The Man United thugs do not represent Gooners – they are just hooligans

United Fans Actions Don’t Represent ‘The Big 6’ by Dan Smith

The majority of Football fans in the last couple of weeks have rightly been proud how supporters put tribalism aside to come together and protect the integrity of the Sport.

Owners of the so called ‘Big Six’, including Arsenal’s Stan Kroenke, were forced, in the space of 48 hours, to withdraw from the Super League after public outrage that ranged from fans and ex-players to politicians.

When Leeds and Chelsea fans held protests on the Monday and Tuesday after the breakaway League was confirmed, it had nothing to do with their own agendas.

Yesterday at Old Trafford, the actions of a minority of Man United Fans had nothing to do with the Super League. They were not representing Gooners or any other fanbase in this country.

This was a group of thugs using the SL as an excuse to cause a riot, a reason to spread trouble, giving themselves justification to cause trouble.

Long term readers will know my feelings towards Stan Kroenke, and therefore I can relate to my Red Devil peers who are unhappy about how the Glazers have done business. I maintain that what the 6 owners tried to do was greedy and would have destroyed the Football pyramid in England.

Yet being a stingy Millionaire isn’t against the law. Trespassing a stadium, throwing missiles, breaking equipment, vandalising cars, putting people in hospital, fighting the police, etc …….. is!

Those arrested won’t be able to turn to their lawyer and argue ‘but our owners did …….’. There’s zero legislation that says if you don’t like how your football club is being run that you can act like a criminal.

Shame on Gary Neville and Roy Keane on TV for not educating young viewers, and I will be amazed if Sky Sports don’t make a statement stressing that they as a company don’t condone the scenes in Manchester.

Football is a beautiful game…. but it’s just that ……a game. Grown adults should be able to separate sport from life.

A pundit saying …. ‘the Glazers did ….’  ‘United fans are emotional’……. ‘two weeks ago they tried to destroy our Football’…… is a scary attitude.

We can and have had a conversation about how wrong those owners are, hence, why they have all been grovelling since.

But look closely at the images this weekend. Cameras being smashed, corner flags being stolen, changing rooms being bombarded. What’s that got to do with the Glazers?

Graham Souness had the bravery to point out that bottles and flares were thrown towards the media area (something his peers were not going to mention). What does trying to throw a flare at someone have to do with a Super League which has already been cancelled?

The pundits (conveniently ex Man United players) stressed that ‘you will always get a couple who go too far’, not wanting the headlines to be negative. Sorry? How many fans were on the pitch? How many got access to the dressing room?

Each and every person who entered the venue was breaking the Law. That was more than one or two. Imagine being a steward not prepared for any crowds and how intimidating it must be to have a gang of hoodies, throwing bottles, pushing their way past? There was nothing peaceful about that?

Staff locked themselves into rooms scared of the sudden invasion. No one should have to feel like that at work. Again what’s peaceful about that?

The local police don’t deem it unsafe for the two sides to travel based on a couple of people.

Whatever went on outside the two hotels the squads were based at was serious enough. It’s like those who last year took part in BLM marches as a reason to help themselves to a brand-new TV and sound system. People wanted to act like yobs and just used the SL and Glazers as justification.

They might feel they picked the best fixture to postpone. No game in Britain attracts more Worldwide views than Man United vs Liverpool. How many in Asia or South America will see the link between throwing a flare at someone and the Glazers being unfit owners? I’m not so sure.

They most likely will think ‘what a bunch of hooligans’.

Be honest, when you’re shown crowd trouble from Serie A, how many times have you responded, ‘well let’s hear how bad their owner is before we decide if it’s okay to break the law’.

What’s next? Would it be okay to break into the Glazers’ house?

The worse thing is that; by their actions, the only progress made is perhaps showing why fans having 51 percent ownership isn’t a good idea? Not when some do this, and not when others make excuses for it.

So no Man United …. you didn’t represent the big six.

To clarify, Arsenal and Man United are run by Americans who don’t care about their clubs. That is frustrating for those why have an emotional connection.

Yet we just had a year where people couldn’t visit loved ones in hospital or even attend funerals. People had to deal with that without taking the law into their own hands.

So if people can deal with that, then I’m sure Football fans can handle incompetent owners without breaking the law. Can’t they?


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  1. Rightly said Dan, you don’t have to resort to violence to get yourself heard. I don’t understand the mentality fans destroyed the same thing which they were protesting to save i.e club.

    1. the riot/violence was obviously instigated/directed or backed by unknown….

      1. People watch television and see the Capitol building in Washington DC attacked and violated for the first time since the War of 1812 and everything is now fair game according to their ilk.

  2. I totally agree with this sentence “adults should be able to separate sport from life”. Some fans just have mob mentality or too dumb to realize that they’ve been wasting their lives for an entertainment

    We shouldn’t agree with ESL, but protesting violently isn’t right either. I hope Man United fans’ protest will demoralize their squad

          I am personally in favour of fans from other clubs being allowed to debate, as communication improves progress and isolation hampers it. Simple life principle in fact and we football fans are not different.

          We need to talk to one another, NOT exclude each other. Of course, if Red Devil’s post was deemed not appropriate in language, Ad PAT HAS A PERECT RIGHT TO EXCLUDE. As I know only too well! So do other Gooners!

          1. If the fans from other clubs try to stir up trouble here, it can divide the real Arsenal fans on JA

          2. He’s not talking about a poster called Red Devil, he is talking abut A Red Devil, as in…..
            PepeMay 3, 2021 at 10:31 am (Edit)
            I hope it motivates them to win all their remaining matches

            Admin PatMay 3, 2021 at 10:33 am (Edit)

  3. While watching yesterday, I was shaking my head in disbelief. Is this the kind of power fans want, the statement they want to make and how they want to run “their” club. By vandalising the symbol of the club they claim they hold dearly to their heart, properties and lives. These thugs call fans need to be re-educated and reoriented about the concept of ownership. I now understand why few are millionaires and billionaires. These class of few don’t have the mob mentality( if I don’t like an idea or a thing I will tear it down or shreds) of many. I would sincerely like us fans in my lifetime to own a club because I want to see if we will manage differently… buy a player today and sell him the next day because he is out of form or pay him off, spend £300m pounds every season even when wallowing in debt, spend our personal money and want nothing back in return.

  4. These protests are frankly idiotic….You cannot refuse something that brings you money and take you forward as a club…..This populism is laughable

    1. Super League ils something you cannot elude in the forseable futur….The top six is the reason why PL is widly popular un rive continents

  5. Although we can’t condone violence, can’t we argue that the Man U fans have sent a louder message to their owners than we have?

    Have we done anything to suggest to Kroenke that he is really not wanted by us? Getting a home game cancelled is a loud message in my books.

    Of course, there is a difference between being a nuisance and being violent. No people should ever get hurt in any form of protest.

    1. How is getting home game canceled affect any owner personally. It is the club and the players that suffer the consequences or punishment. If we as a football fans don’t like owner let us contribute billions and buy them out and run our club exactly the way we want. I assure you football will die faster than we expected because of people like those who protested yesterday.

      1. Well said Adiva…

        Football will die a faster at this rate..

        Infact once a football fanatic,Aside my darling club matches, Prolly b dosing through other matches nowadays… i currently find UFC,boxing more appealing truth be told….and these sports are currently gaining momentum

    2. no
      because where the message should have been about the Glazers it became something else
      if your watching that from around the world your not saying ‘ poor fans , those owners are rubbish’ your simply saying ‘ look at those thugs ‘

  6. The stadium security was inadequate and the club is responsible for not controlling access. Dock Manure 20 points immediately so it can be reduced to 10 on appeal. It would make others think before acting in the future

  7. Bravo DAN SMITH! There are NO football circumstances where endangering the life and safety of innocent people, be they police folk or MU employees, can be condoned!

    THAT needs to be said and though there are many other sides to this story, as we all surely realise, NO EXCUSE can ever be made to condone breaking the law and esp behaving with violence. NEVER!!!!!!!!

    The violence may well prove a spectacular own goal that derails or at the very least delays the necessary peaceful fan protest movement against these scummy owners. And that important fan protest is still, in effect, a fortnight old baby right now.


        1. The protest about SL….You dont refuse something that brings you money and take you forward as a club….We moan about lack of investement and protest about what’s brings money!!!!

          1. Pires I am sorry that I now understand what you meant. I would have preferred not to have to read such profoundly wrong nonsense as your explanation to me. I wil be sending my araticle to JA on how we fans expect far too much and encourage greed by our constant and ridiculous demands for owners to spend more , yet more and more still.
            We know that it will nearly all end up in already obscenely wealthy players(and their agents) getting even more and yetstill we condone and encourage it. That is wrong and immoral of us!

            Do read my forthcoming article and I really hope it helps YOU -and those many who think as you do – look as things with fresh eyes. Money is not the root of all evil BUT the love of money is!
            As we have graphically seen since these immoral and “couldnt care less for anyone but ourselves” dreadful owners were thwarted in their evil plans by decent common football fans. Thank God!

  8. Dan…

    Simply brilliant! Well said and an article beaming with so much wisdom! Thank you!

    As I have often said, it is part of the human design to sometimes act irrationally and angrily from the position of an inflamed mind. Nevertheless, we are able to demonstrate a higher plane of reasoning when we are able to step aside from the present condition towards taking a deeper view and assessment of the situation. Perhaps, in such a position we may become blessed and endowed with the wisdom required to better handle and address the situation.

    Quick, desperate, and ill-thought actions will always lead to regret. There are always better methods, if only we all look deeper.

    I do understand and feel for the pain of the fanbase, but destruction of OUR properties and the embrace of illegalities should never be condoned!

    Wishing us all a blessed week ahead! Please do stay safe!



      1. Jon…

        Always a pleasure sir! Thank you for your usual kind words!

        Work and family has taken so much time lately, thus limiting my presence. But I try not to miss a great piece from Dan and other great writers here on JA!

        And true words from you Jon!! Often we need a bit more of a positive outlook to life despite the negativism that surrounds us!!

        Wishing you well as always!


  9. Well said Dan and Jon Fox – another brilliant article.
    To think that two people have said that this was a good idea and our fans haven’t been as good, is jusr ridiculous.
    Every fan can hold their heads high by the way the protests were made up and until this mob ubvadwd Old Trafford – that’s why the owners had to back down so quickly.
    Of course Dan was right to also mention the looters during the BLM demonstrations – these idiots are only out for their personal gains and it had nothing to do with the original and highly principled objective of BLM.

    Once again, great article Dan and those who think fans of our club should behave like thugs, please just go away.

    1. Ken…

      Always a pleasure to read your posts! Being a while! *smiles*

      I totally agree with you! Great response and full of wisdom!

      Hope to catch you on another interesting article!

      Please do stay safe!


  10. I find it baffling there is so much negativity about the Utd protests, yet the vast majority have unequivocally thrown their support behind BLM…that literally burn cities, viciously attack people, loot, and attempt at murder, and murder.

    Obviously terrible that there was a small amount of violence at the Utd protest, but I support their overall attempt. Great they had to cancel the game because the whole will hear that message.

    1. or they might just see it as a bunch of yobs ?
      Be honest
      when you see scenes like that in Italy , Turkey or Greece, etc
      do you stop to learn the politics behind it or do you think ‘ whys that yob smashing a camera’

    2. If you show equivalent of that small amount of violence to your love one what do you think is going to happen. You might end up live alone for the rest of your life. That is exactly what those fans did yesterday… attacking their loved ones…. the club, the players, their properties, their friends and families and communities. They are attacking their own. So it is different actions or motive to that of BLM vandals.

    3. Why do you find it baffling TMJW?
      I haven’t seen/read/heard anywhere that anyone condones the violence that followed the BLM protests against police brutality – yet you use your favourite phrase “the vast majority” to describe something that hasn’t happened.
      It is the concept of the BLM that people follow, not the criminals that have invaded the movement…much like those at Old Trafford have done.
      Do you think that the violence and hooliganism we saw yesterday has enhanced the position as far as getting rid of the Glaziers?
      The same question regarding the looters in the USA?

      Rather than saying our fans are slow in reacting as the “fans” did at Old Trafford, I find it a great sense of satisfaction that they acted within the law and got their point across within the letter of the law.
      I find your overall support of this action rather disturbing and what cancelling the game does for the image of our country I dread to think.


        1. HEAR YE HEAR YE Jon and Fire _ thank goodness the majority of our fanbase in this article, seem to be speaking with one tongue.

          1. ONE TONGUE AMONG SO MANY WOULD NOT MAKE FOR EASY SPEECH. How many mouths are we allowed? LOL. SORRY Ken, in one of those daft moods today.

      2. Are you kidding Ken1945? You must have had your head buried deep in the sand over the last 4 years or so.

        Do you not follow any Democrat politicians? Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters to name but two, that have literally cheered the BLM from the rafters! Waters has done nothing but incite violence for years…where’s her impeachment? VP Kamela Harris who has even helped to raise bail for these violent thugs.

        Then you have the mainstream media who have consistently reported on BLM and the riots in a favourable light. None worse than CNN, who have even admitted their BLM bias thanks to some undercover reporting.

        Tackling racism is great, supporting a terrorist organization is not!

        Well the Antifa, and then BLM riots worked very well for the Democrats, in blaming everything on Trump, even though he was the one actually trying to stop them. So only time well tell if the very minor (thus far) football riots will do the same.

        And what’s more disturbing is that some owners tried to destroy football for good! Fans have been pushed to the absolute limit. The best option for me, is don’t ever give them any more money, but second option and more realistic is to protest, but yes, without violence though.

        1. You are right in what you’re saying, I just don’t think most people know much about this stuff because it’s happening largely in the US and the media coverage is extremely sketchy and one-sided (to say the least).

          I must be honest, though, while I understand that you are pointing out a degree of hypocrisy, this is a completely different and unrelated issue in my mind. Yes, the media, and people in general, treat it differently, but it is unrelated to BLM and antiracist activism, and the hooligans deserve the negative coverage.

          1. Davi, BLM marches have occurred also (at least) in Australia and the UK, as well as the USA, but have avoided the fringe element violence seen in the USA.
            But then again invasion of the Capital and threats to hang the then Republican Vice President Mike Pence are condoned by many. .

        2. TMJW and unarmed black and hispanic people are still being shot by police disportionately in the USA. Aboriginal deaths in custody are still occurring in Australia. Surely much more important issues than ownership of a football club.

        3. Wow … stick to the football mate where at least fantasy and delusion can be bracketed as just another opinion and cause minimal harm

    4. It’s ridiculous that you keep spewing nonsense about things involving BLM…you obviously have an agenda or why else would you continually show your ignorance in this regards…far more so than a one day protest in Manchester, the whole BLM situation is highly nuanced, so painting everyone with such a wide brush is incredibly small-minded of you…might be wise to stick to football-related matters until you actually educate yourself(and by that I don’t mean going down another rabbit hole with a bias agenda)

      1. @The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever

        Sorry, but it almost seems as if you’re defending BLM riots, saying they are “highly nuanced”. You say I’m ignorant, when all I have done is lay at facts, and you an fact check me on those, yet BLM and their supporters literally have no clue what they are saying half the time! They consistently spin things, and lie, and look for racial inequality in areas there isn’t even any! When you have the BLM and even politicians claiming certain police in some states are white supremacists, even when they are majority black officers, is about as ignorant and just plain dumb as it gets.

        All I am pointing out is the potential hypocrisy of those individuals and media outlets who have supported years of violent, anarchist behavior from the BLM, and ONE (so far) small protest from football fans.

        Of course racial inequality is bigger than football, but destroying everything years on end, is not going to solve the problem. If anything, it will cause resentment, and the message will got lost within the violence.

        And great to see BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors buying her fourth home, in almost an entirely white neighborhood. For someone who preaches anti-white hate speech, and is an anti-capitalist, I find this baffling! Great to see she’s helping out those impoverished black communities!

        1. “that literally burn cities, viciously attack people, loot, and attempt at murder, and murder” is this you just pointing out the facts? do you even live in the US or Canada, for that matter…I would assume you don’t based on your cliché-laden, conspiratorial, pro-Trump and QAnon-esque gibberish…let me guess, you think the whole killing of person’s of colour by officers is overplayed because the numbers you’ve read suggest that in fact more white men are killed per annum than their black counterparts or maybe you likewise believe that the “facts” appear to suggest that the US election was rigged or maybe you’re so obtuse that don’t understand why the phrase Black Lives Matter even exists because you believe that All Lives Matter…what do I know, I’ve just some yokel with a PHD in historical studies and a Masters in Education…I waiting with bated breath for your next insightful lesson on the socio-political underpinnings of American life

          1. I don’t live there, but I have friends and family over there, and they say it’s terrible. Along with what I see as well.

      2. “might be wise to stick to football-related matters until you actually educate yourself”
        This is the height of arrogance. It always says a lot when people take this route rather than trying to refute anything that was said.

        1. @Davi

          Not sure if that’s for me or The Real Vieria, but if it is for me, please fact check me (via actual research, not those so called fact checking sites), and then I can debunked with hard evidence.

          I am no expect by any means, but I do follow a ton of what goes on in America, as I find it more interesting than other countries.

          1. TMJW, who do you blame for the storming of the capitol and can you explain the different policing methods between that incident and those involving BLM protesters?
            What was your view on the confederation flag being carried through the building… a flag that embraced slavery?

          2. @Ken1945

            The storming of the capitol was in response to the rigged election. You see strong protests all over the world when it comes to fraud elections.

            But as usual, the Democrats, along with big tech, and the media pinned the attack on Trumps rally speech, which actually contained no incitement, for anyone who actually bothered to watch. Especially no incitement in comparison to what the likes of Pelosi, Waters, and so many more have been doing for years.

            That’s why a second pathetic attempt to impeach Trump failed, as Trump’s lawyer pointed out. Trump had not only consistently gone against white supremacists groups, along with BLM/Antifa with his words, he tried to stop rioting with action, but was blocked in many Democrat run states. Trump’s lawyer presented a ton of evidence of this, and the prosecution not only had barely any evidence, but they are actually doctored evidence! Along with a Lawyer presenting video evidence of incitement from the Democrats, the case fell flat on it’s face, which was always going to be the case. I actually watched the show trial, did you Ken?

            Also, the FBI knew of the Capitol Hill riot days prior. So it was already planned before Trump even gave his so called inciting speech!

            My thoughts on the Capitol Hill riot – I condemn it as well! It was mainly possibly Republicans, with a smaller amount of BLM activists, from what I have seen so far. It was unacceptable! In regards to the Confederate flag being there, well that’s something you don’t often see publicly anyway. What is far more prevalent and worrying is the burning of the American flag at BLM riots.

            What was interesting was the media, and political outcry about this ONE riot, from the same people/groups that had been consistently supporting, and even inciting the BLM riots! No Republicans bailing out the rioters unlike Kamela Harris’ financial support for BLM rioters was another interesting point.

            The government’s response was also interesting. Whereas Trump was constantly hamstrung, the Democrats have huge wired fencing around Capitol Hill now. Maybe they need that extra protection because they know most of the country wants them out!

          3. TMJW, “rigged election” where every court (over 52) have thrown such claims out. Also the facts of systematic voter suppression in most Republican run states and counties, which those jurisdictions are hell bent on increasing.

          4. I can’t believe what I am reading from your response to my question TMJW!!
            As ozziegunner says, where is the PROOF of the rigged election?
            Over 50 cases have been kicked out and the Supreme Court, with a Republican majority (ensured by Trump) wouldn’t even entertain looking at some of the accusations.

            Yes, I watched events leading up to and including the coverage of the counting.
            I heard Trump asking for votes “to be found” and I witnessed the riots as they happened via Fox and CNN.

            I also have friends in the USA and they are ashamed of what the Republican party has become.

            You didn’t answer my question regarding the different handling of the protesters when comparing BLM and the Capitol incidents… perhaps you could now?

          5. TMJW…From someone who does reside in North America and who’s life’s work is intimately tied to understanding the very issues you so recklessly misspeak about, please stop propagated these ridiculous lies…based on what you’ve deemed as “facts”, you’re nothing more than a pawn for those who have intentionally designed “rabbit hole” algorithms, which have ultimately led to the perpetuation of the same sort of rubbish you’re continually spouting…just because you can write in a somewhat intelligent fashion, doesn’t mean that what you’re espousing is based in fact…presentation matters, but if I took a dog turd and wrapped it up in a nice little box with a fancy bow, at the end of the day, it’s still a turd in a box

          6. I’m not an election fraud conspiracy pusher, and what happened on January 6 was an absolute disgrace and a dark day in American history, but why wouldn’t we want to at least investigate the Dominion machines to ensure that our votes aren’t being compromised by faulty software or malicious external threats? What does it hurt to investigate that? Why wouldn’t people want that assurance? Well before Trump was even a political figure, I had grave concerns about the fact that we are now voting by computer when they can be so easily corrupted and breached by external forces.

            I think the major gripe many of the 70+ million Americans who voted for Trump have is the fact that a conjured-up, baseless conspiracy about Russian election interference in 2016 was supposedly the reason Trump won, and our very own law enforcement and intelligence agencies embarked on a lengthy, comprehensive investigation into that matter that lasted for years. At the end of all that, absolutely nothing was found. But I was okay w that investigation despite that because arguably our most sacred right was being looked into and ensured.

            But, now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s “how dare you entertain the idea of investigating election interference!” I understand why the courts can’t hear the case and allow discovery because you have to have at least a scintilla of evidence to get to discovery or the case is dismissed. That’s the law, and it must be objective. But why are our intelligence agencies and the FBI not investigating as they did in 2016? That’s the concern. Investigate and put people’s mind at ease. If there’s nothing, good. Thank you for ensuring our democracy. But no. It’s just complete hypocrisy and does give me consternation over our election integrity moving forward…

          7. Even if one ignored the evidence, and hundreds upon hundreds of testimonies, you guys honestly believe Biden is the most popular President in the history of the United States? Seriously?

            A guy who has been pro segregation, who has made a load of racist jokes and comments in the public eye, and a guy who cannot even finish a coherent sentence, even with a teleprompter!! Even though Trump divided opinion a lot, lets not forgot he was massively popular as well, and far far more than Biden. And more people apparently voted for Biden than any other President in the history of America! Hahahahaha!!!!

            If you believe that, then I guess you’ll be gullible enough to believe anything!

            And how’s it going under Biden so far? Sounds like he’s destroying America as quick as possible! Although I wouldn’t mind living there after yet another one of his gaffs “Anyone earning under 400K will not pay a cent in tax” he said! I’m up for that one! Haha!

          8. @Drayton

            You’ve hit the nail on the head. When it was Trump, it was constant investigations, impeachments etc, when it’s the Democrats, they, the media, and big tech, all turn a blind eye…and they even admit it!

            And you’re right about the voting machines. Democrats and Republicans have been talking about the issues with them for years, but again, now that Democrats are in…nothing to see here folks!

            I’m not saying Republicans/Trump are perfect, far from it, but the double standards, and complete hypocrisy from the Democrats, and those that support them is crazy!

          9. @Drayton

            Also, expect a lot of abuse coming your way, for daring speak up, even if facts are involved!

          10. Slippery slope Drayton….don’t fall for TMJW baseless rhetoric…never in the history of elections has there ever been a more secured and/or scrutinized voting process

            voter fraud isn’t a modern incarnation, incidences such as what transpired in 2016 or the circumstances surrounding the whole “hanging chad” scenario during the Bush/Gore 2000 election, are in fact quite commonplace throughout the history of democratic elections…never has there ever been a 100% fraud-free election, which is why there’s a statistically determined margin of error component applied before any decisions are made regarding the potential for an independent voting audit…that said, never has there ever been more checks and balances been in place, regardless of the massive uptick in “mail-in” ballots…never has there ever been more scrutiny applied to the process, considering the highly litigious nature of American society and the potential ramifications of the eventual outcome…so please don’t fall victim to the unfounded claims of highly corruptible “fake news” losers

            as for TMJW’s claims regarding Biden being the “most popular” President ever, this is classic far right-wing, wack-job, conspiracy theorist gibberish, which is based on the total amount of votes he received…what they fail to recognize and/or acknowledge, as they have no interest in getting to the truth of the matter, is that this was such a contentious election, for obvious reasons, that voter turnout reached unprecedented numbers, thereby explaining the exceedingly high vote totals….btw Trump received the most votes EVER for a Republican candidate and the 2nd most ever for a Presidential candidate

            there’s certainly nothing wrong with questioning the process, in fact this is your unequivocal right as a citizen, but just make sure you likewise question, with the same veracity, the sources you ultimate utilize to disseminate the available facts, especially during this “rabbit hole” information age

  11. Brilliant article Dan, the yobs yesterday brought shame on their fanbase and did nothing to further their cause. These mindless morons need charging before this mayhem spreads to other clubs. The likes of Neville need calling out officially whilst Souness should be applauded for his stance on this.

  12. Although I don’t agree with the minority of fans that didn’t keep it a peaceful protest I was wondering how long it would be before the scumbag journalists tried to discredit what happened because of the actions of a few & it was a few!!
    All you journalists have fanned the flames of the hate between the Glazers & the fan base for years & now because it stopped SKY’s coverage of the match, you puppet reporters are having your strings pulled to vilify the supporters.
    A protest isn’t supposed to be convenient & look what happened when the supporters tried other avenues? ” They were snubbed by the Glazers ” so you tell us what very disgruntled fans are to do about ridding their beloved clubs of their parasitic owners who care nothing of what they do?

    1. yeah it’s amazing how many people have a zero tolerance to breaking the law ?

    2. Well, breaking the law won’t help and one thing it has done, is to conjest manures fixture list… so that can be seen as a positive!!!!!!!

    3. Hardly a minority of fans that I saw on the reports running amok on the pitch, and in the stadium, also throwing bottles at the police. Are you for real?

      1. A reported 7 policeman injured I believe, with one needing hospital treatment…. all, supposedly, in the name of football?
        Come off it – just an excuse for the hooligan element to rise up and cause havoc.

  13. Thankfully the valid Emirates demonstration was without violence. Ahimsa. Hatred has never cured hatred, not once…..ever.

    1. Sean your last line was possibly the most profound and wise truth I have ever seen on JA.
      That single line truth is far more important to our species, than even the entire history of world football.

      A few years ago I was the innocent victim in a case of road rage assault and was hurt by the assailant (who was never caught). After seething for about a week and being a Christian , I decided to REALLY forgive my attacker and the resentment left me for ever , in that instant. Forgiveness and lack of hate is of immense importance, far more than many of us realise.

      1. Jon
        There are some fundamentals that nearly all beings will hopefully learn. To forgive is a very special thing….. as is kindness, compassion, happiness for the welfare and good fortune of others, and the realisation that we are all exactly equal. All fundamental to meaningful human existence. One of the most beautiful things I have read is Corinthians 13.

    2. Sean, there were far more demonstrators at the Emirates and apart from a few flares there was no damage and relations with police were cordial.
      It’s called “class and social responsibility in peaceful protest.
      An old saying” you don’t sh#t in your own nest”.

      1. ozziegunner

        It’s very impressive that the supporters kept their dignity and tempers considering we are at such a low point. Credit to Arsenal fans and supporters. We deserve a new owner/structure that involves supporter shares, a main owner, and someone who want’s to bring back the Arsenal ‘Je ne sais quoi’. From Bertie Mee through George Graham and Arsene Wenger, that magic, in different ways, lit up this great club. We deserve it and should get it back.

  14. This could have easily been arsenal supporters , once you get a mob togather supported by the over reaction to the ESL by the government,
    Media, sky sports pundits, bt pundits, radio pundits what do you expect to happen ? It’s called populism following whoever is shouting loudest football fans are so fickle .
    I actually wrote a post a week ago.
    The media have turned fans into lynch mobs there was so much angry fans on here i was surprised you didn’t burn the Emirates down to spite the owners. Don’t forget that the ex share holders sold out to the American rather than i think it was arsenal plc or even the Russian they knew what was going to happen Hill-wood said the Americans knew nothing about football but they took the money they are just as much to blame that’s why i won’t join in populism protest.

  15. Stuff and Nonsense. Pure knee jerk. Real fans are angry and have every right to be. It’s up to the fans to pressure the government into changing the ownership laws by tilting them towards the fans getting a majority stake. Not likely to happen though considering how Boris is all bluster and probably in league with the money boys in the high end of town, as we like to say in Australia.

  16. The Storm in a Manchester Tea Cup! Imagine, the temerity of a couple of hundred fans, breaking into an empty stadium. The outrage this has caused. It became an international news story! AN EMPTY STADIUM!
    There was of course had the mandatory idiot (you can’t have a good protest without one) who broke a camera tripod (if you need one of these for your protest you can get one cheap from “Rent-A-Moron”).
    Some young boys (read ruffians and thugs per the media) kicked some balls about, can you imagine it, the sheer depravity of it. A young lad climbed on top of the goal and took a selfie. Then the evil of all evils, the “Great Corner Flag Robbery” pulled off by a teenage master mind . I am sure Interpol were informed of this, in case the lad tries to smuggle it abroad.
    This was a made for media production, and the media ate it up., and you lot who write in here have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.
    The media has turned this protest around making the fans into the bad guys. I am sure you are all aware that the media, like the politicians, are bought and paid for in the UK.
    PS, I have tried very hard to be open minded about Michel Arteta, but when I heard him eulogize the Kroenkes’, well that was a step too far. Sadly Michel, I think you need to go!!!!!

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