The Mysterious and Baffling Case of Arsene Wenger

The Mysterious and baffling case of Arsene Wenger by Dan

I am tired of Arsene Wenger, as tired as the Arsenal manager himself looks most days sitting pitch side no doubt. As it can’t be argued that he hasn’t given his all for the club, no matter how you view him. But I fear, time and the monopolistic power he acquired with the early years of success has affected his reasoning and consequently his ability to take our great club forward.

Aside from the usual tactical/systematic naivety he displays by playing players out of position (when better options are available) and generally over packing the midfield with like minded players, This transfer window has thrown up the same baffling questions for me in relation to our manager and his actions (or is that in-action?).

Why when we have the opportunity to push on and build a deeper and better quality squad do we not do so? Well it seems that even with a network of scouts on our payroll there is not, in the entire world of football, better quality players than what we currently have, to be found! Aside from showing no interest in attacking talent like Tevez, Dybala, Pedro to name three, why can’t our eagle eyed scouts find us someone akin to West Ham’s ‘Payet’ who helped rip us apart. Is it just that Wenger can no longer identify the glaring holes that the world can see or perhaps his stubbornness is in his ideology? Perhaps it is a mixture of the above elements.

How can players like Arteta and Flamini remain at our club when there is an abundance of better, younger and faster midfield talent available on the market? If it is for loyalty’s sake then it is well misplaced, as his role is to create the best squad possible to compete on all footballing fronts, and not to be charitable to ageing (yet good servants) to the club.

But then Wenger does display what can only be called ‘loyalty’ to certain players in the team at the expense of good and effective rotation. Some may argue that it is because players such as Ozil and Sanchez are irreplaceable, but then the counter argument to that is they wouldn’t be if our bench options were better. No player in a club like ours (which hopefully endeavours to be the best?) should be guaranteed a starting place, just because even with a hangover and club foot sustained from a bee swarm attack he is the best option. In the case of Sanchez, the man who’s will to win drives him ever onward, he could hardly stand at the end of last season due to fatigue.

So, depth and quality is needed to win things – as is money to obtain it (it has been proven year in year out). So why on earth with a healthy bank account are we 5 days away from the transfer deadline with only the mercurial Cech as our purchase so far?

I cannot understand this, can you help me out here please?

Dan (ArseOverTit)

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  1. Most fans and analyst have a problem with Wenger. Perhaps more than with any other manager than I know of.

      1. I think jungian analysts understand his fixatation with self while talking about wholeness … Or as he says cohesion … What I want to hear from is Freudian analysts …coz I think his secret lies with them

      2. Many of the armchair analysts and bloggers like writing crap .
        This Tactic of a thing gets me all the time . I got news for you . Once players are on the pitch , tactic Iis like telling a bunch of 3 year old to maintain positional discipline.
        Tactic only go as far as the ability of the players you have and their intelligence to interpret what they were told before getting on the pitch .
        This is why managers pray for the half time whistle .
        Arsenal ‘s problem is the quality of players at our disposal ,

        1 intelligence
        2 their mentality ( winner ,loser or money )
        3 Attitude
        4 ability

        We want to play keep ball but only 5 of our players can keep possession in tight spaces .

    1. Probably just a coincidence, dont think its because he underachieves more than his rivals or makes a fool out of the fans consistently. Sick of the repetition in football, people are like sheep.

    2. I have long since seized to blame Wenger – The fact that his senility is not recognised at board level is the real problem. I can not fault the article’s content.
      I am 80 years old and know factually that Mental fatigue sets in a lot earlier in some.
      Wenger has an unfortunate early onset of dementure, started some 4 years ago already.
      It is sad to see that the old fuddy duddies continue to allow Arsenal to wade in mediocrity. I believe with all my heart that many of the true greats will not join Arsenal because of Wenger… they simply will not sit on the bench and be denigrated to second rate players whilst Wenger’s favourites ride the crest of the breaking waves, spuing faom in all directions apart from the right one. When it is too late he runs to places like Russia and signs up a cripple or two. Get rid of chambers and bring back Jenkinson. Move Monreal to center back – we also have Gibbs.
      Another point – Walcott will never make a CF as long as he has a hole in his ???Nose??? but give the Ox the same chance through the middle and he’ll get you many more goals than wqalcott ever will playing as a CF. He simply does not have the ball skills.
      enough Wenger has to be replaced if we want to be the club we should be.

      1. Are you a specialist? Like a doctor, you know. Because it looks to me that you speak easily about Wenger without even meeting him once. Lots of specialists around here, good to see the knowledge within the fans base.

  2. By the way, Aleksandr Kokorin has an uncanny resemblance with Huntelaar, so maybe that’s a good sign 😉

      1. Jeez we have hateers around hahaha thumb down for asking if we are linked?
        well thumb me up below cuz I went and see that we are…

    1. I will never regret being a fan of Arsenal, no matter what happens. Who haven’t we been linked with???

      1. Who we’ve been linked with is irrelevant – what matters is who we’ve been actually interested in. (i.e. not Benzema)

  3. No player must be guaranteed a place,Arsenal is a football club and in a football club there is competition for places but instead you still have people asking what will happen to Coquelin if we buy another DM instead of saying Coquelin must fight for his place!

    1. Agree if teams decide to play up and down the pitch football I believe we will win 90% of those games. Teams like Liverpool who defend well and show no intent to send players up like they did in the second half of the last game then we will struggle if we do not play more direct. Put the ball over the last line of defenders and you cause a dangerous situation. Look what happened against West Ham on the first goal. Cech hesitated and they put one in off a header. We must play more balls like that against sides that just defend. I actually like away games because teams have a tendency to actually try to score. I like our chances against any team that goes toe to toe with us.

      1. jim; got news for u. teams have figured out when playing at arsenal they just park, sit back and counterattack when possible. its working well for them.
        its on us to figure out a way to stop that from being effective.
        it would help if we used width and didnt have everything go thru giroud.
        it would also help if OG roved around a bit more.

  4. He thinks he has the surprise element that he had before.
    Now with debt paid up and 3rd place without UCLplayoffs he should have sorted at least one more player by now.
    If he gets nobody he ll be under the scope imo.
    I dont say he isn right about the team but as now has shown …injuries DO happen.
    Also, not sayin that our team is bad, but if you CAN have more players, even the psychological factor influences our own players in being sure we re better and to our rivals fearing us.
    You could see Pool and Ham were not too afraid.

    I really hope, for his own sake, that he signs someone good before the window closes

      1. @money
        Noo man come on, lets support any other team but not them.
        I was a fan..but slowly I realized they are a bunch of silent cheaters…I respect cheaters that are proud and dont hide…Alves and co they cheat and deceive.

        Lets support Múnich, Juve, Aleti…without stopping the support for Srsenal. Our team must not suffer fro individual actions.

  5. If he can somehow get Krychowiak, at least it will be an improvement as we don’t have sufficient backup for Coquelin

    However, if we don’t get a top striker we will have to pray everyday that Walcott, Giroud, Oxlade, Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla are All injury free the whole season and that Wenger plays players in their best position

    However, it will be a great shame not too get a Top striker for yet another season. Pedro, Jackson Martinez, Mandzukic, Dybala were all transfered.

    I don’t know much about Kokorin, llorente, Cheryshev, too make an opinion

    I hope Wenger makes a lot of bids on players like Cavani, Reus, Greizmann, Aubmeyang, Draxler, etc. Maybe, just Maybe there could be a nice surprise within the next 6 days.

    1. stats on Kokorin are sort of like Giroud’s.
      a goal every two games.
      Which isnt bad…another addition is always good.
      But I was impressed by other stats.

      And like I said, for me it was a signing of psychological impact….

    2. Read a report that said that the deal is done.
      Dinamo consider him their best player, they wanted to sell to a big club and NOT to Zent.
      Capello recommended him to Milan after managing him in the national team.
      So far 3 goals out of two games, and a red card for a headbuttt a la zidane.
      Overall 48 goals out of 150 games.

      1. hahahahaah
        Ok I officcially hav haters, no matter what I say..
        I guess cowards cuz no reply whatsoever..
        Spud fans that is

  6. Krychowiak on twitter has just confirmed he will stay with Sevilla. 2 targets have snubbed us.
    Wenger out Klopp in.

      1. Another one bites the dust.

        Perhaps Viera will come out of retirement…and play for Man City..

  7. As for me & likely most others, Wenger ignorance has been more than enough. Silence is the best answer for a FOOL!

      1. Nice Article…

        Personally, I got totally fed up with Arsene two seasons ago, I really tried to understanding but couldn’t, I guess mainly because most of his actions are not products of some external influence, he does what he does deliberately and that’s just mischievous.

        1. Thanks.

          Could not agree more. He has our beloved club in his hands and I don’t and haven’t for some time thought them capable anymore.


    1. I want Wenger to be sacked now. Klopp will do better job than Wenger with current squad.
      With new signings Klopp can win us UCL and EPL.

  8. I was chatting with a friend today about Arsenal. He is an Arsenal Fan too so we got talking and to my greatest surprise, dude sounded so much like Wenger. He said We’ll only improve and we get the right players when the time comes. I got fed up with our conversation. That’s how some of us (Arsenal fan) have become. We are now affected with ‘Wenger syndrome’. Our manager’s attitude has affected us and we are now brainwashed. Great manager but need to know this is a new era and not 10yrs ago…

    Wenger or without Wenger, I have always supported the club and that won’t change @ all. Just hoping for a good season and let’s see how this week pans out!

  9. Wenger had no interest in signing any player other than Cech. If he wanted to sign he would have already signed a DM by now and maybe even a striker. He is only likely to sign players if some serious injury happens like Coquelin out for 3 months like Giroud last season we signed Welback from Man U.

  10. Krychowiak tweets he is staying at Sevilla. Now what? There really does seem like there is no one available right now.

    Wenger couldn’t find quality all summer? You must be kidding me. No one better than the players we have? Even treble winners are adding to their squad this summer.

  11. Good article. Wenger has done great things for this club. Invincible season I will never forget that. No one can take that away from him. But for the last few years now it’s been “we’re ready for a title challenge” “we want to win the league”
    “If I find the right players we will do something in the market”
    All good hearing this, but when is all this talk going to take action?

    1. And I thought this was the year for him to do so…
      Sadly if he doesnt, players will want to leave and now he hasnt any financial restrition.
      Jeez…how can a man shoot himself in the foot so easily…

    2. Thanks Sam!

      ArseOverTit and not ‘Dan’.
      @Admin: you have revealed my real life identity and now I must cease my super heroe activities as a consequence for fear of threat to my family by the Evil Professor and his cronies!

      1. Great article, @Arse. Well put, everything you say is correct. We have no idea of knowing why he is not buying when the money seems to be there. But i am sure the board knows, and this time, they might have an issue with Arsene as well. Here is hoping…

        His caution and his stubbornness and his arrogance have cost us and keep costing us dearly/

  12. The situation is such that even if he were to sign 2 good players in the next 5 days or so, I still want him to leave. I am so tired of this man…he no longer has the brains if not the balls to compete in 2015.

  13. Basically nobody knows what he will do or what he wont do. Only Arsene knows.

      1. Why? Do you want arsenal to sign andy carroll? what type of fan are you?

  14. To see how Arsenal fans feel about Wenger in general, go look at twitter accounts like @MrArsenal06

    My main particular peeve with Wenger after selling Merse is his intolerable need to play players out of position, hit and miss substitutions and no plan ‘B’ after seeing what tactics the other manager is using. I also don’t understand why substitutions have to be at the 70 Min mark when it is more often than not too little time for the player to get in the game.

    Captain choices have been woeful since PV4 left. The refusal to buy players because of the mindset “Nobody tells me what to do, I AM THE MANAGER AND I DECIDE IF I BUY PLAYERS” is tiresome and often the reason we are short of a league title – and more so because the money is there after waiting patiently 15 years for the statdium to be paid for and seeing top players leave each year. Wenger treats the funds like they are coming from his own pocket.

    Regardless of how long it takes, I believe we have to wait for him to step down gracefully out of respect and appreciation, but I pray it isn’t a long wait and I know I will continue not liking the same things I highlighted above season after season and that day of retirement comes.

    1. Well said!

      Yes MrArsenal and George dont suffer fools and are not scared to say it as they see it.

    2. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The board need to take responsibility and devolve transfers away from Wenger

  15. I personally think fans respect of wenger is at an all time low, we will do the usual be in the top 6/7 by jan, buy a panic buy, get fourth and everyone’s happy, there will be hundreds of rumours in the summer transfer window and we will be here again, until wenger leaves this is the cycle, we need to be aware players like Sanchez want to compete for trophies , he wasn’t extatic with just the FA cup , if this carries on he will leave and I for one won’t blame him.
    Do you think Fab
    Van pussy
    And so on would leave if we had been winning the league , ok so we had to fund the ground, what’s our excuse now

    Wenger out


  16. I think arsenal fans in england are too tolerant.If it were to be here in Nigeria,we would stop buying the tickets or perhaps stop going to watch a couple of matches.dats d best way to register ur dissatisfaction.d romance btw Wenger and d board wil take us nowhere,Dis man has lost it.its time for him to leave.

  17. Scout to Wenger: Sir, Bezima is available. They value him at 48mil.
    W: Yes, but I value him at 46mil, therefore he is not a good purchase.
    S: You have 100mil or more to spend. What is 2mil in the grand scheme?
    W: No. However, I see an 8mil rated player on sale for 6mil. That is a bargain. Him I want.
    S: Why? He is over 40 and out of shape.
    W: He is a bargain and I can add him to my stable of midfield players.
    S: He has been repeatedly injured and missed most of the last season due to injury.
    W: Yes, just like Diaby. It is very exciting.

  18. If we signed Blaszczykowski, we would need a nickname for him lol.

    With PSG reportedly not interested in selling Cavani, Krychowiak probably not leaving, Benzema not leaving, I’m feeling very depressed.

    Look at players we missed out on by waiting too long: Jackson Martinez, Dybala, Mandzukic,Destro, Sterling, Lacazette, Pedro, Dzeko, Turan, Balotelli (lol), Depay, Milner, Schweinseiger, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Krychowiak, Vidal, Khedira, Jovetic, Cavani.

    I am hoping and praying that somehow we will be pleasantly surprised come Tuesday or earlier but DOES NOT look good.

    1. Kondogbia hit me hard. It takes Cazorla and Coquelin to do what Kondogbia can do all by himself. Such a shame.

    2. It pains me to ever wish a defeat on my beloved Arsenal but a loss to the Toon army might be the necessary catalyst to finally bring an end to the Wenger Regime. I respect and applaud the coaching legend that he is, but as a fan I’ve reached my saturation point with him and the corporate clowns that enable his 8M larceny of fans hard earned money. There status quo money printing agenda and fans willingness to be complicit in this 4th place trophy scam is reprehensible, but will continue. On the field sadly Arsenal isn’t even an attractive squad to watch anymore, predictable and tactically deficient when facing a well organized team. Playing Ozil, Carzola, Jack and Ramsey repeatedly on the wings is an abomination, nearly as suicidal as the ingenious zonal marking strategy that concedes almost as many goals a year as Giroud scores.

      As the end of the transfer window nears, I’ve reoccurringly asked myself the same question. Even if Cavani and Bender were bought on deadline day would either player find there best form under Arsene and thrive in the red and white,

      I have my doubts

      1. The problem is, he’s never getting fired mid-season – unless Arsenal are risking relegation lol

  19. You are all sitting on your fatt asses watching others teams how they compete against each other, where Arsenal gets kicked out by teams like Monnaco. Like it or not, you all do it, including me.

    I for example hate every other team in the world. Expecially i do hate Barcelona and Manure. Not just bec they where always some kind of cheats, but these 2 are the ones who made Arsenal their B*tch for so many years.

    These two teams are the ones i always wanted us to wing against, and nowdays one of them has turned into the most successfull team in english history, where the other has turned into the best in the world.

    And where is Arsenal? This Arsenal deserves way more then this bs we haven been going through. Arsenal had a reputation of being an attractive side of football. We might now have won anything during the past years, but many liked us, bec of our games style and our bad luck not to win everything big.

    Nowdays no ones respects us. Rival legends pity us for what we have become. They make fun of our club, our fanbase, our manager our players, everything. There is no pride anymore. No mighty Arsenal.

  20. what i read from some article and trusted source on internet
    player that arsenal want is

    -Benzema (Player agreed,But failed because Rm ask for full payment, wenger say no and
    and want the payment split in 2 times, this years £30M, rest of payment will be
    payed next year,RM didnt agree because need cash for reus,kovacic,lewandoski
    + some says benzema want £300.000 / week )

    -Cavani ( not for sale, even players want to leave club)

    -Krychowiak (already fail , great loyality to the club)

    -Goetze ( looks like bayern didnt want sold him , he still 23 and has a long promising future
    and of course his price tag will be increased in no time)

    -Matuidi (IMO maybe deal can be happened, since psg already throw lot of money for
    diMaria, but still depends on the player want to stay or leave , its still 50:50 chance)

    -Rabiot ( Im sure wenger like this, type of what wenger wants ! france,age20,cheap only
    about £8m in market,looks promising, still young and lack experience
    no further info till now.)

    -Błaszczykowski ( media nows tell that AFC chasing him. but he is an RM, already at 29y/o
    ,affordable. but isnt what we need now/ maybe wenger to play him as cdm?
    or backup ramsey? who know btw not worthy too old)

    -Draxler ( No further info , is a LW Winger. still 21, but has long list of injury,similiar to
    jack wheelchair medium price tag,i think wenger willnot buy him , still in love with his
    golden boy ramsey and ox is much better)

    -Reus ( Definitely is a World class and Great price tag, not sure wenger want to spend it
    and looks like reus prefer play for real madrid than arsenal. so i think he will prefer
    stays at BVB or maybe happened if wenger want to splash cash + ozil and per
    convince him to join AFC , but now only few days left. im sure BVB will increase his
    price alot , in this condition to hold their best player. at the end getting him is only
    exist in your dream)

    latest info!! we already sign A CF !!
    dont know if this true / just media makeup
    its alexander kokorin mate

    -Kokorin (Agent already say no contact from AFC, no way wenger will buy this unknown
    kokokrunch,buying this player jst make him look doing panic buying and get critized
    again. but some trusted source say kokorin is now arsenal player)

    its true guys, so hard to be an arsenall fanatic fans+supporter. but i really cant take it anymore!!!!!!
    every transfer windows its just landing new player called
    devastating,destroying ,weakening,stressfull,grief,sorrow,sadness,desperated,despirited
    at least whoever comes i dont care. dead feeling since benzema total failure!!

    But deep in my heart , Still be Gunners no1 fans forever no matter in what condition in win /lose
    #YaGunnersYa# #Gunners4Life#

  21. We all know Wenger has snookered himself and the millions of worldwide Arsenal supporters. Here we are a few days away from the end of the transfer window and things are going backwards rather than forward. The “arrogant one” who is the only one who understands football, and will only buy those good enough for Arsenal, has found nobody good enough. So Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, Pedro, Kondogbia, Vidal, and Carvalho are not good enough for us. Thank you Arsene for teaching me that. Although I protested when you signed Mikael Silvestre I realise you knew what you were doing. The fact that you want to reach 3rd/4th place again is a good thing because maybe the year after you will try to win the league. Jai Guru Wenger Hai, O all knowing one.

  22. It was only a couple of days ago Wenger was bemoaning Rogers not selling Suarez to him. Has he totally lost it? I’ve never supported Rogers against Wenger, but I will make an exception here. If he had made a REASONABLE offer like 45 million, we would’ve had Suarez playing for us today and all striker problems would be non existent. It was because he made that stupid offer of 40m + 1 pound, thinking he would get away with it, because Suarez was kicking up a fuss at Liverpool, that they dug their heels in, not wanting to be made fools of, and I can quite understand it.

    That is Wenger for you, if David Dein or probably any one else had been in charge of transfers, Suarez would’ve been ours by now.

  23. In my heart: AKB FOREVER

    But in my head: wtf is AW doing?! Why has no-one been bought in yet? 13 out only 1 in! Yes the team is good enough to challenge but we all know Injuries are a defo! Wake dafuq up! Ahhhh!!!! Wtf?!!! Vidal?? Morgan?? Gregorz? Anyone?? Attacker/forward?? Why all the secrets? Put pressure on teams to sell like big teams do! Is Wenger still Dat Guy??!

    But then my heart says: just wait a few more days and we we will know that everything will be fine. Le Prof is concocting something in his lab

  24. Janis Joplin wanted Mercedes because her friends all had Porsches. Bottom line is Arsenal is a business. Buying at inflated rates seldom pays dividends. In the PL any team can win a match, but few make top 3. We do

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