The look on the faces of Ozil and Guendouzi are quite revealing

Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi are two players who have been far away from the Arsenal first team in recent weeks.

However, both midfielders are still under contract with the club and it is understandable that they were asked to model the club’s new home kit that was recently launched, but both players really don’t look happy in them.

Ozil has struggled to convince Arteta to trust him at the club, and the German hasn’t played a minute since the Premier League returned.

Guendouzi had won back a place in the team after the restart, but his antics against Brighton and his attitude, in general, have forced Arteta to axe him from the first-team setup.

The Frenchman’s future is up in the air just like that of Ozil and when both players were asked to model the Arsenal new home kit, it looked as if it was hard for them to hide their unhappiness.

Guendouzi cut a very serious figure as he joined his teammates to model the new Arsenal kit for next season.

Ozil didn’t have a smile on his face either. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang also modelled the strip with them, and although his future is also uncertain, the Gabon striker appeared to be a happier man as he grinned in most of his images.

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  1. I never buy kits with players name on it but this time I am gonna buy one with Ozil name on it and I will cherish it.

    I am not and never been a fan of Ozil as a player. I have become a fan of Ozil for his humanity.

  2. Is it me only me thinking our Arsenal home kits are always the best in the world? (The Puma ones don’t count they were an accident)

    1. Who could forget that horrible green (third) kit by Puma??!! Absolutely gross……
      Much prefer Adidas… Look at City’s third kit with Puma – that is just as rank 😂

  3. Guendozi seems upset as he cannot get game time, Ozil looks sad as his contract is running down and same time next year he wont be getting his precious salary (for the precious little he did since the contract extension) and Auba seems happy as he is either off to Barca or stays here with a much needed salary increase.

  4. Great looking kit but look at other pictures of the players, they always look like that 🤔.
    Auba always smiling, Ozïl face like his back hurts and Guendouzi a face like a smacked arse.

  5. If Wenger was still the Manager, we were going to produce a world class player from Gouendouzi. Wenger knew how to guide this youngsters, unlike Arteta who is acting like army commander

    1. Wenger pampered his youngsters too much, it worked in cases where the players were lacking confidence in themselves or needed a strong moral support. It backfired spectacularly when the players are arrogant and stupid like guendouzi.

      His attitude is deplorable and if he cannot respond to a calm authority figure like arteta then he can go waste his potential somewhere else. Arteta is the pope compared to simeone who is a real example of army commander.

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