The Morata to Arsenal rumours keep on coming

The Morata saga continues!

One transfer rumour that just will not go away is Álvaro Morata to Arsenal and this time the latest development comes straight from the horse’s mouth!

Arsenal have been on the lookout for a new striker all summer, with Wenger looking to obtain a few more options on the forward line apart from Olivier Giroud. With Arsene Wenger himself out in France at the moment for the European Championships, he is in no better position to have his watchful eyes on some of Europe’s hottest talents.

Now Morata may not fall into the category of being a current top talent according to some Arsenal fans, however I think the majority would agree that there is no doubt the young striker has a lot of potential to grow and develop into a very good player. Morata has just secured himself a move back to boyhood side Real Madrid after a buy-back clause in his Juventus contract was exercised by the Spanish superclub. However Morata is supposedly nothing more than a business plan for Real Madrid, who according to reports, have no interest of playing the young Spaniard, instead they are hoping to sell him on for a massive profit.

Arsenal are one of the teams interested in Morata this summer, whilst a number of other top European sides are also interested, including London rivals Chelsea. A price tag of around £45 million has been quoted, although in reality Arsene Wenger will be hoping to strike a deal, because as many fans will agree, Morata isn’t really worth that kind of money. The good news for Arsenal is that even after his move to Real Madrid, Morata recognises that he won’t be there for the long term future and so he has already come out with a statement that suggests his intent to leave.

Morata told Spanish media outlet Cuatro: “I want a team that makes me feel important and I would be ready to stay in Madrid to win my place. I do not have to prove anything to anyone. I am a player of Real Madrid and they will decide if they want me, otherwise we will find another solution.”

Morata seems keen to leave and recognises that he is nothing more than a business plan for Madrid to get a bit of profit. Arsenal could have an offer at the ready and if we can sign the striker for a lower sum than what is quoted, then I think he would be a sound investment for the Gunners. He has been one of the more impressive strikers at the Euro’s and currently has 3 goals to his name in 3 games. Morata will be looking to hit the heights tonight with his national side, who face up against many of his old Juventus teammates, in a strong Italian national team. Even though there is still plenty of time left in the transfer window, Arsenal have already seen their striker options dramatically fall with Vardy, Embolo and now supposedly Aubameyang completely off the cards. If Arsenal are interested then perhaps the club should make their first offer for Morata sooner rather than later, especially before the likes of Lukaku and Janssen fall off the transfer target radar as well.



    1. This article seems a day late.
      I’ll welcome Morata if he’s coming to Arsenal. However, I think we’ll miss a trick by not signing Janssen.
      Anyway, I wish Arsenal all the best in the transfer window.

  1. Scouting the Euros for reliable signings has perhaps been a very disappointing one

    still , expect teams to go on and hike their player prices…..starting with wolfsburg’s Rodriguez

  2. The romance between the media and Arsenal is simply incredible….

    Anyway let’s hope we sign a quality striker. Real Madrid price tag on Morata is simply scary.. …

  3. OT:

    Liverpool just signed Mane for 34m making him the most expensive African player…

    What is it with Liverpool always poaching S’ton? And;
    2)Is Mane worth that amount???
    Time will tell I guess…
    He even cost a little more than Sanchez who is simply world class…

    The lesson from that transfer is that if we want top top players, we must pay top money…
    Imagine Mane costing that amount amount, surely Sanchez is worth at least 70m…

    On Morata, let the rumours continue,I don’t he is for us!
    Let’s raid Everton for Lukaku, if they ask for 50m,we should just pay and have a crazily fit,strong,powerful,aggresive young striker in our team!

    1. @goonerboy,
      I completely agree with you. It will take a miracle to penny pinch and find a good striker these days.
      Of all the strikers we’ve been linked with, I seem to lean towards Lukaku. If I were Wenger, I’ll pay the money and get my man.

      1. @007…

        If Mane costs that,how much do you think Mahrez will cost.
        Seeing as he is the Player of the year and a Champion….

  4. Don’t know about the rest of the people here, but I’d rather have Lacazette than Morata.

    Get Rodriguez and a good center back too and we should be title favorites.

  5. Why would Real buy back Morata and then sell him again.Doesnt make sense.Its not like they are in debt or something.But then where does he fit in Zidane’s lineup.They already have Benzema and Bale also wants to play upfront.There are some reports suggesting Real will make a bid for Pogba and they need to sell Morata to comply with FFP.But when has FFP stopped these money bag clubs from making any tranfers?
    I personally feel that Morata will flourish with us but his price is hugely inflated.Jese Rodriguez is said to be available for loan.Should we get him on loan instead??

  6. Some say Iceland has a very small pop in Europe (well, does it matter?) ….. Others say they have no professional League (Damm wrong….. Check out the Urvalsdeild)

    But don’t be surprised to find Barca, bayern or R.mad try and raid some Icelandic players…. With their fighting, defensive and composed spirit

    [That’s the cohesion wenger has been trying so hard to preach about in 20yrs]

    1. Shut up man, you don’t know what you talking about.. Only because media pump up Englad they will never gonna win anything, no matter who is the menager… They have best manager in the world but they win nothing, it is the media and the players see themselves in the finals but the tournament didn’t even started yet!!! So this is not like the big MIRACLE of the tournament because they beat England, England is poor and thats a fact and the players with the fake confidence pumped up by the media!

      1. Marc, it is not polite to tell an arsenal fan to “shut up”, put an alternative argument, say you disagree but be polite about it.

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