The Missing Piece: Why Arsenal Must Prioritize a Striker Signing This Summer

The Missing Piece: Why Arsenal Must Prioritize a Striker Signing This Summer

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Arsenal’s resurgence under Mikel Arteta has been a joy to behold. Their fluid, possession-based style has brought back a sense of attacking flair, propelling them into the upper echelons of the Premier League. However, a nagging doubt remains – the lack of a true, world-class striker. While Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah have their strengths, neither provides the complete package Arsenal needs to truly challenge for the title.

Jesus: The Enabler, Not the Executioner

Gabriel Jesus’ impact on Arsenal cannot be understated. His tireless work ethic, intelligent movement, and ability to link up with the midfield have been crucial to the team’s attacking fluency. He creates space for others, draws defenders out of position, and facilitates chances for the likes of Saka and Martinelli to flourish. However, goalscoring has never been his defining trait. Jesus’ career average sits around 0.4 goals per game, and while he’s shown flashes of finishing prowess, consistency in front of goal remains elusive.

Nketiah: Promise Yet Unfulfilled

Eddie Nketiah possesses raw talent and a poacher’s instinct. His recent hat-trick against Sheffield United showcased his ability to find the net in clinical fashion. But Nketiah is still young and inexperienced. He lacks the all-round game of Jesus, often struggling to hold the ball up or link up play effectively. Relying on him to lead the line for an entire season feels like a gamble.

The Ideal Arsenal Center Forward

So, what kind of striker should Arsenal be looking for? Here’s a breakdown of the ideal qualities:

  • Ruthless Finishing: This is paramount. Arsenal create enough chances, but their conversion rate needs to improve. They need a player who can consistently put the ball in the back of the net, a la a Robert Lewandowski or a Harry Kane.
  • Aerial Presence: Winning aerial duels in the box is crucial, not just for scoring headers but also for creating second balls and unsettling opposing defenses.
  • Hold-Up Play: The ability to receive the ball with their back to goal, bring midfielders into the game, and lay off passes is a key component of Arsenal’s attacking strategy.
  • Mobility: While Nketiah has pace, ideal strikers can both run in behind defenses and operate within the penalty area.
  • Experience: Ideally, Arsenal would find a striker who has proven themselves at the highest level, someone who can guide younger players like Nketiah and take the pressure off Saka’s shoulders.

The Benefits of a Top Striker

Signing a striker who embodies these qualities would elevate Arsenal in several ways:

  • Increased Goal Output: A proven goalscorer would take the pressure off Jesus and Nketiah and ensure Arsenal convert a higher percentage of chances.
  • Title Challenges: Consistency in front of goal is a must for winning titles. A world-class striker could propel Arsenal into a genuine title contender.
  • Reduced Reliance on Saka: Saka’s importance is undeniable, but he shouldn’t be the sole source of goals. A clinical striker would alleviate some of that burden.
  • Squad Depth and Competition: A new striker would create healthy competition for Jesus and Nketiah, pushing them to improve and offering Arteta tactical flexibility.

Building a Dynasty

Arsenal have a young, hungry squad hungry for success. They possess a vibrant attacking philosophy and a strong defensive core. However, a world-class striker is the missing piece in their title puzzle. While Jesus and Nketiah offer valuable contributions, neither possess the complete package required to truly challenge for the Premier League trophy. By prioritizing a top striker signing this summer, Arsenal can solidify their place at the top of the table and build a dynasty for years to come.

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  1. We seem to be doing ok presently without a ‘top striker’ and unless I missed it I didn’t see any reference to Havertz with his ‘aerial presence’ and ‘movement in the box’? I’m not saying we don’t need additional fire power and whilst I don’t really rate Nketiah, perhaps the article was written before we scored a minimum of 5 goals in each of our last 3 away games, not only a record in itself but we are also the leagues leading scorers.

  2. The writer should have also mentioned that we are leading in goals scored this season yet without a top traditional striker.
    In some matches, like the Liverpool one the system without a big striker works, it renders big defenders like Dyk and Konate irrelevant as there was no one in particular to mark or pocket as some would say.

  3. Yet till when other teams almost got pep he didn’t go for the code is till any epl team try to stop us in all cylinders then we might look for Striker as per say we fans…but for me imagine the invincible season Henry today can’t b call a striker even then as he drifts from left middle even from d right ,now let’s get to know MA want dat not a standing number 9 like he’s the one to score…nope MA dnt want that!!! if this team has got this record presently and it is scary to our rivals sending waves we approach citey match with dat dnt b surprised the old good days will play out like when we won EPL on Manchester Utd home..I dnt see citey beating us period…but the most important thing is done and I want MA to keep it up because it was in the cracks timing last season he MA made that mistake to instantly replace trossard for returning GJ…who does that !!!to a winning team scoring 3 to 4 goals per game …trossard saka martinelli odegaard behind mesmerising …so GJ is back now and who noticed he slow and took too many touches with creamy moves before thinking to shoot when clear in the penalty box things this present squad dnt do …MA over to you…let everyone including Vieira n partey show they want it in training like you just literally delay GJ return to action wanting him fit and ready…knowing we cnt afford to just replace any with less input or slight change to what’s on ground now

  4. Liverpool went all the way to the Champions League final with Karius in goal. It was after this they bought Alisson.

    Point being, while we’re scoring at the moment, we do need that striker to complete the missing piece.

    Watching Mbappe’s goals yesterday, my word that boy can finish. First goal, gave himself a half a yard of space against 2 players. The second was beautiful as well, playing on the shoulder of the last defender and leaving him for dead with his pace.

    1. Can he achieve that feat against Saliba and Gabriel? Though Mbape is an exceptional player, but Sociedad’s defense was absolutely shocking.

  5. Havertz is not a natural striker, but he is scoring goals, freeing up the wingers, and our attack is ripping opponents.

    Imagine having a striker who is a clinical finisher, consistent goal threat. It makes everyone better

  6. King Kai is our new cf and hes doing a stellar job so far. Its no coincidence that since Jesus hasn’t been involved we have been scoring goals for fun. Smart runs and Aerial prowess are far more effective than tricky feet and dribbling. In the summer i would rather us go all out for a world class winger and cm. Neto/Leao and someone like Onana in the middle.

  7. How did I know most of these responses would be short sighted.

    You aren’t supposed to look at our best games to determine if we needed a striker, you should be looking at the games we struggled in to see an additional quality striker could’ve meant that we would be sitting 1st in the EPL now.

    Any addition to the squad that betters it should be welcomed

  8. Let’s wait and see the end of the season. What if we had 50 plus goal difference above everyone ?

    1. Well Soccer boy, as we are plus 45 goal difference right now, it will be a huge surprise if we are NOT at least plus 50 and above both our rivals come seasons end.

      I reckon it will be over 60 too!

  9. A world class striker or someone with potential to be one should be a priority but anything less than that is not needed. Plus we have to identity someone who is clinical plus what we already have that is a striker with a high work rate for our counter pressing, is smart enough to integrate in our complex system so as to not diminish the returns from others. Incredibly to find someone like that available.

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