The details of Arsenal’s new Blockbuster sponsorship deal with Emirates

Arsenal’s Blockbuster Deal with Emirates: A Game-Changer for the Gunners

In a groundbreaking development, Arsenal Football Club has sealed an extraordinary sponsorship deal with Emirates, set to redefine the landscape of football sponsorship.

The new agreement with is set to surpass a staggering £60 million (€70 million) annually, starting from the 2024/2025 season. This monumental figure represents a remarkable 50% increase compared to their previous deal, which was valued at £40 million a year.

The details of the deal include enticing incentives of several million pounds for capturing the coveted Premier League and UEFA Champions League titles. These added rewards offer the club even more motivation to achieve excellence on the pitch, further fueling their ambitions for success.

To secure such a massive increase, Arsenal strategically assessed the value of individual sponsorship assets, skillfully embedding them in the current sponsorship market reality. Notably, a significant portion of the contract focuses on the training kit, contributing a much larger percentage to the overall deal compared to their 2018 agreement.

Arsenal’s benchmark for this sponsorship venture was drawn from other top Premier League clubs, all of whom have recently signed lucrative training kit deals. Figures ranged from £8 million for Tottenham Hotspur’s deal with Getir to a whopping £20 million for Liverpool’s collaboration with AXA, which includes naming rights to their training ground. Additionally, Manchester United’s partnership with Tezos amounted to an impressive £24 million per year.

Based on these comparisons, the Gunners assessed their training kit’s value at an estimated £10 million to £15 million annually, contributing significantly to the total sponsorship deal. Consequently, assets related to match jerseys are projected to be worth between £45 million to £50 million per year, underlining the club’s enormous global appeal and market value.

This renewed partnership with Emirates will catapult Arsenal’s shirt sponsorship deal to become the second-highest in the Premier League, trailing only Manchester City’s £80 million per year collaboration with Etihad Airways, which encompasses both front-of-shirt sponsorship and naming rights to the stadium and campus.

The new deal places Arsenal ahead of other football giants like Liverpool, whose partnership with Standard Chartered is currently valued at just over £50 million, and Manchester United, whose association with TeamViewer amounts to £47 million annually.

Furthermore, Arsenal’s partnership with Emirates will rival the prestigious deals of other European powerhouses. On par with Real Madrid’s €70 million annual sponsorship agreement, signed last year, the Gunners are poised to surpass Paris Saint-Germain’s arrangement with Qatar Airways, which is worth over €65 million per year.

The Emirates logo will continue to grace the front of Arsenal’s men’s, women’s, and academy shirts, preserving the iconic branding associated with the airline and the club.

The partnership, which began in July 2006, is now set to continue until at least 2028, marking an impressive 22-year collaboration between the two entities.

The announcement of this monumental deal has sent shockwaves through the footballing world, affirming Arsenal’s global status and financial prowess.

With this renewed partnership, the Gunners will undoubtedly be equipped to make bold moves in the transfer market and strengthen their squad, propelling them towards a new era of success and glory.

As the Emirates-Arsenal partnership reaches new heights, fans worldwide eagerly await the impact it will have on the club’s ambitions and the thrilling battles that lie ahead on the hallowed grounds of the Emirates Stadium.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. This argues well for our marketing strategies, we must now go on and match that with performances on the pitch.

  2. It seems that our sponsor has a great deal of interest in our shirt sales 😊😊😊 and I’m sure our club does too 😂😂😂
    I bet our players keep an eye on who’s name appears to be attracting the most attention as well 😁😁😁
    Brilliant piece of work by the club…. those shirt selling geniuses are doing the club proud 👍👍👍

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