The manager that Arsenal need right now is looking for a job

The Common Factor by Neil Watson

The reason Arsenal have failed to compete at the top table for a while is straight forward. We could have the best 11 players in the world on the pitch yet we’d still struggle to emulate Liverpool or City for one very simple reason. The manager isn’t the strongest character at our club.

There’s few examples in the history of the game where the manager at a successful club isn’t the biggest and most imposing personality….Shankley, Ferguson, Clough, Dalglish, Graham, Mourinho, Pep, Klopp, Simeone….the list is endless, but they’re all huge personalities and bigger than their players. UE isn’t that.

Leaders are born and no matter how much knowledge you have about the game as a manager, if you can’t get your players to believe in you as well as themselves you’ll never win a thing.

Right now there’s so few managers that could come to Arsenal and make a difference. The moral is obviously weak, the confidence low….A leader grabs them by the scruff of the neck and makes them believe in themselves.

Arsenal’s biggest problem is finding someone who can do a better job than Emery and no doubt they’ll be studying the form of teams everywhere to source someone like that. The problem is you can’t compare someone who is performing well in Italy, or anywhere else in the world, because every league in every country is unique.

The manager Arsenal needs is someone who understands the English game, is a natural leader and would shake things up. Someone who has already shown he is able to win in the premier league and unwilling to take any nonsense from players who think they are bigger than the club.

The thing is this. We’ve gone from a team who play attractive football but win nothing to a team who don’t play attractive football and still don’t win anything.

At this stage I think we need to accept winning games and silverware is ultimately the point of the game. There’s nothing more infuriating than watching Arsenal play poor on a Monday night in Sheffield and lose to a club that also played with no real flair but for all 3 points.

Would I prefer to finish higher than Spurs, Chelsea, City and Liverpool even if it looked a bit dull? Of course….’but at least we play attractive football’ doesn’t cut the mustard at my local.

By the way the person that could change the fortunes of Arsenal is looking for a job right now..

Neil Watson


  1. I say get the Wolve Mangaer, Nuno Espírito Santo …he will do a better job that what Emery is doing right now.

  2. Oh pls…..don’t tell me you haven’t gotten over Wenger….at least you should have the cojones to mention the name of the so-called messiah…nobody will beat you… even if it’s Mourinho.

  3. Great idea!
    Let’s bring back the manager, who couldn’t compete for the title in 12-13 years, and who is the main reason, why we slumped to 6’th in the PL.
    If for nothing else, we could again see the entertainment of planes in the sky with “Wenger out”:
    I am also missing clever ideas like “The British Core”, “The perfect situation with players in their last year of their contracts” etc.
    And a leader “that grabs the players by the neck…” – you must be joking.
    If we are to change managers, lets hope for someone that can take us forward, not backwards.

    1. Spot on

      Unfortunately some fans forget Wenger’s final seasons easily, just like some of them forget Ozil’s underperformances in the last three seasons

      Let’s gamble on someone new. We have gambled on Emery and we lose, but there are other managers we haven’t tried

      1. What has Ozil done to you? You hardly comment without the mention of Ozil when he is clearly not playing. How did this article relate to Ozil?

      2. Wenger’s penultimate season was 75 points.
        Not too bad and the only time in EPL history that wasn’t enough for the top 4, which is surely not his fault.
        Only his last season was really bad which is not that bad for 22 seasons in charge…

        But the past is the past and going for it is almost always wrong.

        Mourinho is an even worse idea. Allegri surely wouldn’t come until the United possibility exists. But there are still people we could gamble on… Could we get them midseason, though?
        Also, I don’t think Josh would fire Emery before the season ends. We’re stuck with him at least until May.

  4. I would even take Mourinho at this stage despite not liking him very much. I think Mourinho would love the job and has to take it to save his career. This means you can tell him he has to job if he manages to finish in the top 4 this season. If not you leave your options open. No severance package for next season. For Mourinho’s face-saving you can even appoint him as interim manager. Not unlike Hiddink did for Chelsea despite being a big name manager.

    1. Never liked his pragmatic style and his theatrical behaviour, despite his achievements in England

      Arsenal should look for a manager with attacking style, not the overly cautious one. I heard Tuchel’s style is like that, although I have never seen his team’s games

      1. gotanidea Mourinho would not be my first choice or second. Someone mentioned him above. And today I would choose him over Emery.

        I would be happy to try Arteta or Ten Hag from Ajax or Koeman. I would also take Brendan Rodgers based on his relevant experience but I doubt he would leave his current job for us at this point in time.

    2. I wouldn’t want him near our team, too much of an egomaniac. Plus the bus tactics would be going backwards also I think!

    3. Mourinho could actually bring the much needed success. He needs to prove that he is still a top manager and is hungry to win trophies. Alternatively, we can consider Freddie to take over as interim this season then Mourinho taking up full time job starting next season with a 2 year contract. He could do at Arsenal what he did at Inter.

  5. Just say Mourinho is that is what you were going for. And sorry, but he doesn’t fit Arsenal’s philosophy. We have all been complaining about how boring the football is and now we want Jose?? Not to mention he only sticks around for 2-3 seasons before destroying the dressing room and leaving a huge bill for the club deal with. That include the fee for sacking him, and ALL of those players that want to leave the club after falling out so badly. No thanks… Or were you not talking about Jose?

    1. any philosophy at this point in time would be better than no philosophy as is our current state.

      Also, Mourinho has very little leverage at the moment so he could not negotiate a contract that could cost a fortune to terminate. We need a manager that can get us into the top 4 this season and Freddie is not that guy probably and Emery is definitely not that guy.

      Mourinho is the type of guy who’s ego would tell him to take the challenge of rescuing us and our club by getting us into the top 4 and then leaving the hero. He would be a super caretaker. He knows how to get results and you pay him well if he gets us into the top 4 and you pay him very little if he fails.

  6. It was Mourinho I was referring to!!! How can Wenger be regarded as the same as people like Clough, Shankley. Klopp?!! FFS! Wenger is history and should stay there. Mourinho is a winner. Even at United he won two trophies..

    1. Mourinho won PL with chelsea, next season he’s out of the club. Coached Man Utd,bought expensive, left in disarray. No arsenal fan will want him here & Watson, Quit!.

    2. @Neil Watson
      I am sorry, the picture on the top fooled me, and made me think, you were referring to Wenger.

  7. compare this 2 teams:
    A Most preferred current squad line up: Leno – bellerin holding Luiz thierny – Toreira Guendozy ceballos – pepe lacazzette Aubameyang
    B.Arsene Wenger last 4 previous champions League team :Scchenzy -Sagna vermerlin konscenly Monreal -Carzolla Ramsey coquelin – Sanchez Wallcot Ozil.
    Let us have an analytical look on these two teams and we will know exactly why team B was able to manourvour champions league spot with less firepower upfront while team A has the proven fire power but yet unable to even create more and have conceded more. What made wenger’s team so attractive in style was the more attention paid to the transition between the midfield and attack .That session was so strongly built that there was faultless cohession between those departments but Wenger never took into consideration a tactically set up team which is all out to disrupt the transission between his midfielders and attackers and then play on counter exposing his defense.Either you beleive it or not pick the best defenders in the world for Arsenal team and refusing to build on the midfield – front synergy Wenger achieved the invicible team from ,they will always leak goals more than they score which is what Emery wants to achieve putting most peiority on the synergy between his midfield and front line first. |he needs that if he wants to succeed. He does not need to play according to the opposition always. Come in and play your style to the best and then during the game you have players like Luize and pepe who can by pass the midfield unexpectedly and can be provocative to attract fouls in dangerous areas with his dribbles respectively to confuse opponent trying to sniff out life out of the midfield cohension.

    1. Agreed.After cazorla left we didnt have anyone who can come 50% near to him. He was phenomenal and after his injury we completely destroyed. Our midfield is so weak even with good manager we might struggle.

  8. I believe that this arsenal team is one of the best but the manager is no good I still believe Wenger would have done much better with a team as this because we have good we need a great manager and wenger have done it in the past and he still have love for the game and also the arsenal club let give him another chance what we got to lose we or play like a team with no goals or direction the players seem lose get Wenger back

  9. We are not getting Allegri. We are not ambitious enough and the club will not back him in the transfer market. He won’t come. He will go Man U who have a bigger budget.

    Nagelsman, Ten Hag would be my first choices.

  10. Bring arsene Wenger back till the end of the season. He has better players now, knows the club and has learnt his lessons

  11. Nobody want Mourinho anywhere near Emirates, even as a desperate measure. As an arsenal fan, never.

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