The next Arsenal manager should be as loyal and committed as Wenger

Arse Wenger Model JustarsenalArsene Wenger is in his last week as manager at Arsenal, and although he is leaving under a bit of a cloud after having his worst season at the club ever, there is no doubt that he earned all the plaudits and respect that he has been given because of what he has brought to Arsenal over the last two decades.

His achievements from his first year through to our move to the Emirates are extremely unlikely ever to be equalled, never mind beaten, and the Boss is very hopeful that his replacement can bring the same qualities to the job that he himself has over his career.

When asked what advice he would like to give to his replacement he said: “”The advice I’d give to him is to give his best and respect the values of the club,” Wenger said. “This club is respected all over the world and I would just like him to bring his own ideas.

“It will be a different speech, a different way to see the game. It’s a chance for the players to see something different. As well, on the other hand, I’d say to respect what has been built here and what people care about as well.

“You have seen on Sunday, when you speak about the goodbye I had with the fans, is that some of the fans don’t always agree with my decisions but I think they respected one thing: that I was honest, loyal and committed to the values of the club and to give my best for the club.

“They wanted to tell me ‘we agree with you on that’. And I would like my successor to do that as well.”

So I think we must all surely agree, that although many of us have been calling for him to step down in the last few years for outstaying his welcome and failing to compete with our rivals, we have to respect his integrity and loyalty to our club from the day he arrived until he leaves next week.


Sam P


  1. Ian wrights bruva says:

    They way he has conducted himself is to be applauded. I think he loves the club as much as we do and wants the best for the club, sadly he run out of ideas.

    Stay true to his values in the face of massive pressure, can’t knock a man for standing by his principles.

    nuff respect to Arsene and all the very best for the future.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Nice post Bruv

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Ken 1945, sorry for the delay in answering your last question, computer problems, If you go back to previous post “Wenger’s final pre-match talk” it was answered.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Kenny Rolfe,
          Thanks mate, received it, read it and replied.

          A very good post from Ian Wrights bruva, could have been written by the man himself (Ian Wright that is).

          Even though I am of a mature age, I still find the different views and attitudes of our fanbase fantastic. I learn something new all the time.
          Every post on here has the same DNA….. a gooner through and through, Just like Wenger.
          Of course he made many mistakes, of course he has had a terrible last two years (name me one human being who hasn’t made a mistake) but the 50,000 plus gooners on Sunday gave him the acknowledgement of our respect for the man.
          Just as people said the empty seats indicated the unrest of the fans, so the full house also indicated the feelings toward the man.
          So, as he now says, “Goodbye”…it’s time to move on and support the new manager and players.
          Well said Arsene, let’s hope we do just that.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            The nice thing about Sunday Ken was a large amount of the fans at the Emirates wanted Wenger out, me included, but still managed to give him the wonderful, classy send off he deserved. Three simple words come to mind. THE ARSENAL WAY.

  2. Me says:

    Integrity and loyalty are nice things.
    But in football its results that matter – loyalty gets you sixth place 36 points behind the leaders.
    No sentimentality – that has cost us a lot and I’m not entirely confident we can fix that..

    1. Lexynal says:

      @ Me if this is the way you still feel….I am not sure what sort of human you will be and I dont wish to live under the same roof with you. You still cannot differentiate between lioyalty, comittment and honesty to results of football on the pitch. The whole world cannot but agree this is an honest man who loves the club passionately (regardless of mistakes he made> It appears you are the only one left on the face of the earth who doesnt make any mistake. If you have ever made , at least, one mistake, then you deserve to be SACKED from your job, from your marriage, from your town, from your country…… If you are not going to give Wenger the respect he deserves…I can assure you he wont miss it. He has had from more than 50, 000 loyal and true fans. He has had frpm achievers (great players, managers etc), he will have many more through his life time. You can keep moaning and nursing your bitterness in the cornder of your room. You will never ever be celebrated – becasuse you will never ever achieve anything anyways. THANK YOU WENGER

      1. xxnofx says:

        Why slag off a surporter who is just expressing his views . ill always be a wenger surpporter from the early days but ffs dont keep treating him as a god . He was a employee at a football club who was payed one of the best salaries in english football. Some of the surporters on this website are damn right weird . Hes had his send off ,now lets move forward

        1. John Wick says:

          Well said xxnofx ?

        2. Tobee says:

          Spot on mate

        3. jon fox says:

          Well said. To be clear, I have craved – not merely wanted – Wengers removal for more than a decade but have no bitterness against him whatever. I sincerely wish him Godspeed in whatever he now does and am moved that our wonderful crowd gave this thoroughly decent and urbane man the wonderful send off he deserved. People with a modicum of brains – which is actually all of us, if you apply this literally – should easily be able to distinquish between wanting the manager gone , while still respecting , even admiring him, as a human being. This is called wisdom, decency and matuurity. The problem that ANY type of “hero worship” – in any form of life holds, and esp for younger, less worldly wise people- is that it stops them seeing that ALL HUMANS HAVE FEET OF CLAY AND MAKE MISTAKES. But some people cannot accept that heroes make mistakes; that is inexperience of life writ large. Making misatakes , AS ALL HUMANS DO, does not make us bad people It just means we are human. The vast majority of humans planet wide are lovely, decent , honourable people. Arsene Wenger is such a type; so are ALMOST all who post regularly on here, in reality. Whether we excel in our chosen careers , however, is a completely different matter. Some do, some don’t. It is called the facts of real life. In professional sport, with highly , obscenely paid performers and managers who therefore carry huge responsibility to those who (indirectly) pay those wages, excellence means you attain and keep it OR leave the stage. It’s tough at the top and if you want the privileges and wealth it brings, you MUST also wear the burden of that responsibility and it’s consequences should you lose it. End of lesson. Time for a drink!

    2. Nothing changed says:

      I think the worlds best managers have shown loyalty to the game and to a way of playing but not to one club. Guardiola, Klopp, Van Gaal, Mourinho, Ancelotti have all won multiple titles with more than one club and they have all been loyal to their own interpretation of the game but not to a club. Don’t expect Pep to be at City for an other 10 years but he has moved the club forward.

      We need a manager who can instill a sense of pride in our players and fans. A manager who can get the players to give 100% for each game and can get all involved back to expecting to win each game fans and p[layers alike. A manager who can improve players and has enough understanding of the modern game to employ some tactics.

      I don’t want an other loyal manager who hopes to collect his check for 20 some years. In fact I hope the next manager gets sacked within no time if he doesn’t deliver his deliverables.

      1. RichSAAlao says:

        @ Nothing Changed
        Oh! hope again, you don’t need to (nyway, this is one of the problem of Arsenal fans, spontaneity, rather being circumspect) Gazidis already hinted that it is not likely a manager will get that long stay.
        Really, no manager will come in again expecting loyalty from the club and being expected to be loyal to the club, you will only get Touch-and-go managers now. It is public knowledge that with Wenger that loyalty factor had been voiided by Gazidis, who is priding himself as some super-administrator.
        Fact was Wenger was ready to go last summer, but the ”super-admin Gazidis” was zero-ready. So they offered one year to Le Prof, who refused except it is two, with the thought that he would use this current season to rebuild and final season to fight for something, things did not work out because Gazidis hijacked the programme to prepare for the new manager. so Wenger was not allowed free hand to rebuild.

  3. Durand says:

    Clubs without recent titles love to give glowing speeches about everything and anything other than titles and trophies.

    Loyalty can be both good and bad. Wenger staying when he had other offers is a good thing. Shoehorning Ramsey in lineup, keep starting Giroud during 16 game goaless streak, and hanging on to underperformers is a very bad thing.

    I get the point about club principles, but sport is a results based business, with wins and losses. Right or wrong that’s the world we live in. Besides, if they do create a super league will it revolve around winning and money or values and principles?

    Loyalty to chronic underperformers is what got him fired. Loyalty also got supporters mugged for years by board and owner.

    1. xxnofx says:

      Top comment

    2. RichSAAlao says:

      You ddn’t know what the manager knew. Some of us knew the Giroud barren goals was caused by team-mates, Ozil, Theo and Sanchez. That was why that time,Giroud only scored again when Kierran Gibbs played and played to Giroud.
      I believe fans will soon find out that Arsenal’s problem is not Wenger. Actually, if you watched the 2018 women FA cup final, then you should worry the similarity with the performance of Arsenal ladies to their Men countet-part in the club.

      1. Phil says:

        So that’s where Wenger went wrong.He should have dropped Sanchez and Ozil (by far our TWO BEST PLAYERS) and Walcott.Played Gibbs up front with Giroud and the Goal Scoring Machine would have solved all our problems.Is that seriously what you are saying?
        Unbelievably ridiculous comment.
        Manure paying Sanchez £500k a week
        Gibbs just got relegated with WBA
        Sort of says it all really don’t you think?

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I reckon a big problem of Arsenal’s was having players who cannot mix it up to a decent degree of difference. We have/had players who like to be the one to either make the final pass, or the one to make the final run before shooting. The ones who made the runs, couldn’t really switch it up and be the passer when needed. Same goes for the other way around. Midfield, we only had Ramsey making runs, and we had Lacazette and Giroud, neither was a playing on the last shoulder type of player. We had too many wanting to pass the ball. Bellerin should’ve been making dangerous runs, but he mostly makes the same run and plays the same ball every-time. Ozil, Wilshere, two of our best when on the ball, but they rarely play the receiver wanting to finish a chance. Iwobi again he wants to pass it, he likes to think himself of Ozi’s ability. Cazorla could do both, we really missed him. But you need players that can do both, even if they are better with one side they still need to be able to make the numbers up if we become too predictable. And that’s what we became, predictable. Whoever had the ball or didn’t have it, you knew too well what or where he wanted to be and what he wanted to try. Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang helped in this area, they gave us two more runners, and Mkhitaryan is a passer and a receiver. But for too long we were too easily read. The next manager has to get his players building on their all round individual quality, and players brought in cannot be one dimensional. That would be my two cents.

          1. Phil says:

            Yeah – it was the players such as Ljunberg and Wiltord who offered something different.Pires always had options to his Game.So too did Parlour to an extent.We seem now to have too many one dimensional players that seem to play to a rigid game plan especially away from home.Without doubt we have just not had the quality of players this last decade that Wenger was able to bring in during the early part of his Arsenal career

  4. Grandad says:

    His loyalty and integrity was never questioned but sadly he lost his way in terms of poor recruitment with the resultant impact on playing standards and league position.No other Manager was given more time to sort out the teams deficiencies which are readily identifiable but during the past 5/6 years he has failed to turn the ship around.Loyalty is no longer an attribute which is evident in the business of association football as it is today.It is still around in the power leagues but at the top end money is the God which cements contracts. Only one group can be identified as eternally loyal,namely the fans.

  5. jon fox says:

    No argument from me , or many I would suggest, about Wenger being a highly impressive human being. If only his managerial skills were even a quarter as good as his human skills, he would still be here. But they don’t, so he isn’t! It is THAT simple. This whole episode proves beyond doubt you can respect and admire someone as a man but still not rate them professionally. This is true in many other walks of life so why should football be any different. A personal example: I think Jeremy Corbyn a fine and humane man but think him a disastrous politician and desperately poor leader, with policies which are away with the fairies. Ironically, he is also a Gooner. I could give many other examples too if I wanted to bore you more than I already do!

    1. Sorry Jon, I disagree. If Wenger was even the half decent man you claim he is he would have accepted he is taking us backwards and retired 5 years ago. However, he selfishly held on and refused to give a chance to anybody else to manage this club. Look now where we are because of his pride and arrogance. To him being the longest serving manager in the premier league was more important than the team’s well-being. Good riddance is all I can bitterly say about him.

      1. jon fox says:

        QD, EVEN DECENT PEOPLE HAVE FEET OF CLAY. I AGREE HE SHOULD HAVE GONE MANY YEARS AGO, AS YOU WELL KNOW SINCE YOU READ MY REGULAR LONG TERM POSTS. He made numerous mistakes and misjudgements but it was primarily the job of the club and owner to SACK HIM, rather than for him to resign voluntarily. Surely you think this way too! The real tragedy is that is took huge fan absences to oust him. The regime bear huge responsibility. He bears some too but mostly it is those above him we must blame. Being bitter now that he is finally going harms no one other than yourself. That is a lesson older people often learn in life. Thik about it , since Wenger does not even know you and I and countless other thousands who craved his sacking , even exist. So your bitterness does not harm him, in case you hoped it does. Only harms yourself and that would be a terrible shame , for a decent and honest fan who loves the club. He is gone. Be glad and content with that whIle looking ONLY forward. The past is gone! I am far polder than you, I think and would have far more reson to be bitter aas I have fewer years left on this earth to see us again win the title and /or CL. But I am NOT bitter. I can’t afford to be. NOR CAN ANY HUMAN.

    2. John0711 says:

      I disagree John for all Corbyns faults he is a better option from the evil money grabbing lying bit*h

      1. jon fox says:

        So I won’t be expecting to meet you at Conservative party meetings it seems! Well, I don’t go either, so it definitely won’t be happening. Last time I posted a political post I got told off, correctly , by the Admin . So I will give a football analogy instead. There are many great players who were smashing people and much admired for their playing skills and as men. But hardly any have been proven top managers. I go back to Billy Wright (and further actually) and he was a great player and a great man but a rubbish manager.

        1. Andrew E says:

          Fully agree Jon, I go back to George Swindin who Billy Wright succeeded as manager.
          He was a great defender but came up short as a manager as did a host of other great footballers including Bobby Moore, Tony Adams, Alan Shearer etc. Of the top managers today I think Zidane is the only exception to the rule.

          1. Rashid80 says:

            Don’t forget Guardiola, he was a great player

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Sorry Andrew I couldn’t let you leave out Gary Neville, what a mess he made of football management. Just to put these TV pundits in there place, “anyone can talk about the game after the event” and as Ron Atkinson once said to Andy Gray and Richard Keyes, “sitting there playing with your silly toys”

          3. RichSAAlao says:

            @Andrew E
            Yeah, and that exception list of good player and then also good manager will soon include P. Vieira whenever and wherever.
            Forget the ingrate TH, he as no chance, he was only all what le Prof made him.

  6. Innit says:

    I don’t doubt Wenger being committed. I think many managers are. He was committed because the board didn’t fire him. He had a high paid secure job. Yes he didn’t go to PSG or Madrid etc but part of the reason he stayed was again job security and £9 mil per year.

    Ancellotti won the double with Chelsea then was immediately fired. Im sure he would have been committed if he had stayed. Ranieri won the PL with Leicester and following season fired. Again he was probably committed.

    It’s really about the board giving the manager a chance and the money.
    I don’t doubt the next manager will be committed as long as the board gives him the money to spend to build the team otherwise he may go to another club.

  7. Lupe says:

    Footballers and managers talking about loyality. These guys are earning millions, if you want to talk about loyality, look at the fans that pay the momey, travel to games, wake up early in different parts of the world to watch matches, buy merchandise and so on. Thank you wenger for been loyal but it wasn’t as difficult as you were earning multiple times what the average person earns in a life time.

    1. Enagic says:

      Span on Lupe especially when they dont accept responsibility and try to blame other things while the facts are the team is not good enough

  8. What exactly is this values and principles drivel they keep talking up at the Emirates? Last week it was Gazidis now Wenger? If they are the same values and principles that saw the club brought down to its knees from playing guys like Iwobi then we must abandon these values and principles with immediate effect! We want glory!!!

  9. gotanidea says:

    That photo though

    He looks so pompous

  10. Arsene is Out says:

    Look we are never going to find anyone who is as loyal and loving to Arsenal then Arsene BUT and this is a big BUT. In the last few years his mis-placed thoughts about his own abilities have over shadowed his love for Arsenal.
    Take last year for example where he readily agreed that his situation of knowing or not knowing he was going to stay caused problems in the dressing room and badly effected team performance. This to me shows a little more hubris and self preservation instinct then love of the team.
    So although a great man and a great loyal loving Arsenal supporter, I think he has tainted his own image in the last few years.

    1. Lexynal says:

      @ “ARSENEISOUT: if this is the way you still feel….I am not sure what sort of human you will be and I dont wish to live under the same roof with you. You still cannot differentiate between lioyalty, commitment and honesty to results of football on the pitch. The whole world cannot but agree this is an honest man who loves the club passionately (regardless of mistakes he made> It appears you are the only one left on the face of the earth who doesnt make any mistake. If you have ever made , at least, one mistake, then you deserve to be SACKED from your job, from your marriage, from your town, from your country…… If you are not going to give Wenger the respect he deserves…I can assure you he wont miss it. He has had from more than 50, 000 loyal and true fans. He has had frpm achievers (great players, managers etc), he will have many more through his life time. You can keep moaning and nursing your bitterness in the cornder of your room. You will never ever be celebrated – becasuse you will never ever achieve anything anyways. THANK YOU WENGER

      1. Arsene is Out says:

        Are you copy pasting your answers to anyone who disagrees with you!1 LOL!!

        Dude get a life – no one wants to live with you anyway.

        Btw my first sentence says He is a great man and my last sentence says he is a great man. In between I put the shite to make the shite sandwich so you would understand.

        1. Lexynal says:

          i am copying pasting because I make difference between the two of you. There is no need to announce what was in your opening and closing statement. Of what benefit are those when they are all loaded with bitterness. I hope you can go get yourself some sleep to get over the bitterness against an ACHIEVER that Wenger was and will be for ever. When non-achievers write it is very easy to know…I challenge you to showcase 5 credible achievements you made in your personal endeavour in the last decase….that makes feel you an inch better than Arsene. I am sure you are like Spurs…big spending…ZERO achievement. We will be glad you switch over…that’s where you belong. For the rest of us 50,000 fans who cheers and celebrated Wenger last sunday…we are moving on with our darling team and will be supporting the next manager to celebrate great things.

          1. Arsene is Out says:

            Oh Shut up. Lets go toe to toe on achievements if you like.
            And stop attacking people’s personalities. ADMIN who the F is this guy a looser cousin you can’t control.

            For your info:
            1) Proud father of an incredible son
            2) Grew a company to $100M employing 1100 people and sold it.
            3) Built a new tech co. with proprietary tech and raised millions from investors.
            4) Built a computer lab in an orphanage in Mexico for 200 kids.
            5) Travelled the world with my wife and child
            6) Opened my dream restaurant with my best friend
            7) Still helping with time and money to my wife’s family and friends in Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane.
            These are just a few what you call “achievements” what I cal my life that I can think of.
            So bugger off and go crawl under the rock you came from. Or let us all know of your achievements.

          2. Naija Jollof says:

            How e take affect the price of garri for market? Mtcheew

          3. Arsene is Out says:


          4. Lexynal says:

            Great achievement and I am indeed impressed. I have great achievements in life including training all my siblings into Univerisity levels after our father passed on. Currently leading a group of faithfuls who are winning souls for the Kingdom of God (that is unquantifiable and will never be). I am continuing to build my own estate while still risiong at the top managerial level of a top multi-national companies. That said…the idea isnt to compare mine with yours BUT yours with Wenger and I can tell you – you are no where near what this man achieved and I will leave you to work out the economics – from raising young players to building the stadium from nothing -(you need to see the players tribute to him on club’s official website…and many more similar tributes). All I am saying is —with all of that (and many more), you dont slag a Manager who had achieved so much. We cannot hide under “personal opinion” to not respect an achiever (regardless of his mistakes” – which all of us arent exempted from (unless you are a member of the invicibles…to borrow the phrase in a posting i just read recently). For the achievements you reeled out , I doff my hat for that is no mean feat and you deserve all the respect. Exactly what I think Wenger also deserves. And then let’s move on.

          5. Arsene is Out says:

            I am entitled to my opinion as much as anyone else. And if you are a man of god as you claim to be then you knwo that you can not judge me for my opinions. And look at my post – I said we will never find anyone like him but in the last few years his thoughts about his capabilities clouded his judgement and love for his team and by doing so tarnished his legacy.
            If in your eyes I am not able to make this type of a criticism because my achievements are less than his then I think you have a real problem with what you’re trying to preach.

          6. jon fox says:

            Please try to understand that this site is not there as a competition in life skills and “achievements” among Gooners. It is to discuss Arsenal matters and I advise people NOT to post their own personal achievements, nor even their exact age and family circumstances on a site where anyone can read them. FOR SECURITYS SAKE, AS WELL AS FOR THE URGE NOT TO BORE OR BOAST. Let us all KEEP TO FOOTBALL. By all means digress, if it makes a point about Arsenal football but lists of personal achievements impresses very few. Agreed?

          7. Phil says:

            You MUG.
            You have been called out so now answer that

          8. Phil says:

            @Lexynal-I’ve just read your reply to Arsene is Out and once again you completely disregard the whole point of his reply.Who do you think you are?The Messiah or something?What right do you think you have to seriously ask for ANYONE to have to list their personal achievements in life?You were well and truly sickened Pal that the reply you got showed what a small and callous little man you really are.Do we really need to know anyone’s achievements?Seriously?Is anyone really impressed that you now have to justify your pathetic posts by bringing religion onto this site?I doubt it.
            You just can’t let things go pal can you?And I salute Arsene is Out not only for his amazing achievements in life but also for making you look a bigger MUG than even I thought possible.

          9. Arsene is Out says:

            Thank you Phil. The guy just pisses me off. An I agree with you about him bringing religion into this.And not even practicing what he preaches.

          10. Ken 1945 says:

            Don’t let your admiration for Arsene Wenger assume you can judge others who disagree with yours.
            Discuss relevant issues for sure, but always respect others for pitys sake man!!
            This is a site for ALL GOONERS to come on, air their views and indulge in thoughts and ideas.
            It really doesn’t interest me in the slightest what you, Arsene is Out or anyone else has achieved in their personal life and why should it.
            My old sparring partner Jon Fox and I debate many things Arsenal and usually disagree, but that is it….it’s just about Arsenal.
            We are both passionate gooners and that is what we have in common, nothing else.
            You have taken this to a level that is, frankly, distastefull and also disturbing.
            There should be no room in this arena for the kind of personal attack you have made and I want you to know that I disagree with your abuse of another person completely.
            “Arsene is out”, I would love to come and have a meal at your restuarant, I am sure it will be one classy joint!!!
            I most certainly would love to buy you a drink or two as well for your achievements in life so far sir!!

          11. Arsene destroyed Arsenal says:

            Thank you and the drinks are on me at my place:)

          12. Break-on-through says:

            (I doff my hat)
            I know someone who watches The Chase.

          13. jon fox says:

            Ken, Well said ! Shame it became necessary to say it. But sadly, it did! I finally read your reply to my reply on the thread about “our away form.” I always like sparring with you and respect you as a fine, decent and passionate Gooner. Disagreeing is allowed but we still respect(This final sentence in meant for various other ears , since we two are both already well aware).

      2. John Ibrahim says:

        @ Lexynal

        please move on ……they are entitled to their views and comments….

        let them be …….you have your views …..

        now take it down a notch and lets move on….

  11. AB says:

    My request to all the fans is to move ahead of wenger appreciation and wenger bashing. He is history, some good and some bad. Once the new manager is announced, we will have to give him a fair chance. The results of this manager should not be compared with those of wenger in the short term else it will just lead to more division within the fan base. I want our new manager to be more successful than wenger rather than saying no one can be more successful. While we support the new manager we now have to hold the owner and ceo accountable for how they support the new manager.

    1. jon fox says:

      WHAT A WISE AND MATURE POST. I so much hope VERY many on here will read and digest these accurate comments.

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      I can also appreciate your post as it sums up everything we should be doing and that is … moving on.
      I don’t want to compare the new manager with anyone else, or even what he has achieved with any other club.
      What I will want from the new manager is his own imprint on our club, his own ideas, his own goals, his own players and numerous trophies of every size and description.
      I want the owner to actually start respecting the fans by conversing with us, the board to be supportive in every way by keeping promises made.
      The Wenger era is now finished, it’s over, gone: Unless we can move on and support the new regime as a united fanbase, then I fear our club might be finished.

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken, I feel that until tomorrow evening , these last two weeks, since “the announcement” has been a time of limbo for many on here. We WANT TO MOVE ON, BUT IT IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL WE KNOW WHO WILL BE NEW MANAGER AND WHEN INSTALLED. We are now at the final bend on the final lap of the race, as it were, and an exciting but anxious future lies ahead. All clubs, even Man City, are naturally anxious about next season, though at differing levels, about the near future. This is natural and to be expected. BUT the excitement is growing and very soon now the mood will be far more positive on this and other Arsenal forums. I can hardly wait. But you are DEFINITELY RIGHT. WE have to move on now.

  12. Avenger says:

    Complacency doesn’t win championships, taking risks does…..
    Hire a new coach with willingness to win nobody what
    and that will win the Championships TAKE THE RISK
    Championship on failure is over … one more game to go Lets go Arsenal

  13. skies says:

    I respect Wenger and always will. The club owes a lot to him.We fans owe a lot to him. I know in recent seasons were painful to watch. I was pis*ed off too. But i want you to look at it from a bit different perspective. Imagine yourself in Wenger’s shoes say in 2004. You rival Man utd on equal terms who were the best in business. But they have strong finances, a theater of dreams and a secure future. You have WC players but you can’t see that far in future. So you start building a Stadium. You have to sell all of your best players. This story we all know. But imagine the mindframe of players who see their best player moving out everytime. You get this feeling that you are not actually competing for title. This feeling is so powerful that you don’t want to go that extramile anymore. Same has happened with all Arsenal player. They are secure because they know that Wenger will never blame them. Wenger had his math right about the finances but he didn’t anticipate the mindset change that would happen in players. He still believed them ignorantly. I still believe it’s more players fault then Wenger’s . They are so used to losing that they don’t feel that sting anymore. Wenger had done his bit and has given us a foundation. I want the new Manager to change that temperament. Because now we have everything we just need the mindset.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Yet another excellent post in my humble opinion.
      The section regarding the players responsibility is something I have long believed in, but we must also agree, surely, that Arsene has purchased some players that most certainly wouldn’t have featured in any other premier league side.
      No one is perfect, unless of course you were part of the Invincibles!!!!!!!!

      1. Lexynal says:

        @Ken 1945…I salute you again; and again. Every time i read your post…i wonder if I typed without know I did or that someone changed my name on my own post. You are a complete gentleman. Regardless of Aresene mistakes…it WAS out of a GENUINE heart…you can see it; you can feel it. In spite of all, he has achieved so far much than any of his contemporaries in with similar busgets in the same EPL has ever come close to achieve. We must remember that; we must respect that; we must move on.

        1. Phil says:

          Really?I can tell the difference.On the one hand you have a very consistent contributor to this site who writes his posts in a calm authorative and measured manner that everyone not only respects but admires.His calmness is astonishing and I admit to certainly having toned down my own thoughts to a certain extent and would trust this is seen as a more postitive contribution of my ideas and thoughts.A very intelligent and intellectual gentleman who deserves all the plaudits he regularly gets on this site.
          On the other hand we have YOU

          1. Lexynal says:

            Really? I see YOU describe YOU right there. You just spotted the difference between you and the ones you described as being calm, intelligent etc..
            Thanks for highlighting the difference one more time.

    2. jon fox says:

      Some fair points but surely the manager is totally responsible for bringing in men of character as players. So many, most in fact, over he last 10 -12 years have had little backbone. THAT has to be down to the manager. No player , until this season , was brought in over Wengers head, so he has NO excuses. His lack of captaincy and leadership types has been legendary and regularly commented about by all the regular TV and press pundits. We HAVE BECOME INFAMOUS FOR BEING REGULARLY BULLIED. NO ONE EVER BULLIED THE OLD ARSENAL TEAMS. THIS IS ENTIRELY WENGERS PERSONAL FAULT. And nothing to do with stadium costs. You either have guts or you don’t and it is the manager who should be responsible for signing men of character. Not weeds, coasters and cowards. I could , in fact we all could, write a long list of these jellyfish backbone types. True? Of course true!

      1. Arsene is Out says:

        Agreed! I also think a good manager can build men of character and backbone. My take is if we had a Simeone type manager a lot of the players we blame for not having a backbone would either grow one or be gone.

  14. Innit says:

    News: 2 Arsenal Academy coaches have been suspended over complaints by players of “bullying”- pending investigation

    1. stubill says:

      Probably a couple of delicate little snowflakes who can’t stand being told a few home truths.

  15. Chekwube Kwentua says:

    @ Lexyna, the way you attack people for airing their opinions is sickening! stick to your fvcking opinion and I will stick to mine. Wenger was a disappointment in these last two years and I am so glad to see him leave! imagine Wenger saying he was being forced to leave? was he planning to die at Arsenal or what? Lexyna, you can come and attack me as you normally do but I put it to you that you are not a man of God as you claim with your “winning souls for the kingdom of God” talk because a man of God should be accommodating of other people’s views and opinions! Grow up mate! and for my achievements( I know that is what you will ask for next), I am a movie producer and I have being involved in several block busters!

    1. Lexynal says:

      You should not insult an achiever. Even Jesus drove people out of the temple for wrong conduct. You can air your views. But certtain insulting words are not good. And I am sorry if I allowed my emotions to affect my reaction. But if you have taken time to read my earlier posts…I emphasized that we are all liable to mistakes (including myself). Wenger’s last two to ten years of mistakes should not rule out the facts…He achieved great things. In the last 5 years – 3 FA cups. Show me how many managers with SIMILAR budgets have wion that many trophies (or bigger trophies) than AW. Show respect to AW….let’s move on with the new manager. I applaud the 50,000 fans who not only wore shirts but celebrated the LEGEND last sunday.

  16. John Ibrahim says:

    The new manager is also lucky enough to see the demise of Spud

    We borrowed 260m in 2006

    they have borrowed 400m in 2017 for their 1Billion stadium

    they are already running on a tight budget…….

    they will have to start selling soon…..

    without Kane….they will be way below us….

  17. Uchman says:

    Arsene wenger’s honours
    Ligue 1-1
    Coupe de France -1
    French super cup-1
    J league emperors cup-1
    J league super cup-1
    Epl-3 including the golden trophy of 2004
    Fa cup-7(record)
    Community shield-7

    Individual honours
    J league coach of d year -1995
    Officer of d order of British Empire (OBE) -2003
    Onze d’or coach of d year- the version of ballon d’or player of the year award for the coaches (4 times) 2000,2002,2003 and 2004
    Legion d honour (highest honour in France) -2002
    Epl manager of the year( 3 times) 1998,2002 and 2004
    LMA manager of the year(3 times) 2002,2003 and 2004
    BBC sports personality of the year award coaches ( 2 times) 2002 and 2004
    London football award – outstanding contribution to a London club -2015
    World manager of the year award -1998
    Freedom of islinton -2004
    FWA tribute Award -2005
    English football hall of fame-2006
    France football manager of the year -2008
    Word best coach of d decade -2001-2010
    Facebook FA premier league manager of the year award-2015
    Premier league manager of the month award (14 times)

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      I agree, he will be remembered as a legend. And as the years pass, most of us will not remember the barren years and he will always have the invincibles.

      But as you can see from his accolades there is not much in the last decade ( i mean really a Facebook award? )

      If he had left a few years earlier, he would be a hero to us all. Today he is still beloved but with a distinct sense that he has over stayed his welcome.

      “You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain”
      Harvey Dent. from the movie The Darknight

      1. Uchman says:

        The smooth transition from highbury to emirates stadium without the club sliding to the other side of the league table is a great achievement on its own, when we manage difficult moments with ease, it looks soo ordinary, we dont have a monsieur or an abrahimovic as owner, arsenal FC is a self sustaining club, if wenger should manage those moments without much imput from the owners shows how great a manager he is,when u r bn honored even by ur rivals shows the man arsene, if not anything he brought arsenal FC to among the elite group in Europe, without much investments from the owners arsenal FC presently is among the richest club, among the most valuable, among the most followed and among the most popular club in the world with one of the biggest fan base in the world all courtesy of wengers ingenuity and awesomeness, he’s gone but the love story will ever remain

        1. Break-on-through says:

          He got the key to Islington, that’s prob why we had no bother with upping sticks and moving there. They couldn’t stop him because he walked around like he owns the place.

          Allot of great memories there, but Arsene is the type to give away his medals. If that was any of us winning all that lot, we’d be ego maniacs, smelling our own farts all day long.

      2. Ken 1945 says:

        Brilliant summary of THE MAN.
        Also true is the reply from Arsene is Out.
        We will all have our own personal memories of the man and that’s how it should be.
        What is more relevant now however,is how the gooner base react to the news regarding the new appointment, who it is and how the club goes forward.
        Really exciting times ahead for the club in my opinion, the world cup takes a back seat versus the summer exploits of our great club.

  18. Ozziegunner says:

    There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger loved Arsenal FC. The loyalty he showed the board was replicated by the salary he was paid, the degree of independence he was given and the length of his tenure. However his loyalty to the board was one of his greatest weaknesses. He was convinced to stay by David Dein. When Kroenke became the major shareholder and Dein was forced out of the club for supporting Usmanov. This broke up the successful Wenger/Dein combination at the same time as the shortage of funding to match Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. One would have hoped that if Wenger had been more forthright and less loyal to the board and less stubborn, more flexible and pragmatic in his footballing philosophy, the gradual demise of Arsenal FC could have been arrested.
    Thanks for the memories and it was time to say goodbye. The spotlight now falls on the board.

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      Very well said Ozzy. His total belief in himself that he was the only one who could right the ship, while staying loyal to the board was very misguided. if he did speak up, if he did protest, they would have found the money to get him over the line with a transfer.
      What always used to drive me crazy was his statements that there were no better players in the transfer market that could improve the team, when we had just finished 4th and 20 points behind 1st place year after year.
      Anyway a couple of more days and we have to find something new to argue about. I hope it’s not Arteta!

    2. jon fox says:

      Wise words Ozzie! The day Dein was forced out was quite possibly the worst single day in Arsenal history. The last decade has clearly shown the magnitude of this catastrophic day in our history. I really believe further distance will show it even more clearly. The day DD left was the time Arsene declined as a manager. It was NOT coincidence! It was then Morecambe without Wise, fish without chips. And the poorer for it.

  19. Malch95 says:

    We need a coach, this Arsenal board is complete trash. How on earth do we not know who our next manager is? There’s a world cup approaching and we’ve lost a month to negotiate transfers with the window closing early August. What time will this guy have to sign players and shape the team the way he wants to. We need 4 signings at least to even think about Top 4 let alone the league. So I’m guessing it wasnt Arsene that signed players last minute after all, it was these overpaid sloths who are only concerned with the balance sheet. Someone should let them know that it’s now 2 seasons that they’ve missed out on champions league revenue and now that Arsenes gone they won’t have anyone to hide behind anymore

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I’m beginning to worry about the next manager. The list of candidates is not great, some surprising names being brought up because it’s a short list. I hope we can identify a manager like unearthing a gem, that’s how we found Arsene but it’s not done like that anymore. Allegri Ancelottii are the only two who stand out a bit, but Allegri doesn’t know the English league it’s end to end compared to the careful tactile approach of Italy. Ancelotti wants the Italy job, also will he be as hungry as he once was, we need a hungry manager. Enrique I must admit I do not like in the slightest, he’s positioned himself for a nice big pay day off the back of Barcelona and that great midfield they had. The list is not the greatest you’ll ever see, even Rodgers is not looking as bad as first impulse, Merse is all over him whereas I never liked him but he has got something to prove and he is hungry also plays attacking football. But still, that all just makes me think on my third sentence, wonder if we can find a gem if needs be. Would Vieira or Arteta have that capability, at least we know Vieira’s no1 club is Arsenal, that’s not the case with Arteta. That lad off Liverpool would certainly count if it worked out for him. Lets hope the board know what they are doing and that they have been following a plan. Because if not, it’s best of bad situation.

  20. Jimmy Jazz says:

    I dont think the board have had a plan for years. The new coach will be part of a trinity working alongside Sanllehi and Mislentat. It will be interesting to see out that works out. With Sanllehi there, its difficult to imagine the new coach having 100% control over players coming in and going out. I think it could be a case of too many broths spoiling the cook but we shall see. I hope the board have been waiting for the season to end before making an announcement. Hopefully they will announce something early next week. If not we will know they are struggling to get their man.

  21. bran911 says:

    No he shouldn’t as Wenger, Wenger turned into a puppet for his bosses that he takes the fans as some donors and have no rights to demand anything, they just should just donate and walk away. No. The new manager should put the club, the fans then his bosses happy.

  22. Jeremy says:

    I beg your pardon. Wenger looks more loyal to Kroenke than to Arsenal FC, to me.

    The board needs to be aware that Arteta is not popular with the players. The last thing we want is battle between players and manager in the already stormy sea.

    Hope Kroenke wise up, do not try the patience of fans. We are tired of your nonsense and will not hesitate to move you in all ways and means.

    1. Enagic says:

      Wenger thought being loyal to Kroenke he had a job for life and the only thing which piss me off was lying to arsenal fans every transfer window thats why i dont have any hard feelings and is rich man any way he has been paid well he should be just fine for next 20 years if he is unemplyeed

  23. Uchman says:

    The only time allegri found himself in the position of Wenger he was a flop, just a year after ac Milan won the league, only Zlatan and thiago that was sold he took AC Milan to 17th in the league before he was sacked, juventus has little or no competition in Italy, can’t use that to judge a coach, arsenal aren’t the biggest spender in England, how do u think he’s gonna do it when he hasn’t done it before? We need a coach with a track record of uneathing talents, and building a formidable team, for me I will go for jardim of Monaco or this napoli coach, it pained me that we have very ungrateful set of fans, how we rate last few years as disaster is beyond me, in the last 5 years we v won 3 major trophies and 3 community shield, in that period, we v finished both runners up In the league and also finished 3rd, we v got to a colrarado finals and also got to the Europa cup semi finals, how is that a disaster? Seriously we just pray that the new coach can offer us these in the next five years, it’s very easy to dream buh it’s more dfcult to work!!!!

  24. Enagic says:

    Clubs value is winning not just an ended talk and one excuses after another during our champion league game with Barcelona we were 10 away from from winning but biggest problem has been team balance instead of bring in players you just bring one or two

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