The man being lined up to replace Wenger at Arsenal?

Many Arsenal fans have been calling for years for the club to get rid of Arsene Wenger as the man in charge. And maybe if the Frenchman had failed to qualify for the Champions League one year or even if the players had not managed to overturn a 2-0 deficit to beat Hull City and win the FA cup in May, they might have got their wish.

But the end of the trophy drought and perhaps the loosening of the transfer purse strings has led to Wenger being offered and accepting three more years at the Arsenal helm. As Ivan Gazidis admitted recently, the club is worried about who they could get to replace the longest serving manager in English football and the problems that other clubs have had with new managers has certainly not eased their fears.

So it seems as though the club will need to be absolutely convinced they have the right man to take over before Wenger steps aside and the Prof himself is apparently fully involved in this plan, according to a Daily Star report. And the article claims that the right man may have already been identified as Paul Clement.

The 42-year old English coach is currently assisting Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid after following him from PSG. He has also worked at various levels at Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers, Ireland and Fulham after beginning his ciaching career at 23 when he realised he was never going to reach higher than non-league football as a player.

He is, however, one of the most highly regarded coaches in the world, yet is still to take full charge of a club. So if he is being lined up to replace Wenger at Arsenal, it may not be for some time yet and he may have to prove himself as a full manager first.

So it looks like we might as well get behind Wenger as we may not have a lot of choice. And maybe the struggles of David Moyes last season and then the same for Louis van Gaal and Brendan Rodgers this time suggest that this might not be such a bad thing for the Gunners. And we definitely don’t want to become a revolving door club for managers like the spuds.

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  1. Ronny331 says:

    I’m all for a young manager but Paul Clement, really? Not sure about this at all. Either way I’d like to hear our managerial handover startegy soon. The less time the new manager has with wenger maybe better?

    1. BLIGH says:

      Personally I would like Laudrup as a coach,his style looks pretty well as Klopp style and he is available.

      1. davidnz says:

        Yes Laudrup at 51 years old
        would have been ideal for Arsenal.
        Brilliant player, proven manager
        in Europe and in the EPL.
        Should have been snapped up by Utd
        but they were too comfortable and
        chose Moyes who was not really
        top class more a battler.
        Laudrup is in the gulf staes
        but really just waiting.
        Hopefully Arsenal will call him
        sooner rather than later.

    2. goonerbri says:

      Them man who WILL replace Arsene will be the man who replaced him at grampus 8. Dragan Stojković. he has been lined up as a replacement for a few years yet. he is primed in the arsenal mold and will in 2 years time be our next manager.

    3. arsenal207 says:

      many fans here have insisted that Wenger should be fired and replaced by Jurgen Klopp. I wonder have Wenger ever lost 6 out of 9 games in the league? Like Klopp is doing now? I don’t say Wenger is better but if Klopp do the same thing to Arsenal, will you go crazy again and call for his head????

  2. bazooka says:

    I personally still back our manager. No manager is capable of handling the team right now and I am scared that if he is to leave, the team would crumble like manu or liverpool.. Anyway, I admit that he needs help in the transfer market, so please someone help the old man buy his carrot.

    1. bazooka says:

      Anyway, we really do need improvement on the squad especially in the defending department..
      Hummels in, Mertesacker benched
      Dani Alves in
      Arteta out, Schneiderlin in
      Flamini out, Carvalho in
      Giroud out, Cavani in

      Oh how I wish dreams really do come true..

      1. JDodge says:

        Thank God no one like you is managing the team. You’re ideas will make the team even worse than it already is.

        Dani Alves? LOL, no thanks, i hear QPR might be interested though.
        Schneiderlin and Carvalho? Only need 1 cdm.

        1. bazooka says:

          LOL I was just wondering about how our lack of individual quality could be improved, and that’s just a wild dream.. Anyway, Alves would be a good recruit, no? He has quality and is old so wouldnt hinder the progress of Bellerin..

        2. juhislihis says:

          In the terms of not-overspending and what we actually /need, I think pretty soon we will be needing of 2 CDM’s or preferrably 1 CDM&1 CM. Diaby’s and Arteta’s contracts will end in the summer of 2015. It would be idiotic to give them extensions. About Flamini I’m not sure if it’s ending 2015 as well.

          So one CDM would do perfectly this January and another midfielder in the summer. Rabiot for free? Khedira for free and for pay as you play contract (though he will never accept it)? But my definite choice would be Schneiderlin, surely he’s changed his mind to play with Pocchettino and his group of mickeymouses.

      2. Mick The Gooner says:

        Nice and loyal to the players that are loyal to our club I see. As soon as they’re fading from the first 11, cash in? Arteta, Giroud and Flamini are good players to have i the squad, even if they’re not first choice.

    2. goldfish27 says:

      Some fans are afraid of change and new ideals…plS wenger is not the ultimate in the world many are better than him in all ramifications…embrace change and let Arsenal move forward..Wenger out still goes on

    3. SaveArsenal says:

      That is nonsense, there are a lot of managers who can do a better job than Wenger.
      Have you not been watching Arsenal play? Slow one dimensional football lacking incisive runs, weak in in areas that have not been strengthened for successive years in transfer windows, players player out of position, players benched who should play, under performing players starting every game, ridiculous tactics or lack of, formations that don’t work.

      No other manager could do WORSE!

  3. Mick The Gooner says:

    Oh cool. Let’s take on a rookie that’s never actually managed a club before…

    Klopp remains my hope as Wenger’s successor, however likely or unlikely it may be. Why? He’s new, plays attractive football but is open to adapting his game, energetic and gets the most out of his players. Most importantly he’s a top quality coach. He can compete at the highest level, despite not actually spending massively – he is good a developing talent too.

    Dortmund aren’t doing great this year, but does that really discredit all he’s done for the club? He turned them from relegation battlers to title winners in a very short space of time. To say Dortmund are doing poorly this year is only to say they’re doing poorly by Klopp’s standards, otherwise it’s fairly average for Dortmund pre-Klopp.

    1. juhislihis says:

      Actually this year, for the first time before Klopp came in, Dortmund is playing how they used to before 2008.

      Plus he’s known for poaching talent from rivals (Hummels) and bringing players with him (Subotic). So Mr. Jurgen, bring Reus with us wouldya? 😉

  4. Truth Hurts says:

    1)Just need a manager who won’t get owned by mourinho every time
    2)Won’t take 12 attempts to win against mourinho
    3)Won’t play players based on his affection towards them
    4)Knows how to use substitutions
    5)Manager who plays players in the right position
    6)Manager who rotates the squad
    7)Manager who knows how to change his tactics

  5. cheeterspotter says:

    A fully established winner manager who can bring his own choice assistant.
    Definitely no Wenger in the background. New broom completely.
    Athletico Madrid ‘s manager would be a good start.

  6. Justsoccerfan says:

    Dortmund aren’t doing great but still can beat us nicely that show how shi* we are now.

    1. Truth Hurts says:

      Don’t speak the truth Some people might get butthurt over here

    2. juhislihis says:

      And with their B-team, remember that as well..

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Yet they got their asses waxed by Mainz the following week…

    3. NY_Gunner says:

      If AFC is so shit, then why support them?

      1. medvet says:

        are you hurt, wengerite??

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          Finally pulled ya face outta ya boys lap huh dude?

          1. SaveArsenal says:

            Why do NY_Gunners put-down’s always contain a reference to sexual acts between men?
            Seems to be his favourite retort, something Freudian perhaps?

            Maybe he supports Arsenal because we have the tightest kit in the league…

  7. Twig says:

    We need a coach with a strange name, strange habits, strange accent and from a strange country. A maverick coach that is doing wonders with a small team somewhere in the Peruvian Primera Division. A coach who’ll stun and shock the premier league to submission with his innovative techniques that Mourinho or LVG have never heard of before. A manager who’ll make Arsenal fans laugh when Chelsea wins the FA cup, because he had just clinched the league title a week earlier with a 15 point gap 😉

    1. Adienl says:

      You’ll go on this expedition to find the new manager?
      Interesting thought nevertheless. XD

      1. Twig says:

        Just bring David Dein back on board. I’m sure he knows someone that fits this description 😉

  8. Drew says:

    Wenger seems to like all the critisism, i think he thrives on adversity or something. i mean ALL he has to do is buy a worldclass DM & CB and we all be prasing le prof’s brilliance again. but nooooooooo, he’s converting monreal into a CB and is hoping diaby is fit *sign*

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Monreal was used as a CB due to injury crisis, and he did a good job there. Diaby is on the wage bill, and should be used.
      So when you can make a decent point instead of regurgitating the same old borrowed talking points, come back and try again…

    2. Trudeau says:

      “All he has to do is buy a world class … CB”. All? Like Magala for £30m? Or David Luiz for £40-50m? And Lovren was a snip for £20m and performing miracles at Liverpool. There wasn’t much of a supply of top class CB and this summer. I don’t fault Wenger for not landing one but I do agree that it was negligent not to land a reasonably priced and serviceable back-up. I do like the look of Hayden though and hopefully he’ll get some first team action this year, he seems to read the game really well.

      1. true goon says:

        I do fault Wenger for not getting a top defender because he should of bought Gary Cahill years ago,an it been clear for the last 3 seasons tat defenders aren’t a priority for him,we’ve been leaking goals in the big games for years but he still doesn’t shake things up.
        But in reality even if he did buy a world class cb an dm,he still wouldn’t know what to do with them

  9. Matt says:

    Absolutely not. We have had a manager of someone of Wenger’s class and stature for the last 18 years, there’s no way the board would bring in a man with no managerial experience straight after Wenger goes, the only three possible candidates I can think of for the job when Wenger retires are Jurgen Klopp, Diego Simeone and Roberto Martinez.

  10. NIKK says:


  11. Kip says:

    we better get rid of wenger b4 sh*t hits the ceiling..he purposely did not buy a cb after vermaelen’s departure cause to him monreal has physical presence in the box, is solid, can’t be bullied off the ball…i could fill two bed sheets on both sides with his attributes

    1. Budd says:

      Chambers > Vermaelen. Any given day. Besides, Vermaelen is still out injured. If we would not have sold him today you’d say the same $hit. Monreal is becoming very impressive in the CB position. I believe he will play his natural LB against Burnley because I believe Gibbs is out injured. Then we will see Chambers and Bellerin playing the same line. Will be an interesting game.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        When TV5 was still here the same muppets were saying that he was sh*t, worse than Mert and not even talented enough to be used as a DM. Delusion is their stock in trade…

  12. JHB GUNNER says:

    since we lost OG12 we struggle
    to score and we not that great with
    defending set pieces.
    maybe i’am going made but will
    like to know your guys thoughts
    on this

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Yep. Giroud is a handy guy to have on set pieces, big, strong. I seem to remember him in particular being very good at defending corners, shame we don’t have the quality delivery for him to attack and score a few… but I don’t think he’s the sole reason we’ve conceded so many this season. I think the main reason we’ve been so poor in defending them is a lack of stability at the back. Every game we have a different back four as a result of injuries this season. Defending is a lot easier when you have a settled back four and everyone knows their roles, haven’t really had any of that so far..

  13. Adienl says:

    AKBs are scared to see an Arsenal without Wenger.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      I’ve been supporting AFC since Graham, long before AW. I respect AW and feel he should be allowed to see out his contract. Which more than likely will happen. When he’s gone, he’ll be remembered and life at AFC will move on.
      You guys need to realize this and accept it.

    2. goldfish27 says:

      AKBs are Wenger ass kissers……change is all we need at Arsenal and it must start with the dummy manager of wenger…Wenger out still goes on

  14. Sango says:

    I would prefer Martinez who is with Everton. I like his tactical approach to the game and the way he communicates with his players. Don’t know what he can do if given a bigger club with a bigger purse. Will greatly remember Mr Wenger though. When is this happening by the way?

  15. sanmi.marvellous says:

    “He is, however, one of the most highly regarded coaches in the world, yet is still to take full charge of a club”….

    regarded by who ????
    Honestly, I never knew that a man can be rated from the shadow !!!
    The only men I took note on Madrid’s coaching crew bench were:
    C. Ancelotti
    Z. Zidane

  16. The Analyzer says:

    Seasoned football managers are falling for each other to get wenger at their clubs ( real madrid- 2009/2010; PSG- 2013; Monaco- 2014) and you want wenger out of the club as of five years back. May care to tell us what makes you think you know better than football administrators at these top clubs. Anyone thinks he/she can be the best CEO of microsoft, google, or even the struggling tesco yet they cannot run a tuckshop. I just hope you are not in this category.

  17. bashman says:

    so hes been coaching for 20 years and still hasnt been trusted to take charge at any club, but somebody thinks it brilliant idea to let him take charge of arsenal? am i missing something here

  18. says:

    They say charity begins at home. How about Steve Bould who was a Gunner and now a Gooner that has been assisting the boss to coach the first team? And why are even some Gooners craven for a new coach at this time as a fellow that is dying for a fag? The boss has just delivered the FA Cup and Charity Shield to us at the end of last season and at the onset of this season. And we are just only 9 games into the BPL and 3 games into the UCL season. And already, nearly every body have started crying foul. Why can’t we first thank God for what He Has done for us. Just look at how some hard line Gooners have failed to appreciate what God Has done for Arsenal in the last 5 months. There are insatiable urge will never be satisfied. Let us count our blessings one by one from the time the boss has assumed the managerial position at Arsenal. And it will surprise us to see what the Lord Has done for us. Let all the hard line Gooners stop being obsessed with anti Wenger stance. Let every Gooner come out and positively join hands together to move Arsenal forward. The boss has just begin his new 3 years contract tenure, we should morally be supporting him in every way that we can for him to succeed. And not to be advocating for his failure. Let us take note, Arsenal have 14 Barclays Premier League points and 6 UCL points so far in their campaign in these competitions. They still have 87 BPL points and 9 UCL Group Stage points to haul. Tell me then, are Arsenal out of the Championships and the UCL. Why can’t the hard line Gooners be patient and wish our darling Arsenal success in their quest to win trophies for themselves and for us this season.

  19. Kip says:

    frank de boer’s FIRST stint at Ajax saw him win FOUR consecutive titles…FIRST….#just_saying

  20. fred cowardly says:

    Please NO British manager. They are not all like Sir Alex. I’m scared to get another Moyes

    Happy with any of the following
    Bergkamp (unlikely travelling by plane)
    Klinnsman (unlikely Spurs)

  21. pubgooner says:

    My choice would be:
    -Koeman (He is challenging big guns City an Chelshit with his minnows)
    -Steve Bruce or
    -Laudrup (for beautiful to watch; one touch tiki taka passing games)

    Steve would be good, has a lot of football passion and shows it at the games..

  22. fred cowardly says:

    Someone mentioned Giroud above
    this is far removed from Henry and Bergkamp but wonder if Welbeck and Giroud together up front would get us more goals. We would definitely need a TOP DM in that case.

  23. LoCkAy says:

    Ivan Gazidis and the motherf*cking crew are worried because they will be looking to replace Wenger with someone of the same type of “mentality” and may be background…

    Someone who will be “careful” financially, not question or challenge the board and the “invisible” chairman and not keen to excel on the sports side.

    There are plenty of manager who will be willing to come to Arsenal especially with the wage package (the one Wenger is gracefully given)…
    Arsenal could easily “take” a manager from another performing team (Simeone, Klopp and more) and give him the tools to “finally” succeed.

    Just excuses, again…
    Thanks to Wenger, this is what we get… Excuses and links with a total unknown when we could get the best in the business right now.
    I won’t be surprise if it happens and they even ask Wenger for advises regarding is successor…!!
    The circus will just continue (because it has been a circus for years and years).

    I just watched the Classico (yes, again!) and I realise how far we are and how weak we have become… It was just another kind of football … I cannot imagine a game Real Madrid vs Arsenal… It would be a “delice” for the neutral and a pain for us…!!

  24. Popeye786Sailor says:

    Diego Simone the man to replace Wenger. That man can bulid team spirit & competitive environment like none another in current generation.

  25. goldfish27 says:

    U call FA cup and community shield success….I my missing something here…but this at the back of ur mind Arsenal has never won the UCL b4 n wenger can’t giv Arsenal Epl talk mor of UCL….Wenger out still goes on

  26. Dennis says:

    There’s no better leader of men in the football world than Diego Simeone. Look at him and look at what he’s done, the guy is a L-E-A-D-E-R. He’s exactly what we need to beat Mourinho’s Chelsea side in the near future, so he’s my pick. I think if he came to the emirates i know he would turn it all around in a year or two and mourinho would have his work cut out for him, no more 6-0 results against us. If not him, then we must recruit Guardiola, another specialist and bonafide WINNER!

  27. Aussie Jack says:

    We could all pick names out of the hat to replace Wenger but it`s not as easy as that. Timing and contracts limit the choice but if it`s just a matter of names then I`d go for Pep Guardoila with Theirry Henry as assistant and manager in waiting.

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