahaha!

          1. I’m pretty sure there’s another site out there that will accommodate you…one that actually gives a monkeys… now as much as I’d love to stay and have you lording it over me all day… I have to go and find ‘mommy’ 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Challenge accepted, Michael and a big congratulations on an epic season. Amazing Liverpool fans have been waiting years and deserve all celebrations!

      1. Thank you Sean and best of luck to you too. I’ve always liked Arsenal – even when Henry and co were walloping our butts every season – and I think Arteta is a good man. Just give him time.

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