“The main thing is to keep this Arsenal team together”

It has been an historic season for Arsenal. We have earned more points than last year but were demoted from 2nd to 5th for the first time under Arsene Wenger. Also we have finished below our biggest rivals Tottenham for the first time. And Wenger has an opportunity to break the record of FA Cup wins by any manager ever.

So how are the Gunners going to aim for improvement next season? According to Petr Cech it hasn’t been such a bad year and the most important thing for next season is to keep this team together. He said after yesterday’s game: “If you have one off year in 20 years, it’s not a problem,”

“I think the club has a strong foundation, strong organisation and everything to be out for one year and come back straight in, like Chelsea did last season. I think it helped them not to be involved [in Europe] this season, because they could keep all their energy for the league.

“I think next season we need to respect every competition, as we’ve always done, carry on the momentum, trying to win as many games and keep the team together. I think that’s the main [thing], you need to keep the team together and try to strengthen it in areas the manager would like to. Then we’ll be ready to go again.

“Obviously February and March was the period where we dropped some points unnecessarily. I think as well in the big games, last season we got the most points from the top six or the top four, and this season we haven’t done so well.

“We had four more points than last year, so we improved in terms of our points total. But the others had a great season and it was not enough to be in the top four.”

So is Cech right? Do we only need to keep this team together with a couple of additions to do well next season? Will it help us to be out of the Champions League?


  1. gotanidea says:

    In the last season, the top Premiere League teams were not stable. In this season, Arsenal showed very little improvement.

    Keeping the same standard quality players together will not be useful. Arsenal surprised some teams by changing the formation at the end of this season, but the same teams will not be surprised anymore next season. This is why building Arsenal with better quality players are more important than sticking to the underperforming players.

    I see that many Arsenal players rely too much on their physicalities than the technical aspects of the game. Many of them cannot handle heavy pressure. If you paid attention to Arsenal’s last few games, players like Ozil, Xhaka and Ramsey could show their skills when the opponents are not too motivated and reduce their pressure.

    I hope Arsenal will get better players that can utilize tight spaces better, able to release themselves from heavy pressure and able to improve Arsenal’s football level.

  2. muff d says:

    usmanov you need to put a bid of real merit in
    stop low ballin’

    we need to keep pressing about stan, his son is talking to him

    Matt Scott‏ talksport :
    Shock news: Kroenke camp said to be wavering over Usmanov bid. Hearing his son, Josh, and two #AFC board members are pressuring him to sell.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Reports have suggested that Usmanov is preparing to double his offer to 2 Billion pounds.
      Let’s hope that Josh is bored with his toy and would rather return back to the USA, to play with his ponies instead.

      1. Janssen says:

        Don’t believe the reports. It is likely initial reports of an offer based on a value of £1.0 are correct if a bid took place. If Usmanov were to increase his bid he will increase it to £1.1 or £1.2 but not much more. The club without CL football and its two world-class players is not worth that much. £ 1.0 is already a fair offer and £1.2 would be a premium to the current value and only worth it to Usmanov if he has another £300 million laying around to invest in the club that has been ruined in the last few years with poor investments in the squad and having allowed the squad to age too much.

    2. Juhi McLovin says:

      Two billions would see Kronky triple his investment under 10 years. Plus all the money he has already milked out of it.

      He’d be a fool to refuse.

      1. muff d says:

        A statement from Kroenke’s Denver-based Sports and Entertainment holding company reads: ‘KSE UK, Inc notes the recent media speculation concerning its shareholding in Arsenal Holdings PLC and confirms that its shares are not, and never had been, for sale.

        ‘KSE is a committed, long term invester in Arsenal and will remain so.’

        WE ARE SCREWED!!

        1. Juhi McLovin says:

          I wouldn’t look too much into it.. Of course they will state somehing like that.

          It’s not like they were going to say “Hey, we are open for business Big Usma, just offer us more of that dough, C.R.E.A.M!”

          1. muff d says:


        2. Nebsy says:

          Never HAVE BEEN is not the same as never WILL BE. So, let’s all hope there’s an opening for a ridiculous bid that the scummy lizard person satan kroenke can accept.
          I wish him every cancer in the world in any case, the ruiner of sport clubs, I hope he squirms in pain in his death bed.

          1. Admin says:

            You are a very sick individual.

  3. bran99 says:

    the team have always been kept together, same crop of players will always reward you with the same show as long as the leader of that group is the same and only old arrogant man.. this means he is staying, goodbye to EPL and UCL. we are where we rightly should have been all along, midtable team like Everton and co.

  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Basically, what Cech is saying – is that he wants to remain number one at Arsenal ??
    When Chelsea won the Europa league, Cech said that he never wants to play in that competition again, yet recently he stated that its all good ? and that there’s no shame in playing in it.?

    Wenger: “We are one or two quality signings away from competing for the premiere league title and qualifying for the champions league”

    ??Oh, Fork me, gently. This Conte wannabe is going back to basics.

  5. giveusamiracle says:

    Only Sanogo will be let go.
    Sanchez might leave.
    Ospina might go.
    Everyone else is going to stay
    because they all get fat salaries with no pressure to win anything.
    The club needs to let the two major dead woods go.
    Kroenke and Wenger.
    But Kroenke won’t go because he knows his shares are worth zillions
    so he can bide his time and sell when he feels he can max his profit.
    Wenger at 68 years of age is selfishly holding on to his 8 mill quid salary
    putting his own personal greed before millions of Arsenal fans.
    Two greedy old bast##ds holding the club to ransom.
    Wenger + kroenke please just Fe#k off.

  6. Yossarian says:

    I don’t understand why people keep trying to argue that despite finishing lower in the table, having a higher points total this season somehow represents progress.

    What’s better – Finishing 3rd on 82 points (Like Chelsea ’13-’14) or finishing 1st on 81 points (Like Leicester ’15-’16?)

    Exactly. Lets stop pretending that 75 points this season is “Progress” because it isn’t.

  7. Scoobie says:

    Im a gooner through and through but this season hasnt been any different from the last however many seasons. We expect so much but realistic were punching above our weight. We’re living on past glories and reminiscing stuff that happened over a decade ago and in danger of turning into the new Liverpool bragging about stuff that happened years ago. Something needs to change. I don’t believe getting rid of Wenger is the answer. Look at Man Utd, Fergie went and they got the best up and coming manager in moyes who did really good at Everton but look how that turned out. Then they got van gaal who had been to massive clubs and done really well but After spending millions and still couldnt turn it around. Now with mourniho still no better. So I’m not really sure the best course of action to take. But something needs to done… maybe dropping out of the champions league will do us a favour… we’ve been in it however many years and no closer to winning it… what are we going to miss… the anthem?

    Off topic: congratulations to Kolo Toure for going undefeated for a second time. Massive achievement doing it at Arsenal and Celtic

  8. Twig says:

    Agree. We need to build the team around Chambers, Asano, Sanogo, Jenkinson and Holding. They’re the future of the club.

    1. Taxi4Wenger says:


  9. gooner4life says:

    Hi Nebsy,
    I think your comments are disgraceful no one should wish cancer on anyone irrespective of how we feel about that person.

  10. Janssen says:

    If you ask me when Cech says we need to keep the team together it means one of two things:

    1. He means we need to keep Sanchez and Ozil. Hard to argue with that because without one marquee name in our squad it will be harder to recruit other top players.

    2. He has figured out Wenger and knows if he just repeats what Wenger says he has a bigger chance to extend his career since Wenger loves players and fans who don’t think for themselves or express a differing opinion.

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