‘The most pathetic thing’ – Pundit ridicules Arsenal after training clip

Gabriel Agbonlahor has claimed that Mikel Arteta’s attempt to prepare his Arsenal side for a Liverpool clash by playing You’ll Never Walk Alone during training is ‘pathetic’.

The Amazon All or Nothing series is set to begin rolling out the first set of episodes today, and we have already been the subject of ridicule after the previews showed some controversial mind games.

Agbonlahor has told TalkSPORT how funny the upcoming docuseries will be, whilst adding that he wouldn’t have been able to control his laughter had he trained at Arsenal this season.

“First of all, this documentary is going to be funnier than a Kevin Hart standup,” Agbonlahor said. “That is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen.

“If I was on that pitch training I would probably find it funny. You’d be laughing with your teammates.

“When they are playing in the Europa League and playing Fenerbahce away, are they going to get flares for the training ground and drums? Someone coming in to play drums while they are training?

“Honestly, it’s ridiculous. The players are not going to be on board with that.

“They lost the game by how many goals, was it 4-0? These are international players who have played in big atmospheres.

“I’m baffled.”

This certainly wasn’t the best insight into Arteta’s unorthodox preparations, but I struggle to believe that it will turn into a comedy, especially given how much positive and exciting football was on show during the campaign.

Losing 4-0 away at Liverpool is a result that can happen to even the best teams, and can hardly be blamed on what was shown in the trailer, but I’m sure that won’t stop rival fans from enjoying their laugh at our expense.



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  1. “If I was on the training pitch I’d probably find it funny”
    Ashame you was never good enough to be on the Arsenal training pitch hey Gabby.

  2. Had it had worked, the man woulda been a genius. Then he may have played the theme song of, “Local Hero” before the Newcastle match 😳. We woulda qualified for Champions League 🏆🤣🤣🤣

  3. “Real life” TV in all it’s forms is never “real” because all the participants know they are being filmed. It’s totally fake and you never get any real insights into anything. Just plain silly.

  4. So thick he’ll be cracked up by a mental strategy to enhance performance.sigh!!! No wonder he’s a role model to absolutely NO ONE not even a villa academy player.

  5. Agbonlahor, like O’Hara (and, for the sake of balance, our own Paul Merson), is a really poor pundit so I don’t know what he has to say is newsworthy.

    OK, it didn’t work. But Arsenal didn’t lose 4-0 BECAUSE Arteta played YNWA during training any more than England lost penalty shootouts in the past because they played soundtracks of boo and whistles (to simulate a hostile crowd) during PK practice so what did Arteta lose by trying the gambit? Nothing at all.

  6. I , rather foolishly I do admot,often tune in to tht TalkSport Breakfast show,6-10AM which features such “great brains” as those of Jamie O’Hara and Gabby Agbonlahor. That show also features Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist, both of whom know the game inside out, despite their often laddish and puerile so called humour . It is relentlessly downmarket!

    The former two dimwits, though, are nothing less than an embarrassment and you should hear the outspoken but wise and knowledgable Simon Jordan talking about those laughing hyenas, on his shared show with Jim White from 10zm-1pm.
    Jordan is widely accepted as being is electric, extremely outspoken, very bright and makes great radio.

    But as for Agbonhalor and O’ Hara they are the dimmest of the dim. TRULY! TRY LISTENING IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME.


    1. Could not agree more on GA and JO’H. What a gormless pair they are. ( I add, in my opinion for fear of retribution)

      Laura Woods is a better presenter and Alan Brazil although he more than knows his stuff, and funny to boot, can as you say be very laddish. This stems back to when Talksport was really not up to much.

      Totally agree on Jordan and White. Generally excellent to listen to with lively debate. Equally, the guests such as Martin Keown and now, hopefully, Graeme Souness on Mondays will further improve the station.

      Hawksbee and Jacobs are truly funny people but after that, and unless there is live commentary, I switch off. Banal is the operative word after 4pm (IMO)

  7. it was cringey as much as i dont like the talksport pundits… also unless it’s a big UCL game, the crowd sings YNWA, then it pretty average the rest of the game. Selhurst park has a consistently louder fanbase.

    1. Was it though? Or was it just an excuse for people who don’t like the club to try and poke fun? Arsenal fans should just banter back or ignore it. Much like the perfectly ordinary top 4 like a trophy comment from Wenger that actually made total sense or the perfectly ordinary attempt to activate a release clause that we were told by Suarez’s team that he had and so on. Things that became ingrained in our fan culture because a section of our fanbase took the banter serious and wouldn’t stop banging on about it themselves.

  8. But when you see the episode where the club photographer gives the team talk before the spuds game you will see where motivating speeches work, it’s brilliant.

  9. I think Arsenal will wish they hadn’t done this Fly on the wall programme. I see no gain at all.

  10. Jeez!!! What on earth is the problem with Mikel trying anything to motivate his players?
    I couldn’t care less if he got them doing the can can, if they won a game.

    So they lost the Liverpool game, as did many others at Annfield, but at least Arteta tried something different.

    For those who want to see our 1930’s team with Herbert Chapman singing “For he’s a jolly good fellow” watch the film “The Highbury Mystery” (I believe it was called).
    It didn’t do that title winning team any harm!!

    1. Ken but it is cringe worthy and failed miserably. Are we not supposed to do things that get results and praise them, not what looks like something out of the Office.

      1. But as someone said above, Reggie, what if it has worked?

        If we see a video of Mikel playing “What do you think of Tottenham etc” before we thrashed them 3-1 at The Emirates, would we be lambasting him then?

        I take the view that, while Mikel is in charge, he can try anything to get a result. After all, if he fails, then he can’t say it was because of this or that can he?

        Remember how the media took the rise out of Arsene, when he arrived and brought in strict dietary rules?

        They lampooned him for months, until the results started to show that, as part of his strategy as the manager, he was correct.

        Let’s not be so hasty with this condemnation and see what other things MA had up his sleeve.

        Embarrassing? Only because we lost and, remember, we came so very close in the return fixture – I wonder if he uses the same psychological idea for that game?

        1. But it didn’t work ken and that is/was the issue. If more things Arteta did worked, we may have got 4th or higher last season. Things we do have to work and there has to be justification.

  11. Much ado about nothing. Worst case scenario they had some background noise during training hardly the end of the world.

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