The midfielder that Arsenal NEED this January

I want Real Madrid to sign Lucas Silva, not Arsenal by KJ

There has been reports in Marca today that Arsenal have agreed a £12million fee with Cruizero for the transfer of defensive midfielder Lucas Silva. However, there is also reported interest from Real Madrid and it seems it will be very difficult to persuade the Brazilian to join Arsenal with the biggest team in the world wanting his signature. But I personally don’t mind and I actually want Madrid to get Silva. Why? Two words… Asier Illarramendi.

The relatively young Spaniard has struggled for game time at Madrid ever since his £30million move last summer. This was largely due to the brilliance of Modric and the aging Alonso. This summer sort of sealed his fate at Madrid when they went and bought Kroos after a brilliant world cup. Although the German is a great player, it is clear he was brought in mainly because he was a world cup star (as was James Rodriquez). Signing star players is a massive deal amongst Spain’s two biggest teams and they must one up each other, even if that means throwing current players under the bus.

Illarramendi was actually linked to Arsenal last summer but we were priced out when Madrid got involved. If they do indeed get Lucas Silva, he would definitely be up for sale and for only around £15m-£20million by my reckoning. It would be a great deal for a midfielder that would provide something very similar to Arteta. He’s able to control the game extremely well from deep but is also very competent with long balls forward. He was supposed to be the successor to Alonso at Madrid.

I personally don’t believe we need a big strong defensive midfielder. We just need to get a central midfielder similar to Arteta but who has the legs and isn’t as injury prone. I believe the Spaniard fits that bill and it is very possible that he’ll be available in January if Madrid do indeed sign Silva.


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  1. This is KJ on behalf Wenger “I personally don’t believe we need a big strong defensive midfielder. We just need to get a central midfielder similar to Arteta” …
    I have no hope that Wenger will do great this Jan transfer (hope I’m wrong), so don’t raise your expectations of big names gooners … remember last Jan (need FW and we loaned injured CM) and this Jan will be (need CB+DM and we loan injured CAM/FW) …
    Where is the Stoke-Arsenal rating, KJ …

    1. DM’s for full season = One similar to Arteta + Arteta … this reads:
      DM’s for half season = (One similar to Arteta + Arteta)/2 … given than (One similar to Arteta = Arteta) … we may conclude:
      DM’s for half season = Arteta …
      Arteta will be back from injury this Jan (new signing) and that means we don’t need to buy any DM this winter …
      WENGER MATH … and it never lies

      1. Guys I’m afraid , least in to Wenger per match today, he Wenger said “If everybody is fit then we don’t need to go into the transfer market”
        So guys forget this your idea of getting a DM , CB, it will not happen said it few day ago that when it come to winter transfer I don’t trust him..

        The most annoying part he dosint think we are short if players which is obvious even a bland man can see that we need a CD and DM………

        1. Look let’s face it, if all our players remained fit all season we wouldn’t need players for depth. Chelsea play with 3 center halves and 2 full backs each side and there doing fine would you not say. It’s not the problem of depth, it’s a mixture of injuries and lack of quality in some players cases, so really you cannot argue that when wenger says if all our players remained fit we wouldn’t need any. He is correct, its just a massive risk to assume those players would remain fit, surely he is sick of loosing titles due to injury crisis!

  2. Wenger at today’s press conference “if everybody is fit we do not need to go into the transfer market”
    So no CB or DM coming in then,the man is deluded and statements like this is way he has divided the fans.
    #wengerout !

    1. Lol, how can people still dare to express their feith to this senile old fool. This is total disrespect towards us fans bec other teams and fans dont care, but its us alone who do care.

      1. I’m generally pro Wenger staying – for now…..but I have to agree that when we are in the midst of one of the worst season starts, have had no consistent defence to play and have had the fan problems we have…..I really cannot believe that Arsene would make such a provocative and completely unnecessary comment.

        Arsenals/Arsenes pr sucks at times. They need to consider what messages mean to the fans.

      1. After seeing Wenger at today’s press conference how can anyone truly believe that Arsene knows best. Even if we had a clean bill of health we still need two CB’s and a DM. Not to supplement the squad but as urgent replacements. But above all we need a new Manager, not one who seems determined to commit football suicide and deliberately hold up two fingers to his team’s, until now, very patient fans. This man is unbelievable.

    2. All that is left is for somebody to come on here to tell us that the reason Arsene made that statement is because he doesn’t want clubs to inflate the prices of our targets! LMAO!!
      Get real people. Arsene is telling all who cares to listen not to raise their hopes too much! He doesn’t like doing business in the January transfer window, and next January is no different! If he is forced by extreme situations, he will go for the barest minimum (see Kim Kallstrom).

      1. @Usmanov

        It will be his Funeral if we are short on players after January,
        and if he fails then even AKB brigade will turn their back to him,
        but what astonishes me is that only recently he was saying we need to bolster DM and Defense what changed his mind and why, was it Ian Wrights cement?

    3. @Mr. Lean
      Not that I am a massive Wenger fan, but if you want to quote someone (whoever it may be) have the decency to quote his whole statement, not just the part you want to prove something.
      He also said directly after that, that Koscielny has a problem so we might have to go into the market for that… Once again, I am not defending Wenger, just quote someone properly…

  3. Of course we need a big strong cdm! Why another arteta who will get bullied off the ball, city and chelsea both have strong midfielders in yaya and matic and look how its worked for them!! We have needed one since veira and when he was at the club we bossed the midfield…..we need someone with steel in midfield

  4. As someone said earlier there won’t be a Lucas Silva this January. A work permit is tough to get for an non EU player. I don’t know what to say about Illaramendi because he does not play regularly. It shouldn’t matter because as we know, a career switch can be beneficial to most of the players. However, if the boar is really serious about this they should look at Gustavo because the guy ticks all the boxes for someone we need.

    1. @Budd you say “if the boar is really serious about this they should….d”
      Chairman of the AFC board says in clear terms “If he has a plan we will back him, if he doesn’t we keep quiet. I don’t second-guess him.”

      So in the light of what is public knowledge your statement above should probably read: “if Arsene is really serious about this He should….”

      1. Arsene is in the board, whether we like it or not. He’s part of the execution so I have included him by default. But yes, ultimately will come to Wenger.

  5. Don’t really understand lucas silvas’ logic, yes I understand it’s hard to say know to the lure of Real Madrid but surely the boy must realize that if the likes of khedira are struggling to get game time what hope does he have, why go to Madrid to rot on their bench only to be sold elsewhere for a inflated price in a few years, I think silva is the real deal imo and will likely into a Xabi Alonso type player, if we were to move for him a bigger stronger more experienced dm would have to be bought aswell imo

  6. A DM similar to Arteta? Well, personally I’m looking for a DM similar to Matic, Viera and Mascherano. Thankfully, you’re not the boss.

    1. He (lucas silva) is not similar to arteta he’s an good hard tackler as well and a good distributor of the ball with good positional sense, I don’t deny he is still raw but would be a solid purchase For us, matic though is a good techican aswell and isn’t just this big beast tackler that every1 thinks he is.

  7. Pardew says” Emirates should be named after Wenger”

    Assuming there are 48% AOBs, that is the blatant 48% reduction in tickets revenue. Good move Pardew, good move.

  8. Am i the only one who thinks 9/10 articles on transfers on this page revolve around the need of forwards / midfielders. Defensive transfer targets and rumors rarely feature here. And then we think only Wenger has his priorities screwed up.

  9. Brilliant. Ramsey is set to miss 4 weeks due to a hamstring injury. Just when you thought our injury crisis couldn’t get worse…

    1. Is this some latest update ? I think Wenger said that he is still just a doubt for the NewCastle match.

    2. Yeah just read on the BBC. A scan revealed he had a hamstring injury and is out of the Newcastle match. So we have a serious headache tomorrow, Kos, Wilshere, Ramsey, Monreal, Chambers(suspended) all out of the game. And I doubt Debuchy and Gibbs are fully match fit. That’s pretty much our whole first team defense absent.

  10. How can ANYONE defend wenger , when he says if Kos is fit we don’t need to sign anyone in Jan.
    That man is ruining a once great club, and he is the SOLE reason fans are fighting
    Name the stadium after him, I wouldn’t name my next toilet break after him

  11. So for tomorrow’s game we have no fully fit full backs and one fit centre half,still it’s not wengers fault how could he realise in the summer we would get so many injuries in an area where we are short anyway !

  12. Some serious incompetence and neglect of duties consistently displayed if wengers own words are to be believed..

    Let’s hope his keeping his cards (not the jokers!) close to his chest..

  13. We definitely need a big scrapping def mid and a CB. Although the one jan rumour that i do hope is true and i really hope we get him is Cech.

  14. The perfect signing for us is
    “Schneiderlin”, he has premier league experience and will be for around 15M…
    2nd option “Lucas Silva”…

    And for Cb its “Howedes” 12-15M at max..
    As per interview he is ready to move
    abroad if any tempting offer will be

    And another options are
    Schaar./Laporte./Virgil van Dijik…..

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