The next six games are critical to how Arsenal hope to finish the season

The key games Arsenal must win within the next few weeks to maintain momentum

Arsenal has finally gotten a win and they did it in style. I expect better things from now onwards, but momentum is really a soft thing, one loss and we could be back to square one again.

I expect Arteta to lead his players out each day hoping to win every game they play, but the next six matches are basically must-wins for Arsenal. Well, at least games they cannot afford to lose.

6th January Leeds United, FA Cup

We may not win the FA Cup but we have to win this game. Going on a two-game winning streak would help boost our morale, plus this team is from a level below us.

11th January Crystal Palace

A bit of a bogey team recently and a good away win over the Eagles would be a massive statement for this Arsenal team. It would also put to bed the bad memories of the defeat last season that was the beginning of the end of our Champions League hopes.

18th January Sheffield United, Premier League

Arsenal’s season plunged into crisis when we lost to the Blades in the reverse fixture, it has taken us a long time to get back on track.

Beating Sheffield would show that we’re pretty much ready to correct our wrongs from the first half of the season.

21st January Chelsea, Premier League

Chelsea stole victory from us in Mikel Arteta’s first home game. We need to win this game, which comes just three days after the match against the Blades, to show that we can’t just beat big teams at home, but we can go over to theirs and get victory too.

2nd February Burnley, Premier League

This would be a second consecutive away day for us but I expect a win here as well.

Burnley is struggling now but they are always very tough opponents, especially on their own turf. Beating them would send a clear message that Arsenal do not have a soft belly against teams like Burnley.

16th February Newcastle, Premier League
For me, this game is all about making the Emirates a tough place to visit. We will still have to host the likes of Liverpool, so I think a routine win here will prepare us for tougher visitors later on.

Winning these games would be vital in our bid to make a statement and finish inside the top four, but more importantly, it would give the players confidence to face any side.


  1. There is no easy game again in the EPL, but l think we should take it one after the other, surely we will win all, when the time comes. Up gunners

  2. At this point we cannot really afford to lose any games and every win builds momentum and is important whether it’s the next game or the last game of the season. Sure, the arbitrarily picked next 7 would be great to win, but can we lose the 8th? No! Arsenal fans must be at their best and support this team ferociously, we need all hands on deck if we’re to avoid finishing worse off than last year!

  3. At least winning five out our next 6 games will definitely propel us and boost the team’s confidence. I believe in Arteta’s philosophies. I see Arsenal finishing in the Top 6.



  6. Arteta has started a new era at Arsenal. He has brought in discipline and passion 2 factors important for any successful club. The fans must be right behind the Club and as Arteta himself mentioned, this is very important for the success of the Club. Every game is tough and important and Arsenal must go out to win each and every game.

  7. No doubt I believe AFC till the season ends ain’t registering or entertaining “LOSE” and I repeat till the season ends. But I see “Draw” considerable..

    MA shouldn’t mess with Formations’ for it’s the most successful factor at our disposal at hand..
    Till the summer window comes.

    Let’s go BANG! Leeds tonight.

  8. I’m confident about the Palace and the Sheffield games, but not the Chelsea game

    When Arteta was still at Man City, Chelsea scored first and dominated the ball possession at the Etihad Stadium

    Arteta also didn’t have the answer when Lampard changed his tactic in the second half at the Emirates

    Lampard knows that Arsenal are vulnerable to quick counter-attacks and speedy wingers, so Arteta must be prepared to stop those schemes

    1. The simple reason why we lost the Chelsea game to me was more on players availability than Arteta’s tactics or Lampard’s brilliance.
      If we had Ceballos and Zhaka to come on instead of Willock I’m sure we would have held on for victory.

      Also the injury to Chambers in that game affected a lot too, add to that is our missed chances by Lacazett and Willock late on.

      We will sure beat them at the bridge.

  9. I know managers rotate their squad but I think it’s important for MA to field a strong team- in part for the main men to get more time together as a unit and secondly winning the FA cup offers a route into EL if all else fails

    Rest between fixtures is also important But I’m sure Arteta can manage that

    I’m looking forward to the team improving to such an extent that when it comes to the Liverpool game we put an end to their invincible streak 😉

  10. Top professional teams with aspirations to win trophies do not set a points target for matches ahead.They focus entirely on the next game, which becomes their only consideration.This is how it should be for fans also.

  11. We used to be that way with AW, Grandad. Looking at next game, playing to win it, home or away.

    You must put players in that frame’s mind. Clearly, we look more as a team now, with everyone fighting as one, with a game plan, not just running as lost we seen all season.

    A more positive spirit seems to emerges, key to be focused to win games. Let’s see how we do on next 3 games, then we can clearly see where we heading at; up or down. Let’s not get over ourselves but stay realistic; we can be positive but cautious, this is still very sensitive but signs of hope!

    Now clearly, we can not go on with no defenders, forced to play Niles and Saka shows that we do not have a full squad, we no options in these positions. Tierny arrived injured and wont be back in team before 3 months, we aware of it for weeks. Means we only have Kolas and Bellerin on back wings. Injured, we have no option, been weeks already. We all know the main issue being missing a Top CB, since last year already, at least!
    Koulibaly is our VanDjick and handed to us but cheap greedy Kroenke wants a payement plan as for Pepe. That’s why we didn’t buy Zaha nor Maguire requested by Emery, just as Wenger was tricked every transfer window since stadium fully paid for July 2013! Suarez was on his way, unbelievable stuff, just as Kante a year or so later, both agreed to join AW at Arsenal! We would be winning titles til this day with a monster team built to win CL!

    That was AW plan, had stadium paid for, kept us in CL with bunch of kids reaching final. Promised to have money to compete, but tricked as Arsenal til this very day!

    All Kroenke needs is us in stadium, enough to make him money, then keeps it all. We are a rich club but money all kept by Kroenke makes him rich and club struggling.

  12. Arteta and board are even more pathetic, it is options to go around cheap Kroenke and make team stronger. Cancelo and Kurzawa available on loan resolves LB and RB issues.

    Then we can have Koulibaly but we must swap Torreira & Kolas + money. Arteta won’t let go of Torreira as he desperate to keep Xaka.

    It should not be any hesitation, sell Torreira & Kolas current values are 45M + 20M = 65M. Koulibaly is 75M, of course more as he is wanted but that’s current value.

    Add 40M to these 2 players gets us Koulibaly but we will miss out, Chelsea, Spurs, Man City won’t miss on that even if we have a clear advantage in Torreira being Gattuzo priority at Napoli.

    Aubviously, this would give youngsters more opportunities needed at this stage of devellopped but hey!

    Cancelo – Koulibaly Luiz Kurzawa

    That’s make a strong back 4, anyone can be paired with Koulibaly then, as Vanjik at Reds, but we have a different owner and a board serving him!No ambition but a stadium filled for his only profit! He owns 100% after all, can do whatever!

    1. Bro, maybe you should calm down. Have you seen the way kolasinac fits into Arteta’s plans. Arteta considers him so important he had to play him without being fully fit.

      Have you seen Torreira in the last few games, with the ball, he’s like busquets, without the ball, he’s like Kante

      And you think we should sell him?

  13. But minute we not attending, empty stadium, Kroenke I losing, in panic! 100% share means nothing in an empty stadium, as much by it is.

  14. If we can win the next six games, this season can be anything it wants to be. Its not going to be easy but it is possible with the right attitude. All the games are winnable.

  15. Ugh! to “gotten”, as in “Arsenal has finally gotten a win”. What is wrong with using proper English Mr Admin? The correct verb is GOT, not gotten! I admit to being pedantic and realise that Americans use that ghastly word but is this an English site also read by Americans OR an American site also read by Brits. Perhaps you would tell us which it is?

    1. People make a lot of grammatical mistakes here, but as long as we understand what someone is trying to say, what’s the point?

    2. It is a multi-country and multi- cultural website. And very many don’t have American as the mother language (joke).
      But we are ALL Arsenal fans…

  16. @ Jon Fox It’s not only Brits who read articles on this site: many Arsenal fans from different places visit the site. Or is it banned to write American English on this site?

  17. I believe in Arteta’s philosophies. It clearly shows that he understands the game. Even the players feel the same, hence they are giving their all. We must continue supporting the team regardless of the outcomes, but I believe we will do well with the current mindset of the team.

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