The New Champions League Format Will Make Stan Kroenke Even Less Ambitious

New Champions League Will Make Stan Kroenke Even Less Ambitious by Dan Smith


The new structure of the Champions League will be music to Stan Kroenke’s ear.

It’s a step closer to turning elite football into like American sports, the majority of which don’t have relegation or promotion but reward a team for simply being a franchise.

The new version of the European Cup starting in 2024 is complex, but from Arsenal’s point of view the new format increases our chances of returning to the elite level.

Nothing has changed in terms of the Top 4 will still be the route to qualification but there is now a controversial insurance policy of UEFA awarding an additional place to whoever has the most coefficient points.

Based on this season, as an example, Liverpool would qualify based on their previous record in Europe, almost like a get out of jail free card just in case a big name underachieves domestically.

In the past couple of years we would have benefited from this ruling.

Based purely on our own self-interest the new policy was designed for the likes of us, a big-name 11th in UEFA’s rankings but not acting like it, with it likely those above us all qualify through the normal channels.

  Our points will improve even more if we win the Europa League.  

If we are honest though it rewards failure.

My worry is this won’t encourage our owner to show any ambition. Why build a squad to challenge for the title when UEFA are making it even easier to qualify for UEFA’s premiere competition?

There’s certainly zero incentive to try and win it.

We were a club once accused of only caring about being in the Champions League but not trying to win it, happy to garner the revenue that simply being a participant made us.

That will be even more the case with this updated version, guaranteeing 36 sides at least 10 fixtures with huge TV and sponsorship deals, hence why UEFA are trying to find ways to get the most marketable names involved.

In theory the Gunners could finish 7th every year, be in the Champions League, take the money and after 10 games count their money. It’s worryingly reminiscent of the American model.

Just in case you are wondering how Arsenal could win the Champions League …….


36 Teams Compete in One League table instead of the Traditional Group Stages.


However you don’t play everyone home and away just 10 fixtures decided by a draw (teams are seeded).


The top 8 qualify for the knockout stages (and are guaranteed qualification for the next year).


The bottom 12 clubs are knocked out.


If you finish between 9th – 24th you enter the playoffs

e.g. 9th vs 24th over two legs.


The Final 16 teams take part in the traditional knock out stages.


So in theory we a could finish 7th, qualify and just need to finish in the top 8 to stay there.

If you finish in the top 8 your coefficient points increase so once you’re in, it’s very hard to be out of it.

Hence the American model, keeping the rich rich and making it very hard for anyone else to break in.

Use Bayern Munich as an example. From 2024 it would almost be impossible for them to not qualify.

Let’s say they had a disaster and finished 7th; they would qualify based on their European history.

The TV contract is so big Mr Kroenke no longer has to worry about where we finish.

This is another step towards how the Kroenke Family would love the sport to turn into; a franchise based money-making machine…


Do You Like The New Version Of The Champions League?


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Dan Smith


  1. I don’t like it, but I can understand it because of European countries’ economic situations. Hopefully it won’t backfire at the quality of European football teams

    1. exactly

      those days only the champion of the league plays

      this format is to ensure the top clubs play in the champ league

      denying the formation of the Euro Super League

  2. The usual dirt throwing at our owner based on pure speculation.
    Over the past 4-5 seasons we have invested loads of money to get back into the Champions League on new players and on keeping high-salary players In fact Kroenke accepts Arsenal continually spending more than we earn, as it is an investment to get us back.
    You have never acknowledged that fact.
    There is every reason to believe this new format will only make Kroenke/Arsenal even more determined to retake a spot in Champions League.
    If for nothing else, then purely for financial reasons, as there is in fact a huge correlation between doing well in both Premier League and CL and doing well financially. They go hand in hand.

    1. I agree with you. Kroenke is no sugar daddy, but Arsenal have spent a lot of money in the last three seasons. Sadly the money was not well spent at all.

    2. Okay simple question
      What did we do in January to show any ambition – slashed the wage bill
      And I’m sure this summer we will compete for likes of Haaland? Ever asked why that is ?
      He’s the owner of the worst Arsenal side in 25 years
      That’s a fact

      1. It is also a fact, Kroenke has allowed Arsenal to spend more than all other clubs for the past 5 years except Man C and Man U, and despite that fact we are, where we are. So maybe your critical eyes should be opened for other explanations, than lack of spending.

  3. DAN IS SO RIGHT! This is yet another step on the way to a closed shop for the trad. big names in the game, where the smaller clubs are effectively prevented from ever breaking through. This is ,BTW, exactly what financial fair play has been doing ever since it came in. Man City got on board just in time, as had they not done so, they would never have been able to do what they have done since Sheikh Mansoor bought them.

    Some may think, what a shame they did get on board in time and in fact – when you have corrupt multi billionaires able to easily gain control of a club(Kroenke too!)- I would agree with them.

    But the SOLUTION is to totally redraw how clubs can be owned and run. In my long standing opinion, all clubs should be majority owned by fans, with shares ,at affordable prices, made available for fan groups to buy a 51% share , thus stopping corrupt owners from making a fortune off the backs of ordinary and hard pressed fans!

    Of course the whole finance of football would also need to change. I would have decades ago brought in salary caps and with various countries governments support, plus a necessary reformed and ethical FIFA/ UEFA too in support, we could defeat a certain court challenge against a necessary salary cap.

    Thus salary cap is at the heart of all cleansing of the corrupt nature of grossly obscene salaries and dreadful agents fees. I would, by football regulation law, prevent agents effectively “owning ” players and would strictly enforce vastly less fees for these sharks, again in court, as that would definitely be challenged.

    Unless anduntil we FUNDAMENTALLY tackle the gross financial greed which is at the root of all footballs ills, we are certainly on the road to a disaster for our beloved game.

    I have constantly and almost alone, preached on this (and other) fan sites that UNLESS we cleanse the immoral greed that is ruining our game, we will eventually lose the game we love and ordinary fans will be unable and/or unwilling to pay for exhorbitant players/ agents/ owners private, unearned, fortunes.

    All profound life change begins with the mass will to enact change. Unless that will exists and is common, then change will not happen. So my friends, do please think, really think, and try to see what is happening in front of us all.

    Unless we act, we will lose our game as a mass sport supported in person(at grounds) by countless millions worldwide. If we band together we can stop this corrupt way our game has been stolen fromus sall by financial sharks.

    And do not forget please, that when gross greed is available , even your favourite players become sharks , and all that differs is whether they are huge, large, medium or smaller sharks! ITS UP TO US, ALL OF US!

  4. Dreadful idea, supporters will switch off, same teams every year, what a bad idea a European suer league in all but name

  5. That may sound good in theory, but if a club operates in that way, there is always that one season when everything goes wrong and end up being relegated.
    Arsenal under Wenger never just tried to enter the Champion league places. The club was always positioned to be the best but was not able to compete with clubs positioned to buy a trophy. Bit of a difference, and maybe it should be acknowledged after everything that has taken place since then.

  6. less ambitious? Impossible…what would that even look like…it’s ridiculous to speculate how this would actually impact him since it’s unlikely that he even knows or even cares to know what’s going on across the pond…maybe if we put a Ram on our jersey somewhere he just might give a flying f***

  7. Isn’t this the same breakaway format for the European super league that was rejected/opposed by ooeefaa?

    Sounds pants.

  8. ” …….even less ambitious”! Good trick that , managing to be less ambitious than zero, as at present! Wonder how he is expected to manage that ! Can you have MINUS ambition, I am forced to wonder!

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