The media lies about Arsenal exposed once again by Mesut Ozil…..

There were many many rumours that Mesut Ozil was being a prima donna when first told what to do by Unai Emery, and the media built up a narrative where there was dissent in the dressing room and a power struggle between Ozil and his new boss., especially when the German was told to play out on the wing.

But these attempts by the media to disrupt the dressing room have now been shot down in flames by Ozil himself, as he admits that he prefers his usual role, but he is also getting used to playing on the wing when instructed to by Emery. He said: “For me it is not my best position, I think my best position is as a No. 10 but at the end of the day I have to accept and respect what the coach decides.

“So I have to give everything I can on the right side, it’s new for me but it’s fun for me as well, especially with the goals and I will continue to give my best on that side.”

He then went on to praise Emery and his aims for the new Arsenal team. “He’s younger and has brought in some Spanish specialists and wants to make everything perfect,” he continued. “The team understand him and he has shown us his character and how he wants to play.

“Of course, we need time to understand everything completely but it is going well – he is a very good coach and as a player you can speak to him and he listens which makes everything easier for us.

“We are fourth in the table so we know we can achieve more and I need to show on the pitch my potential to help the team but I think so far it is going well, especially with the goals. I have to perhaps produce some more assists but it is going well.

“As a player, I want to win titles and I hope we can reach that with the team because we have the potential. We are on a good way but we know the Premier League and other competitions in front of us are hard but we will give everything to reach our goals.”

So as usual, the media have been proven to blow any ridiculous report out of all proportion where Arsenal are concerned. We are Arsenal, and we are together!

Onwards and Upwards!

Sam P


  1. Robin Vanpayslip - does my bum look big in this? says:

    When will spuds long wait for a stadium be over?

    1. Sue says:

      Just saw a tweet saying there are signs by their stadium saying the only place to watch champions league football in London…. now it looks like they’ll exit the competition before they even get to play in it!!! ????

      1. Robin Vanpayslip - does my bum look big in this? says:


        They haven’t won a match anyway so not much worth watching there

        1. Aardvark says:

          Big stories in the media about serious issues with their new toilet bowl. Contractors not being paid, some gone bust, electrics been changed three times costing a fortune, total cost now running three times over budget and now likely won’t be finished until next season. Apparently the main person to blame is Levi who is managing the project. Joe Louis, spurs owner rumoured to want to sell Up due to major debts.

          1. jon fox says:


  2. Big G says:

    Don’t you just love the media, they’ll never change though because they like to ridicule Arsenal because just as George Graham once said “Nothing bad ever normally comes out of the Arsenal”. Of course it has changed a bit since.

  3. Durand says:

    Haters will hate, because that’s what they do. I don’t care about spuds or their toilet bowl of a stadium. 2 years above us and unable to capitalize on table position. Typical spuds, now back to the shadows with those wretches.

    Looking like rebuild is going well, coach overachieving to be honest, and players buying into new coach and system. Fans onboard, Kronke raking in cash without investing heavily, and team hitting it’s stride.

    Dreams do come true, despite media’s attempt to spoil or taint the success. Feels good to be a gooner, great even if I dare say.

    1. Durand says:

      Making Arsenal great again

  4. Hardave Singh says:

    I remember mentioning a couple of post ago that media and organisers are a little bias against us but someone on this site told me I might be deluding myself. Come to think of it the whole last season fiasco with Wenger was fueled and properly taken advantaged by the media. Yes most fans were fed up but media did everything they could to make it worse and that might have affected our performance even more. Not all media are bad but some are just blatantly bias. The daily mail for instance is a Utd balls carrier. If wtv happening at Utd atm were to happen with Arsenal there would be negative articles every minute dissecting our misfortunes.

    1. Abel says:

      The majority of English media and pundits are biased against Arsenal.
      some. Weeks ago, Phil Neville was asked to name three clubs with two top strikers and he was so biased he named Lukaku – Rashford, Aguero- Jesus, and Salah- Mane. Didn’t even bother mentioning the two strikers with the most goals between them this season; Lacazette -Aubameyang!

    2. Abel says:

      The majority of English media and pundits are biased against Arsenal.
      some. Weeks ago, Phil Neville was asked to name three clubs with two top strikers and he was so biased he named Lukaku – Rashford, Aguero- Jesus, and Salah- Mane. Didn’t even bother mentioning the two strikers with the most goals between them this season; Lacazette -Aubameyang!
      If that’s not biase, I don’t know what is!

  5. gotanidea says:

    I like Ozil’s diplomatic answer

    Emery’s decisions are also for the betterment of the team, despite he seemed to play the players out of their positions, e.g. Ozil as an RW, Xhaka as an LB, etc

    Emery and the staffs are the ones that have been working with the players, not the media nor the fans

    1. Durand says:

      Gotanidea, why take a jab at the fans? Fair point you make, but fans money pays everyone’s salary, not the media nor Emery aye? Without the fans there is no media, Emery, nor Arsenal aye?

      Everyone is doing their part in our successful current run; Emery, the players, and yes even the fans, right?


      1. ozziegunner says:


    2. Declan says:

      Big story in the Mail today about Utd players being fined with half the team protesting about transport delays. Another story about Cantana critising Mourinho and the way they play. Swings and roundabouts my friend!

  6. ozziegunner says:

    One media pundit who has been positive about Arsenal and the impact of Unai Emery has been Phil Neville. Maybe Neville’s enthusiasm for Emery comes from his knowledge of him when coaching at Valencia. Also Jamie Carragher has been fair in his assessments, as have Ray Parlour, Ian Wright, Martin Keown, Andy Gray, Craig Burley and Lee Dixon. Even Michael Owen has said some positive things.
    As for Graeme Souness I dont think he watches the matches and as for Paul Merson, enough said.
    Arsenal just has to continue to work hard and show strength of character and the rest will look after itself.

    1. Ackshay says:

      Owen has said something good about arsenal. OK maybe he isn’t a complete waste of money afterall. There are bound to be haters as it is a part of life.

      Like some fans said, it has become a pleasure to support arsenal again. The last few years felt more like a huge burden physically and mentally for fans. Instead of being a source of joy it was frustration, anger, despair for fans. Even if we don’t win Anything this season, emery has already been a success for me as he has lifted the negativity surrounding our club.

      1. Sarmmie says:

        That’s the sentence, ‘It has become a pleasure to support arsenal again’ Its actually been frustration, anger, despair for fans over the last few years. Even if we don’t win anything this season which I’ll bet against, emery had actually lifted negativity around the club. I was speaking with a Chelsea fan and he was about to say something negative about arsenal before I reminded him we were on the same points, he found it so difficult to believe even after I provided proof from livescores, so emery has actually taken away negativity, and for that at least, I applaud him.
        To the next chapter.

  7. Goonster says:

    I will say it again. Can we / our Arsenal fans stop this cringeworthy nonsense about the media being biased against Arsenal. There is no evidence, it’s the same old bubble wrapped sensitivity from every fan / supporter of a given club. Every fan thinks the media is biased against their club. I say, stop this emotional whining and start acting like grown men and women that are old enough to shave. Most of us have girlfriends, Boyfriends, wives, Husbands, are fathers and mothers etc but act like sensitive / emotional little that throw tantrums.

    Checkout / visit Fans forums for Chelsea, Man United, City, Spuds, Liverpool, Leicester, Everton, West Ham, Newcastle etc. They all have threads on there claiming Media bias against them. They will all state so called “Facts” that can back them up. Smh

    Sorry but I find it so embarrassing and cringeworthy when every fan from each club keeps claiming the same Bias by the Media againt them.
    So if every fan from the 20 EPL clubs is saying that the media is biased against them, then who is the media biased in favour of?


    1. snowden says:

      “then who is the media biased in favour of?”
      In answer to your question: Itself and only itself.
      Here we hold up the media’s rumours as stupid and rediculous but January and transfer time fans will come on here and else where and discuss and debate every crash rumour the media spills out of it gutless and clueless mouth as — Truth.

      The media people are not stupid only those who believe and discuss their rumours as truth.
      Goonster there is almost everyday evidence published showing the meida bias against Arsenal and it is right that we make it known that the media doesn’t fool all of us.
      As for A N Other I don’t know. I know this is I am, a D S Arsenal fan. A dedicated supporter when we win and a dedicated supporter when we lose.

      1. Goonster says:

        Can you cite me any Anti Arsenal or Biased articles from the media? Then we can delve into them. And I will assure you that in all those negative Articles you will find a large number of fellow Arsenal fans that had / have the same opinion or agree with them.

        The media see what we ourselves see about our particular clubs, they listen to our Podcasts and Radio Call Ins, Go to matches, Read our comments and opinion about any given issue and then write their articles. They might sensationalise their opinion but to label it as Bias is.,,

        About Media Rumours, where do you get your News about Arsenal transfer targets? Where do you get your news about what player is fashioning a way to force a move away from Arsenal? Where do you get your news about Fergies throwing a boot at Beckham, about The Fabregas Pizza fiasco as Old Trafford. How do you know about Wenger ripped into his whiny players for the first time at Half time?.

        You definitely don’t get all these rumours from the Arsenal FC official website etc. It’s the media that brings all this to us due to their supposed “Snoops / man on the inside or man in the know”. Lol

        The media is here to pull in readers / listeners/ watchers. They only care to always be the first one to get that exclusive for their particular newspaper, Radio or Tv, then make money and stay relevant.
        And being biased against Arsenal? To gain what? Let’s be honest, we have been irrelevant for more than 10 years, we’ve done absolutely nothing in those 10 years, come on, what is it to be Biased about?

        And in my opinion the media were very lenient towards us until the Fabregas era came to end. Then we became a complete joke there after.

        I can may be accept the media being biased against Chelsea and City due to the way they changed English footballe with sugar daddy money. We all including the media had an opinion about those clubs.

  8. Suhail Ahmed says:

    Today I saw column in sky sports praises for poch how good the coach he consistently keeping spuds in champions league so hypocrites these English pundits don’t know why they hate arsenal and Arsene so much

  9. Joao says:

    Off topic
    Heard Almiron is going to westham.

  10. Goonster says:

    And as some of us keep saying “Who has been the biggest critic about Arsenal and Wenger as a whole for the last 5 or so seasons? Media or Arsenal fans ourselves?

    Can anyone on here cite me any Media articles that were so Biased and incendiary towards Arsenal in the last few seasons. Then I can compare them to the Negative Articals / Threads that have been written by our so called “Fair and Balanced” fanbase on our Forums such as “Just Arsenal, ArsenalMania, GoonersWorld, GoonersWeb etc…

    I will tell you that you will not find a single media Article that comes even close to the Toxicity that comes from us the so called Arsenal fans towards Our club. Has anyone even been reading the comments from us (Arsenal fans) about The Arsenal board? Wenger? Players? and Arsenal as a whole for the last 10 years? Mama mia, you think the media has been bad when in actual sense they have been projecting our own frustrations and sentiment towards Arsenal. We went from going a season unbeaten (went 49 games unbeaten) to fighting with Spuds for the Top 4 trophy, losing games by these margins (8-2, 6-3, 6-1, 5-2, 5-1 etc) and now finishing in 5ths and 6th place.

    And with all that you expect the media to do what?

    Reminds me of the Ozil debate. (Everyone that calls out Ozil is either Biased, racist or ain’t got a club about football). It’s just personal emotions and over sensitivity.

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