The most ridiculous Arsenal rumour so far!

There have been many far-fetched Arsenal transfer rumours already this summer,but his one definitely is the most outlandish one so far. The Mail reckons that Arsene Wenger is looking for a marquee signing as usual and that he is interested in signing Man Unted’s Angel Di Maria, despite his arrival at Old Trafford just one year ago.

Arsenal already have a plethora of brilliant midfielders, but the report reckons that Wenger would try to buy a player that United paid the ridiculous sum of £59.7m to Real Madrid just one year ago. And he has hardly proved his worth up in Manchester.

Not only would Arsenal have to pay fortunes to get him from United, there is also the small matter of his current £280,000 a week wages which we would need to match. Why on Earth would any even think that Wenger would consider such a thing.

Arsene has already said he is not interested in paying massive sums for players like Bale or Ronaldo, but Di Maria would cost about the same and is only half the player of those two. Has anyone seen a more ridiculous rumour this summer?


    1. @Gunner, actually Di Maria’s sallary is 150,000 a week, the only players that recieve more than 200000 wage a week at Man U are Rooney, RVP and Falcao.

    2. Plus, Angel diMaria is recently the most expensive flop in history of modern football. Hilariously, ManUre have two flops diMaria and Falcao. That’s what money can get!

      1. To be honest we payed 42m for Ozil and in his first season we all know he did not shine as expected, the same is with Di maria i think.I really like Di Maria since his madrid days.last seaon, he started really great but faded as the season pregressed.The guy is the third best assist in epl last season and scored 4 goals.And their is all those burgular incident,i am sure that must unsettle him a bit.Ozil has a better season than his debut season, I think the same true for Di Maria.Even though he is playing for Man U, I think he is class.

        1. Yeah, but Ozil doesn’t make 150k/ year and he did not cost 60 mils. And also performed in both seasons at Arsenal way above Di Maria.

  1. That definitely not true as thing have been quiet regarding rumours for arsenal and they are just looking for something ridiculous to write. There is no way wenger is interested in getting di maria from man utd. In other news, i am disappointed we wont be signing a back up Dm to coquelin, it seems wenger is going to stick with arteta and flamini.

  2. have u noticed every player every other premier league team buy is an ‘arsenal target’ or ‘arsenal lose out’ …da f*ck? am i missing something ….
    these ‘writers’ have all the credibility of a chocolate tea pot

  3. he is better than welbeck..i wudnt mind. i hop its true. we could return welbeck to them..even on a free if they want

  4. if signing Di Maria can strengthen the team and win titles

    i do not see why not pay him what he wants….

  5. Wenger is not doing the media any favours in this window. He should at least hold a press conference and moment on someone to give them stories..

  6. Wenger must be playing Mourinho-like mind games on Di Maria, trying to unsettle him even more than he already is.

  7. It’s still early in transfer window. Still time for crazier rumours involving Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, Carvalho etc.

    But this one is up there especially because of di Maria’s current wages of £260,000 per week. If he came here he would need to take a 50% cut in wages lol

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