The Matteo Guendouzi conundrum, what should Arsenal do with him?

Matteo Guendouzi has been axed from the Arsenal first team since their game against Brighton.

The Frenchman’s antics against the Seagulls and his overall attitude hasn’t impressed Mikel Arteta, and the Spaniard has decided to keep him out of his team for now.

Since he has been out of the team, the Gunners have enjoyed an inconsistent run of form, but there have been many positives and he definitely hasn’t been missed so far.

The midfielder is back training with the team according to Arteta, and I wonder if we even need him again.

He has been linked with a move away in the summer, but the club has told him that he will not be sold (The Sun), but I don’t agree to that.

I understand perfectly that he is still young, and he represents one of our best pieces of business to date, however, he hasn’t done so much for the team under Arteta.

The Spaniard has helped to get our team back into the right direction and if he feels that Guendouzi is better off being far away from his team then I think we should trust Arteta on this.

The midfielder is at an age that he would fetch us some good money in the transfer market and it will be smart for us to sell him and sign another midfielder that fits in with what Arteta is trying to achieve.

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  1. Anyone who cannot see that Gouendouzi will turn to be a world class player, cannot spot the talent. The guy is just 21yrs old, he needs guidance only.

  2. I am all for selling him. I really like his fire and energy, but he seems unwilling or too full of pride to turn things around, and I don’t want him around if he’s a detriment to the club.

    He would also fetch a decent price or be a good bargaining chip in a swap.

    Don’t keep players around who don’t want to be here. That will never end well.

    1. He’s a potentially world class player why would we want to offload him for something so trivial. Whenever Guendouzi plays he always has aggression and fire. What he did against Brighton was wrong, but he’s a 21 year old, what Xhaka did to us, his own fans, was much worse. Obviously we cant see what his attitude is like in training but Arteta needs to sort this issue better and MENTOR him or were going to end up with another Gnabry type situation. Theres a reason Barca and Real are in for him, his potential is insane due to his raw mentality. Ive been a big supporter of Arteta since hes come in but he needs to make sure this Guendouzi situation is sorted out and fast before we end up losing a potential key player.

      1. If he won’t listen to Arteta then he has to go. It’s that simple in my opinion.

        Yes, he has a lot of great attributes, but if he flat out refuses to be a part of the team then there is no place for him.

        Personally I saw a future captain in him, but he has to change things around. As it stands I would rather take the money and buy someone else, but I would be happy if he changed around. Time is ticking though.

      2. Ghendouzi offers absolute nothing in a match, can’t make a tackle to save his life, can’t track opposition. Runners and anticipate correctly, can’t make diagonal runs to cover spaces, always kills our attack by unnecessarily holding on to the ball thereby delays our flow, a complete liability on the pitch, we won only 2 league matches out of last 20 matches we played with him Starting, , yet he’s very toxic and lacks discipline, can’t even blink an eye to throw him out of the team, we could never have beaten either of city or Liverpool if he had started those matches! Our matches against shelfied United, wolves, Sutton etc could have ended in either draws or losses if he had started those matches, it’s obvious. Arteta understands better!

    2. Sound sense and well said. I was going to post much the same but no need now as you have done it and done it very well indeed.

  3. Xhaka insulted Arsenal fans but he can only be protected. If Gouendouzi disrespect one Brighton player, the he should be sold. All players should be treated equally

    1. The thing is it’s not the same. As I see it Guendouzi is disrespecting the head coach – Xhaka never did that.

    2. @Top Gunner But there is more than the Brighton game.

      Guendouzi misbehaved in his former club and was banned there as well.

      Guendouzi misbehaved when the squad was abroad.

      Guendouzi then misbehaved against Brighton and from what I have heard he then misbehaved even more when he had a talk with the management.

      And then he was banned from even training with the rest of the squad. Arteta has not felt he had to do that with anyone else.

      Xhaka on the other hand changed. We have not seen any repeat of his incident again.

      So Guendouzi is being treated like he deserves. Xhaka as he deserves.

  4. Hey we all did silly things when we were young nobody could tell me anything when I was twenty so M A put your arm round him he will turn out to be a class player

  5. Arteta doesn’t like Gouendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Martinelli, and Lacazette. Arsenal fans value Arteta too much that even if he is leading us to disaster, we just follow blindly. Arteta is still learning his ropes, don’t agree to anything that he says. He lacks the experience to manage EPL team. This is the biggest mistake he wanna do

      1. There’s that word “hate” again. fakade, please look up the meaning in an English dictionary: it is a very strong intense word in its meaning.

  6. Talented lad who has hopefully learned to respect his fellow man.If he has not ,sell or swap him.

      He has several bad episodes in his recent past and he is to my mind a wrong un and as such far better for the club to be elsewhere. That is what will happen, I firmly believe. Arteta is clearly looking for the right type of person to build on and I feel sure that Guendouzi will be on his way this next window, one way or another. Probably used in an exchange or part exchange.

  7. Gouendouzi is wirld class material, only experienced managers can guide him properly, not Arteta. How long did it take Gouendouzi to adapt to EPL? Mind you, the guy is coming from French league 2. Your favourites like Pepe they didn’t even adapt to EPL, but you’re patient with them

    1. How do you measure this adaptability between Guendouzi and Pepe that result in you concluding Guen has adapted better. One is an attacking player whom by his stats of 5 goals and 6 assists in his first season( compare to Zaha’s 4 goals,4assist ) shows he is doing fairly right and the other a defensive player with some fairly good defensive stats.

  8. Sell ,I personally don’t see anything special with himspend far to long playing with his hair ,not for me .

  9. Gouendouzi took the shortest time to adapt to EPL, from French league 2. The guy brings that spark in the middle of the park. He doesn’t have fear factor, and he’s a complete athlete. Arteta will regret this decision one day

  10. I would only sell him if he was a negative impact in the dressing room & off the pitch & wasn’t willing to change. I honestly love his aggression & desire, I remember his performance against Spurs, kid doesn’t take any bullshit from opponent players. We may have lost against Brighton, but I can’t fault his desire. This kid has what most of our players lack, balls & guts. What Arteta needs to do is to help him channel his attitude in a positive way. I would understand the urge to sell him, but he is the least of our problems at the moment.

  11. For those who consider him to have huge potential, what will he develop into? A No.6? A No.8 or a No.10?

    Talent in what? Potential in what?

    If people like him because of his aggression compared to other gentlemen in the team, or quick adaptation to the EPL, then we should sell him while he is being hyped up, replace him with a similar player from Watford or Brighton or Stoke, then use the balance cash for other recruitments.

    1. DIDI I can see why you ain’t a manager upstairs for thinking ask the board they bought Pepe enough said

  12. Guendouzi has incredible potential and he is laways improving.He did have games where he just works hard(like a headless chicken) but i saw great improvement from him under MA.
    This lad can be a worl class player but if MA doesnt want him then so be it.But i wish him all the best cuz for the 2 season he was here he did show some great spirit….👏

  13. Sell him, he is a good player but he is not exceptional by any means and he has got an attitude issue.

  14. How many league matches did we win whenever ghendouzi starts, which useless potential does people see in him? Start ghendouzi against the worst team in the league we will struggle, that is how terrible a player he is, pls can they hype him more so that we can fetch money from him? Any one who compares ghendouzi to gnabry have no clue about football and arsenal fc!

  15. Arteta will ruin this club…weird formations, and subs, protects kolasinac, xhaka and nketiah, and discards martinelli, guendozi and ozil…..why does he get so much support?

    1. Daniel Arteta will run nothing the board run the club the board buy’s the players Arteta just manages the team full stop

  16. I can reassure you that he will be something if he focuses on himself and listens carefully to MA. Just look at Ceballos and how much he has improved, but first, he should respect the club.

  17. Arteta is gonna destroy Arsenal, just watch the space. How can he want to Gouendouzi and keep hold of Xhaka and Mustafi by all means. Arsenal fans trust Arteta that even if he is making mistakes, they wont see it. Gouendouzi is a player that Arsenal have to keep

    1. Arteta can tell the board what players he does not want the board decide who they want to sell not Arteta he is a manager that’s all

  18. Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, and Inter Milan are chasing his signature. I hope that Arsenal is better than those teams

  19. It is simple – if he agrees to be a team player, he is worth keeping; if he is not prepared to be a team player, we’re better off selling him.

    Ultimately, it is down to him – he has talent on the pitch in terms of his tackling, his running and his will to win – but if he is all about ‘me’, and not all about the team, then he’s not a player we need.

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